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Blackstrap Molasses: Experience the Benefits of this Natural Superfood

Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses Superfood - Healthy Body Healthy Mind
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Previous generations used thick blackstrap molasses for various purposes, but today’s generation may not recognize its many benefits. If you love gingerbread cookies, you can definitely recognize the distinct flavor that results from the addition of dark molasses. However, dark molasses is not just a sugar substitute for baking— from balancing a person’s blood sugar to offering nutrients for the hair and skin, this mineral-rich type of molasses is a welcome addition to any mindful diet.

Useful Facts about Blackstrap Molasses

As a natural derivative of the sugarcane plant, dark molasses is made by smashing the plant into shreds. After shredding the sugarcane, the plant produces a sweet, syrupy liquid. Boiling this liquid transforms it into cane syrup. The cane sugar commonly used at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table is made from the initial process of boiling the cane syrup. Dark molasses stems from boiling the cane syrup three times. After the third time, the cane syrup turns into the thick syrup that we know as natural, dark molasses.

Even though the dark blackstrap molasses tastes sweet, it is low in sugar. However, this molasses, unlike cane sugar or syrup, is loaded with healthy minerals and vitamins, so blackstrap molasses is great for health-conscious diets. This natural food supplement contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, selenium, vitamin B6, manganese, and protein. It becomes apparent that dark molasses is not an ordinary sweetener. Instead, molasses with recognizable rich, black color offers many vitamins and minerals, along with other health benefits. Plus, dark molasses tastes wonderful when added to homemade bread and pastries.

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Golden Barrel Unsulfured Black Strap molasses

Blackstrap Molasses and its Numerous Health Benefits

Rich in iron, dark molasses is a traditional natural remedy for anemia. When a person is anemic, their blood does not have an ample supply of red blood cells and iron, causing the individual to feel tired and weak all the time. A person with anemia may want to try taking 1 to 2 1/2 tablespoons of dark molasses every day. Unlike some iron supplements, the iron found in dark molasses is easy to digest and readily absorbs into the bloodstream as blackstrap molasses contains easily digested molecules. Pregnant women can safely take dark molasses as a natural way to increase iron in the blood, too. Blackstrap molasses benefits are fantastic and it’s a great homeopathic addition for anyone looking to increase their Iron intake.

Dark Molasses as a Remedy for Premenstrual Syndrome

Many teenage girls and women suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Almost 75 percent of females suffer from the symptoms associated with PMS. These symptoms include bouts of anger, mood swings, depression, anxiety, bloating, and cramping. Dark molasses may help alleviate these symptoms without causing the many unwanted side effects that present themselves in other options. The natural iron content replenishes nutrients that are lost during menstruation, helping to combat the effects of having low iron. Additionally, the high level of magnesium found in dark molasses soothes lower abdominal cramps. An easy way to use dark molasses during the menstrual cycle is to drink an equal mixture of dark molasses and honey in a cup of warm water. This special blend of these two recognized superfoods may also help a person sleep better by providing nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Welcome to Fewer Mood Swings and a Balanced Mental Outlook

Many people in today’s society experience depression, stress and anxiety. Doctors prescribe anti-depression medications to their patients on a regular basis. Although a superfood may not have enough power to cure some types of depression, and it may not take away all of your stress and anxiety, but dark molasses is said to alleviate some of the common symptoms by providing essential vitamins and minerals.

Due to its high mineral content, dark molasses may also help a person who has an attention deficit disorder (ADD) or an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The vitamin B6, found abundantly in dark molasses, can boost a person’s mood due to increased neurotransmitters produced in the brain.

These neurotransmitters cause the individual to produce an overall happier hormone balance and a more positive demeanor. Accordingly, a person taking dark molasses as a superfood supplement may experience more sound and beneficial sleep. Furthermore, the natural sweetener may help improve the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Here Are Some Recommended Blackstrap Molasses Brands:

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Golden Barrel Bulk Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses Jug (128 Fl Oz)

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Plantation Blackstrap Molasses, Unsulfured, 31 oz

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  • Source of minerals that promotes your health

  • Energy giving iron and calcium


Golden Barrel Unsulfured Black Strap molasses, 32 oz

  • sulfur-free

  • strong, bitter flavor and a dark color

  • high levels of iron and calcium


Brer Molasses Blackstrap 12 OZ (Pack of 2)

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  • 12 ounces

  • Blackstrap Molasses


Wholesome Sweeteners, Blackstrap Molasses, 16 oz

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  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher


Dark Molasses as a Natural Bone Builder

Many nutritionists and physicians advise people to take more calcium supplements as a way for maintaining and building stronger bones. However, strong bones need other nutrients paired with calcium, such as magnesium. Since dark molasses has a sufficient amount of both calcium and magnesium, the syrup may help people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia. Since it is difficult to rebuild bones once they begin the deterioration process, it is a good idea to start using dark molasses as a preventative measure before bone problems occur.

