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Does Sperm Really Expire

Does Sperm Expire
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Does Sperm Have a Shelf Life?

As people grow older, they find more things about their bodies to worry about. Your thoughts may already be occupied with your thinning hairline or your aging jawline, but studies show that these may just be part of the tip of the iceberg. As you get older, you may find that your sperm is starting to perform less efficiently as well. With such research in mind, many modern firms like Legacy and Dadi are focusing on providing their clients with fertility insurance. This is an urgent appeal to men to freeze sperm now before potential issues arise later. The advantage that these companies offer is that there is no need to head to a facility to produce the sample. They let you gather the materials at home and then mail it in at your convenience.

What Happens to Sperm with Age?

While cryobanks are still a relatively new and growing thing, they are basing their business model on legitimate concerns. Scientific data does show that as men get older, their sperm may develop issues. The area of 40 years and older is the rough danger zone for these issues. Things like sperm concentration, overall motility, overall size and shape, and general DNA stability show signs of damage. This can result in all types of issues, as studies link sperm over 40 years old with children who are likelier to develop cancer, mental disorders, and spend more time in the intensive care unit as newborns.

Lifestyle Issues

Studies also show that age may not be the only factor in this difficult equation. Current global and lifestyle conditions can all play a significant role in determining the viability of your sperm as well. Things like air pollution, laptop use, poor dieting, and even engaging in a sedentary lifestyle can all play a role in reducing the quality of your sperm. As time goes on and you get older, these factors have more of a chance to multiply and become a bigger issue.

The problem is that even if you may have a healthy lifestyle, these ambient factors all end up building on each other. It can be difficult to maintain the health of your sperm, as a result, as there are no real ways for you to improve the quality outside of changing your lifestyle for the better. Some men as they get older even suffer from ED or Erectile Dysfunction.

How Sperm Freezing Companies Help

Sperm freezing companies can make it easier for individuals to freeze their sperm without having to go to a major location and deal with frustrating paperwork and encounters. The kits will usually vary in price, with analyses ranging form between $100 and $350, depending on the specifics included in the kits themselves. Different companies will also have different storage fees up front, though that will largely depend on what company you speak with. Every year, you can expect storage to cost you additional fees, ranging from $100 and $500. Even though such fertility services are slowly becoming more and more covered by insurance, there are still pitfalls that individuals need to be aware of. Check out our review on the Semenax sperm volume pills.

If you have the funds available, it is recommended for you to store your sperm as soon as possible. Based on the prices, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to as much as $7,500 in storage fees, should you choose to store at 25 and decide to have children at 40. It is also important to be realistic about the sperm itself. When you freeze it, only about half of the sperm is expected to survive the storage process.

Is it the Right Choice?

Depending on the quality of your semen, you may not need to worry about freezing until significant issues start to occur in the future. You may consult with a medical professional and have your sperm tested for quality relatively regularly and start freezing right before you are expected to see a dip in quality. In situations where you may be rendered infertile, it is equally important for you to start freezing your sperm and keeping it stored for later insemination. If you are still young or are not interested in having children, however, there is no real reason for you to freeze your sperm. Keep your lifestyle relatively healthy and you can look forward to better seminal health in the future as well.

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