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How to Choose the Best Penis Pump for Longer, Stronger Erections

best penis pump
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Whether you just want more length or are looking to increase overall penis girth, many men would love to have a bigger penis. The average penis size is about five to five and a half inches. While this is considered “normal” for most guys, it still isn't often enough for a man to feel totally confident with his penis size. For this reason, a penis pump can come in incredibly handy. There are a few benefits to using a penis pump, and you should give one a try to see if it's right for you. This is one of the more popular ways for penis enlargement.

First, a penis pump will help to boost your size naturally. There are no pills, injections or surgeries required. Results can last for about 15 minutes or longer depending on whether or not you're wearing an enhancement ring. Some men even find the act of using the penis pump incredibly erotic, so you'll be able to experience some different sensations than you would with other penile enhancement methods. Penis Pumps are durable, long-lasting and can deliver quick results that you can trust. Regardless of your age and current size, you can definitely benefit from using a penis pump in order to achieve harder, stronger and thicker erections.

How to Choose the Best Penis Pump

There are many different penis pumps available on the open market. These best penis pumps are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the results that you'll achieve. What guys like about these penis pumps is that they deliver results without the side effects of medications. You can use the pump at any time you want, and the results will last for a relatively long time.

The best way to choose a penis pump is to find the solution that is right for you. Some guys are naturally bigger, so you'll want to look for products that are specific to thicker penises. These pumps are often called “wide boys” because they are wider and able to accommodate more growth. For guys whose penises are between five and seven inches, you can use virtually any type of penis pump you want. Just make sure you find one that is comfortable and fits your needs. This is a much cheaper alternative to other penis enlargement methods.

Bathmate is one of the most popular penis pump manufacturers in the world. Their pumps work well, last a long time and deliver quality results every single time that they're used. Unlike air pumps, Bathmate uses water to enlarge a guy's penis. This has been shown to deliver quicker and more long-lasting results. Excess blood flow is essential for a hard, thick erection, and the Bathmate products are able to deliver these amazing results every single time they are used. Some men have even said that they have been able to see some slight permanent increase in size as a result of using the hydro pump on a consistent basis. This is a great alternative to an expensive penile enlargement surgery.

#1 Rated Hydroxtreme7

bathmate hydroxtreme7 penis pump

#2 Bathmate Hydromax7

Bathmate Hydromax 7 penis pump

#3 Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet Premium Penis Pump

Understanding the Different Types of Pumps

When most guys think of a penis pump, they automatically picture the air-style ones that are manually powered. While these vacuum pumps are often the cheapest and therefore most popular, there are other options readily available to you. Understanding the differences between the various penis pumps can help you to choose the best one for your needs.

Air Pressure

The way that these penis pumps work is by forcing air out of the chamber, or cylinder, where the penis is located. In return, this helps create a vacuum to pull blood into the penis to make it both thicker and longer. Air-style or vacuum pumps are incredibly popular because they were the first types available on the market. Many guys may find this particular type to be uncomfortable and most often, lubricant will need to be used in order to prevent irritation and pain while using the vacuum pump.


Unlike air-style pumps, water penis pumps use natural water inside of their chambers to create a vacuum. The water is dispersed out of the upper valve each time a “pump” action occurs. This increases vacuum pressure inside of the chamber for a thicker, stronger and longer penis. Guys may find that water penis pumps are easier to use because these products cause less friction and don't necessarily need lubricant every time they're placed over the private area.


For a hands-free option, many penis pumps are battery-powered. You simply need to place the pump over the penis and allow it to work its magic. These pumps are great for guys who want to get pleasure out of using the pump, or who would rather be doing other things while pumping. The only downfall with most battery-powered products is that they cannot go into the water. The penis pump has to be used outside of the shower or bath or else it will begin to malfunction and break.


Manual penis pumps are still one of the most popular options for guys wanting to experience the benefits of penis pumping. These models are easy to use and incredibly safe, so you won't need to worry about experiencing pain, chaffing or irritation because you are in complete control of every movement that is made. Both batteries and water aren't needed to use the pump, so you can utilize it no matter where you happen to be. This makes it a great option for guys who like to travel a lot and want to bring the vacuum pump with them.

Can Penis Pumps Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, can be caused by an array of different factors. For some guys, their ED might be caused by a medical disorder, like diabetes. For others, their ED could be caused by stress, being overweight or just feeling too pressured to achieve an erection during intimate moments. Pumping can help with many cases of erectile dysfunction. Obviously, if your ED is caused by a medical condition, it's important to talk to your doctor before simply trying to self-diagnose and treat yourself. However, pumping is generally safe and can help to improve a guy's overall confidence.

If your ED is being caused by a lack of confidence or the pressure of having to perform sexually, vacuum pumping can be a completely different tool in your current arsenal. Because you're able to achieve a larger, thicker size, you may find that you want to show off your privates to your partner. You may feel more confident in yourself and will anticipate performing sexually as a result. For other guys, they may find that the act of pumping is an erotic sensation in and of itself, so this can help to entice you to have sex if you weren't feeling in the mood for it otherwise.

