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7 July, 2020

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6 Different Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Dieting

lose weight naturally
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Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Dieting

The diet industry is exploding with new fads and crazes that claim to help people lose weight. If you’re fighting the battle of the bulge, then you know the nightmare of trying to lose unwanted pounds. Some say that you can’t eat carbs, others say plant-based food is best, and then there is another group that believes that weight loss is all about a mathematical equation. So which method is correct?

Do you need to restrict yourself to the point of starvation and workout for endless hours at the gym? No, you can lose weight without restrictive dieting or painful exercise routines. If you have the “no pain – no gain” motto stuck in your head, then this article will flip your theories upside down.

You don’t need to change what you eat but rather the way you eat. Sure, if you devour an entire cake, binge on chips and other sugary treats, or drink soda all day long, it’s not going to do well for your bottom line. For many, weight loss is as easy as altering your bad habits.

Is it possible that you’ve been dieting wrong your entire life? Is this the reason why you struggle to lose weight and then put it right back on? Here are some methods that are scientifically proven to work.

1. Slow Down and Chew Your Food Better

How many times do you grab a burger in a rush home from work or to your child’s sports practice? You probably don’t even pay attention to how quickly you eat as most people inhale their food. What you don’t realize is that the brain needs time to process your intake. Have you ever felt like you have a bottomless pit, and no matter what you eat, it’s not filling your gut? The problem could be the speed at which you are eating.

When you eat too fast, your brain can’t analyze your consumption and send the signals that the stomach is full. However, when you chew your food slowly, the brain can examine if the stomach has enough to fill it. You will be amazed at how much you can reduce your caloric intake by simply chewing slowly. You will automatically reduce your portion size, and you will feel fuller on less food. It’s a proven fact that eating too quickly affects your weight.

To adopt this new habit into your lifestyle, count each time you chew your food. You may be so focused on the number of chews that you find overeating is overwhelming, which would also be a good thing for your waist.

2. Reduce Your Plate Size

How many times have you heard that Americans suffer from portion distortion? It’s true. Have you seen the size of the average plate at most restaurants? Thankfully, many chains are putting the calories on the menus to let you know how exactly how much you are consuming. Shockingly, the portion size is sometimes more than you should eat all day. Plate sizes are too big, which means people tend to overeat.

If you change the size of your plate, then you won’t need as much to fill it. It’s a small trick that works to reduce your food intake gradually. Changing the plate size can make a significant impact. It’s recommended that you use a 10” dish.

3. Fill Up On Fiber-Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in fiber help to fill you up quicker, and they make you feel full for extended periods. Studies have proven that people who consume more vegetables don’t fight the intense sugary cravings that others do. Viscous fiber, which is found in asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and oats, is essential for weight loss. When you feel full longer, you eat less during the day.

4. Drink More Water

How many times have you heard that you need to drink more water? People think that diet soda and sugar-free juices and packets count. However, nothing can replace pure, refreshing aqua. Also, if you drink a full glass of water before each meal, you will eat less. You will lessen your calorie intake as well as have a healthier digestive system.

If you’re filling your stomach with H2O, then you won’t have as much room for food. Additionally, many people feel hunger pangs when their body is slightly dehydrated and thirsty. Remember the 8×8 rule for your water consumption, which is eight glasses with eight ounces in each.

5. Increase Your Sleep Time

Do you bargain with your sleep as if it’s a flexible time frame during your day? Science has proven that the body needs six to eight hours nightly to function. Anything less than this can cause a deficiency that makes you feel rundown. Your sleep can impact your weight.

When your body is in a sleep-deprived state, it releases the hormones ghrelin and leptin. These hormones increase your hunger for sugary, carbohydrate-laden items. The most significant cause of sleep disturbances is the use of electronic devices in the bedroom as well as stress. Make bedtime a priority.

6. Decrease Your Stress

Everyone’s stressed out these days. Is it any wonder that there are more than 4.3 million people that take antidepressants? Stress can kill you, but it can also make you gain weight. How many times do you want to grab the ice cream and candy when you feel stressed by work or family dynamics?

While you may not be able to change circumstances, you can change how you deal with them. Exercise, yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi are all excellent ways to get your angst under control. These practices can help to boost the serotonin in your brain and make you feel calmer. Stress will always be around, but you must find acceptable ways to combat it for your health.

Changing Your Mindset

Making simple lifestyle changes is the best way to lose weight quickly. Sure, it all comes down to intake versus what you burn, but you can use these tactics to get healthy naturally. By chewing your food more, using smaller plates, getting more sleep, combating stress, and drinking more water, you can see a big difference in your life and weight.

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