Experience Healthier Sugar Levels

Diabetics can enjoy eating occasional desserts made with dark molasses because of its low sugar content. Most people erroneously believe that every type of sugar contributes to the occurrence of diabetes. However, dark molasses may actually balance glucose levels in the blood instead of spiking them. Due to its low glycemic content, dark molasses slows down the absorption of glucose. The syrup also contains a mineral known as chromium, which many diabetics take as a supplement to help maintain low blood glucose levels.

Use Healthy Molasses for Healthier Looking Hair

People can take blackstrap molasses in the form of syrup or as an addition to food, and additionally, you can also use the syrup as a natural hair treatment. The high iron content helps prevent hair loss and makes dry hair less brittle to the touch. Most women who experience severe hair loss have iron deficiencies, so this is a great product to add in overall. Consuming dark molasses on a regular basis can increase iron levels in the blood, thus strengthening the hair from the inside out, and you can also enjoy the benefits of applying it directly to your hair. Plus, the syrup may help reduce the chances of hair turning gray at an early age.

For hair care, stir a couple of teaspoons of dark molasses into a cup of warm water. Apply the nutrient-rich liquid to the hair. Do not rinse the solution out of the hair for approximately 15 minutes. Shampoo the hair after rinsing out the dark molasses mixture. After it dries, you will be able to feel how the moisture and nutrients worked to revitalize your hair.

Blackstrap Molasses and Cancer Prevention

According to the American Diabetic Association, adding dark molasses to the diet may help lessen the risk of contracting cancer. High in cancer-fighting antioxidants, dark molasses protects the body’s DNA and prevents cells from becoming damaged. Loaded with nutrients, dark molasses offers consumers an easy and affordable way to supplement their diets with an anti-cancer supplement. If you’re into natural medicine, this is a great addition to your daily supplement routine as a preventative measure and boost to your overall health.

Blackstrap Molasses and Arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation in the body that causes severe pain in the joints. Some people with arthritis also experience cognitive issues and high cholesterol levels. As a source of natural potassium, dark molasses supports blood pressure levels and helps people with high blood pressure. A person’s entire cardiovascular system may benefit after using dark molasses for a few weeks or months. Because blackstrap molasses contains high levels of magnesium, it helps to heal damaged cartilage as well as aids nerve and muscle function.

Ways to Use Nutrient-Rich Molasses

Consumers who want to experience the benefits of dark molasses can find the syrup on the shelf of their local grocery store, or it can be purchased from an online vendor. Some of the best verified options are listed below for you to research. We advise that you look for organic dark molasses that is free from any additional ingredients. Do not buy dark molasses containing other types of sweeteners as it dilutes the overall health composition. A mixture derived from stirring two tablespoons of dark molasses into an 8-ounce glass of warm water makes a wonderful daily health tonic. Plus, this same mixture applied externally also works as homeopathic hair care.

Recipes Made with Blackstrap Molasses

In addition to taking the syrup in the form of a healthy tonic, people can incorporate dark molasses into their favorite recipes. Instead of making desserts with cane sugar, brown sugar, or honey, combine dark molasses with one or more of these sweeteners. Add dark molasses to oatmeal, carrot cake, gingerbread cake, hot cocoa, or milk. Create a delicious banana cake by adding dark molasses to give the dessert an exotic flavor. Dark molasses also tastes delicious when added to cookie recipes.

Include a Natural Superfood in Your Daily Diet

Dark molasses is a very versatile superfood that adds great value to any diet. Blackstrap molasses contains many nutrients and vitamins without spiking your blood sugar, so you can reap the many benefits without the effects of sugar overload. This dark syrup adds nutritional benefits to a person’s health while also providing a homeopathic flavor burst to many foods and beverages. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from anemia or general low iron, and it works as a great homeopathic hair repair method when used as a mask.

Remember that ordinary molasses’ without the word “blackstrap” on the label are not the same thing as official blackstrap, so it will not have the many health additions that genuine blackstrap molasses contains. Also known as “second” molasses, ordinary molasses are made from the second cane syrup boiling instead of the third boiling. Consequently, consumers wishing to add molasses to their diets should only buy dark molasses as blackstrap molasses is the healthy option. If you’re looking for an affordable way to boost your overall health, check out any of the listed blackstrap molasses brands above and start feeling the benefits of this homeopathic superfood.

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