Some men have found that pumping has been able to deliver semi-permanent results that they can rely on. This means that if you pump regularly every single day, some men can expect an up to 30 percent increase in your manhood in just a few weeks time. The key here is consistency, so you'll want to get into the habit of pumping every single day in order to see results. You can't pump once and expect to have permanent results for the rest of your life, since this isn't how penis pumps work.

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  • 5 to 7"

  • Most Powerful

  • Rated best of the Year



  • 5 to 7"

  • effective and powerful

  • Best for average men


  • Award winning since 2012

  • Medically Certified


Hydroextreme7 Wide Boy

  • 5 to 7"

  • 6.5" + Girth

  • Wide Chamber


Hydromax7 Wide Boy

  • 5 to 7"

  • 6.5" + Girth

  • Wide Chamber


Benefits of Using a Quality Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is easy, quick and can deliver long-lasting results that you can begin to rely on whenever becoming intimate with your partner. These pumps offer a multitude of benefits, so it is important to consider using them regularly to see what they can do for you.

Overall Enlargement

Penis pumps typically work by forcing extra blood flow into the penis just like a vacuum. This helps to expand the size of the penis, both girth and length-wise. There are no medications, surgeries or injections needed, so this is a relatively non-invasive option for guys who want to get bigger. A higher-quality penis pump can deliver better results, so this may be one of those things that you get what you pay for.

Improvement of Erections

By increasing circulation to the penis on a regular basis, men with ED issues can see fewer instances of the disorder when compared to not using a penis pump at all. In general, the excess blood circulation to the area helps to keep it firm, vital and healthy. It's great for guys of all ages, and even some senior men can benefit from penis pumping consistently throughout the week.

More Desire for Sex

As men age, it can sometimes be difficult to feel interested in sex. You might find that you put off the thought of sex or that you just don't feel like you're in the mood to be intimate. Using a penis pump helps to improve your desire for sex by stimulating the penis and increasing the flow of blood to the area. In return, this causes you to feel more aroused and likely to want to become intimate with a partner or spouse.

Maintain Size and Girth Following Prostate Surgery

While an often necessary procedure, prostate surgery can leave your penis feeling a bit deflated. One of the most common side effects of prostate surgery is a decrease in penis length and girth size. Guys who use a penis pump regularly following prostate surgery can help to maintain their natural size in a fun, effective manner.

Lower Risks When Compared to Other Methods

There are a variety of ED-specific pills and medications on the market. Some guys resort to penile lengthening procedures or injections. Using a penis pump is an easier and safer alternative to all of these options. You can pump when you want and are in total control over how the device is being used.

Tips for Keeping the Pump Clean

Bathmate has come out with their very own pump cleaner. You should use this both before and after actually utilizing the pump, since this can prevent any cross-contamination that you might experience.

If you do not have a special cleaner, some soap and water should do the trick. It is important that you follow all directions on the pump's label itself. If you use the wrong type of cleaner, it could degrade the materials used and cause the pump to fail.

After cleaning the pump, you should always give it some time to dry before you use it. You can either do this manually by using a dry cloth, or you can leave it to air dry on its own. Before storing the pump away, make sure that all parts have been given more than enough time to dry. Certain parts of the pump can degrade over time if they are continually stored away while they're wet.

How to Use the Pump

The beauty about Bathmate pumps is that they use the vacuum power of water rather than simple air. Because of this, they work best in the bath or shower. The best way to use the pump is to get into warm water and to relax for about 10 minutes. You will then fill the water chamber in the pump and insert your penis.

You will begin to pump up and down, and with each pump you will notice water coming out of the valve. It is recommended that you use this pump for about 15 minutes for best results. You will notice a significant increase in size and girth during this time. If you'd like, place a silicone ring over the penis and testicles to help keep the flow of blood where it needs to be.

What to Expect Long-Term

Unlike cheaper and more inferior pumps, many guys have found that these Bathmate pumps offer long-term results. When used consistently each day, you can expect permanent growth that you can rely on day in and day out. You may even notice a size increase in flaccid length and girth as well, so you'll be able to feel more confident in yourself simply because of how well the pump worked. Because Bathmate pumps are easy to use, you'll find that you utilize it every single morning or night when taking a shower.

You'll love how it feels and you'll enjoy the boost of confidence that you get because of the results. This can be a lot cheaper than penis enlargement surgery or other costly penis enlarger alternatives.

5 of the Best Penis Pumps Available

When it comes to penis pumps, there are numerous options available on the market. These pumps are easy to use, made of high-quality materials and are designed to deliver staggering, long-term results. Don't hesitate to read reviews to see which one is best for you. In no time, you'll be feeling more confident in your size than ever before, and you'll be able to satisfy your partner in ways that you never thought possible.

Top Pick: Hydroxtreme7 - Best Of The Year

bathmate hydroxtreme7 penis pump

Voted the Best Penis Pump of the Year, the Hydroxtreme7 is one of the popular among guys looking for a significant increase in length and girth. The machine itself is both a pump and expander, so you can benefit from both short and long-term results.

