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Best Gifts for Relieving Stress

Best Gifts to Buy for Relieving Stress - Healthy Body Healthy Mind
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Stress Management: Gain Peace of Mind with These Useful Gifts


Stress can cause mental health issues, anger, and general unhappiness. Take control of your life by finding ways to manage stress. You can buy a gift for yourself or give one to someone who truly needs it. Stress can really prevent us from living as the best version of ourselves. We need to ensure we are removing stress and frustrations out of our lives. What better gift to give a friend or loved one than a healthier life!

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring in coloring books is becoming more common for adults. Artistic activities can help you develop your imagination, cultivate empathy for others and express yourself in a healthy manner. Besides this, you can calm your chaotic mind by doing a simple activity that's completely stress-free. As you color the pages, you'll probably forget about your stressful day at the office, the traffic jam that lasted hours or the rude grocery store clerk you couldn't stand. Become a child again by picking up crayons, colored pencils or markers and a fun coloring book. For only a few dollars, you can let your negativity be erased by creativity.

Scented Candle

Create a meaningful atmosphere full of comfort and warmth when you give a scented candle to someone special. The home environment is transformed into a haven of peace and relaxation. You can even light scented candles when you practice spiritual techniques such ax meditation, prayer or yoga. A scented candle can also lessen the feelings of loneliness or depression. If you know someone who's plagued by anxiety or just needs a hug, they might benefit from one.

Calming Tea

Drinking herbal teas with chamomile, lavender, passionflower and Valerian can calm your nervous system. Lower your blood pressure and sleep better at night by drinking lavender tea. Reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia symptoms by trying out natural tea remedies. Chamomile tea is useful for less irritability and muscle relaxation. Avoid caffeine and sip peppermint tea instead for an overall calming effect and to lower tension. Elevate your mood, relax your body and reduce the stress hormone cortisol by adding lemon balm tea to your diet. Other teas you might benefit from are rose tea and green tea.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle can calm your mind and help you sleep better. Doing this quiet activity can also exercise your brain while providing hours of entertainment. Give a puzzle to a friend or put one together with a few loved ones. There's a large selection to choose from which may be found online, at a hobby store or other places. Your friend or family member might enjoy a jigsaw puzzle with a humorous cartoon, a nature-inspired image or something more artistic and colorful.

Yoga Mat

Yoga is a spiritual technique that has plenty of health benefits including weight loss, better flexibility and stronger muscles among others. You might enjoy yoga if you like self-improvement or would like a more peaceful way to tone your body than exercise. A yoga mat could be the perfect gift for someone who needs a life change. Yoga mats come in attractive colors and designs. You can buy one for yourself and a friend so you can attend yoga classes together. Yoga instruction books also exist for book lovers and visual learners. Your or someone else's body, mind and soul can benefit from practicing this popular spiritual technique.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are useful for disbursing essential oils into the surrounding air. You can pick the essential oil you like, and let the diffuser create a more pleasant environment. Calming essential oils include rose, bergamot, holy basil jasmine, chamomile, ylang ylang, frankincense and others. Relieve anxiety, depression and stress and promote relaxation. Living in harmony is simple with the aesthetically pleasing diffusers you can place in your home. You can find an essential oil diffuser to fit someone's unique personality since they come in a variety of shapes and designs. Your loved one may feel grateful to you for this wonderful gift.

Artsy Journal

Writing in a journal can help you express your feelings through the written word in order to release stress. Write down your personal thoughts or pen a short story. You can choose any journal you'd like. It may be colorful, creative or be emblazoned with a meaningful message on the front. You can also find journals filled with exercises to relieve anxiety or creative writing prompts to improve your writing. Another option is to purchase a plain journal, get creative and decorate it yourself. Draw, paint or use mixed media to create your dreams on paper. Journaling is an inexpensive way to ease your mind and be creative.

Luxurious Body Lotion

The right body lotion can give you and your skin a pleasant feeling. Improve your mindset for the day ahead or for a deeper sleep through the night by slathering a luxurious lotion on your body. Scented or unscented lotions can have a relaxing effect on your spirit. Make dry, itchy or flaky skin disappear so you can look and feel like yourself again. A loved one will more than likely enjoy pampering themselves with a fragrant lotion. Although body lotions have feminine qualities, men may also want to reap the benefits of them. Enhance your appearance and feel motivated to live life when you put on a creamy lotion.

Dammit Dolls

Dammit dolls aim to relieve stress in a less peaceful yet still effective manner. Take out your anger and aggression by slamming the doll wherever you please (as long as you don't break anything). It's perfectly acceptable to shout out your feelings when you're holding this colorful doll. Dammit dolls come in different styles including classic, political, sports, cancer and gift sets. Your doll could have green hair, be shirtless or wear a uniform. Find one to fit your unique personality. Get angry and maybe laugh a little at the absurdity of slamming the humorous but tough doll around.

A Peaceful Sticker

Stickers can be fun and creative. You can also find some with positive messages to inspire someone you care about in their daily lives. Find stickers that say things like “You Got This”, “Be Happy”, “Believe in Yourself” and more. Place one in a journal, laptop, favorite book or other special spot as a reminder to yourself to be positive on a daily basis. Have fun figuring out just where to stick it, and use it to think positive thoughts when you need it. You can give appropriate stickers to children or anyone who deserves a cute present.

Cozy Throw Blanket

One of the most comforting items you can give to someone is a cozy throw blanket. Sit in your favorite chair beside the fireplace on cold nights, or toss one over your shoulders and head outdoors to watch the beautiful sunset. Warm your body and appease your soul by wrapping up in the amazingly soft fabric. Cuddle next to a pet for extra comfort on lazy days. You can even purchase one as a gift for your pet to stretch out on so he/she isn't forced to endure laying on the cold, hard floor.

Desk Zen Garden

Bring nature to someone's office or home with a desk Zen garden. Be inspired to meditate on the deeper meaning of life by it. These are tiny representations of Japanese Zen Buddhism landscape gardens. In your free time, you can imagine a higher state of being full of empathy towards others. Gain peace of mind and a calmer nature on your work breaks. The desk Zen garden can encourage self-improvement and self awareness in someone who practices spirituality or who needs spirituality in their life. Let your small garden represent positivity and a better way of life.

Whether you or a friend or family member receives one of these gifts, they'll likely be used often and appreciated for a long time. You can show how much you care by giving the gift of peace of mind and happiness. Every time your loved one feels stressed, he or she will remember you. Check out more ways to live a healthier life by visiting our wellness blog.


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