For guys who suffer from erectile dysfunction or who are ashamed of their current size, the Hydroxtreme7 is easy to use and stimulates increased flow of blood to the shaft. This particular model is made for guys who are naturally between five to seven inches when erect. Because the Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 uses water rather than air, there is less friction. Guys can benefit from a more comfortable, secure fit that doesn't hurt or cause bruising.

Another key benefit to using water rather than air is that most men won't need to use any type of lubricant. Simply slip your semi-erect penis into the pump and you'll be ready to go in about 10 minutes. Never use more than 30 minutes. Once fully erect, you simply release the pressure valve on the pump itself to safely remove your private area from the device.

Because the Hydroxtreme7 is made using high-quality stainless steel and silicone-safe materials, you can expect it to last for years without needing to be repaired or replaced.

#2 Hydromax7

Bathmate Hydromax 7 penis pump

The Hydromax7 has garnered many positive reviews because of its ability to be used both inside and outside of the water. You simply add water to its main chamber, and you can use it while relaxing in bed or taking a shower.

This particular pump is great for the average guy who simply wants a bit more length and girth than they naturally have. It's easier to store away and can be taken with you whenever you travel. A great benefit of the Hydromax7 is that it's easy to use, so both beginners and experienced pumpers can benefit from utilizing the device. This is perfect for beginners and men with a penis size between 5 to 7 inches.

The Hydromax7 has been delivered with all skin-safe materials so that no irritation or skin reactions occur while using the pump. You can easily keep the pump clean with soap and water or by using the recommended Bathmate cleaner specific to these pumps. The manufacturer of the Hydromax7 products offers a money-back guarantee if the pump fails, breaks, cracks or doesn't perform in the way that is intended. This can give guys the peace of mind in knowing that they've chosen a high-quality product that they can count on.

#3 Penomet - Award Winning Since 2012

Penomet Premium Penis Pump

Penomet is a medically-certified penis pump that is one of a kind. The gaiter system within the device is interchangeable so that you can customize your results every time it's used. You can gradually raise the pressure inside of the chamber for roughly 15 minutes for increased girth and length. Unlike other types of pumps, Penomet has guaranteed that users will achieve semi-permanent results when the pump is used on a consistent basis. If you don't increase your penis length by about 30 percent, you can receive your money back as part of their guarantee.

The product is made of high-quality, durable materials that are safe for all skin types. The pump itself is easy to use and does not cause irritation or pain. In 2013, the Penomet won an award for being the best male enhancement device of the year. This pump is sure to deliver the results that you want in a clean, easy-to-use manner. It's great for men who have never had or used a penis pump before, and it's even better for individuals who are experienced with pumps and who are looking for a total upgrade.

#4 Hydroxtreme7 Wide Boy - Best For Men with Girth

bathmate hydroxtreme7 wide boy

If you have a naturally wider penis, it can sometimes be difficult to find a pump that works for you. This is because it might hurt or feel uncomfortable to use a standard pump when trying to improve the size of your erection. Thanks to the Hydroxtreme7 Wide Boy, this issue is a thing of the past. The pump is wider and larger than other models, providing additional room to guys who are a bit bigger naturally. If your girth is roughly 6.5 inches around, you'll find the Wide Boy to be the best choice for your intimate needs.

This particular model was designed for larger guys who want impressive gains from using the pump regularly. Like most other Bathmate models, the Wide Boy does best when used in the water. You simply add water to its chamber and allow the pump to do the work for you. This makes it an impressive option for guys who want to see quick, effective results and who don't want to wait for these benefits. The Wide Boy safely utilizes the highest pressure degree so that you get maximum length and girth without any discomfort or pain. When finished, simply release the pressure valve and enjoy a larger, stronger and more pronounced erection.

Hydromax7 Wide Boy

Bathmate HydroMax7 Wide boy Penis Pump

For guys who have naturally larger penises and who don't want to be committed to having to take a shower or bath to pump, you may want to consider the Bathmate Hydro7 Wide Boy. This particular pump is essential for on-the-go pumping because it can be used either in or out of the water. The pump itself is made using quality materials that are easy to keep clean and last a long time. By forcing pressure and blood flow into the penis, guys can benefit from a stronger, harder erection.

If your penis girth is naturally 6.5 inches or bigger, you'll want to invest into the Hydromax7 Wide Boy. The pump is very comfortable to wear, so you'll find that it's more pleasurable than painful. Many men have even found that they make a habit of using their Wide Boy pump, since it helps to keep their penises strong, healthy and ready. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you need a pump that is going to work for you. This is why Bathmate created the Hydromax7 series, and it's why a lot of guys have found this particular pump to be their go-to option.


By choosing the best penis pump available to you, you are sure to have stronger, more confident results that can benefit you and your partner. Whether you want to get into the habit of pumping to maintain erectile dysfunction or you're simply looking for bigger erections to satisfy your partner, using a high-quality pump will make all the difference.

The problem that a lot of guys have is that they don't necessarily do their research, so they think that all pumps are the same. They might assume that air pumps are the go-to option, when water pumps are easier to use and deliver better results. It is entirely up to you to choose the pump that works best for your needs, and you'll love how you feel both while using it and then after releasing the pressure. If you suffer from peyronie's disease or any other complications be sure to speak with your doctor before using any vacuum style solutions.

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