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Everything You Need To Know About Penis Enlargement

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Introduction To Penis Enlargement

Many men across the globe are grappling with the inadequacy of a small penis. It is such a sensitive issue that almost no victim is willing to talk about it.

How does one conclude that they have a small penis? Firstly, peer jokes and contrast challenges may make one believe that he is not a man enough. Secondly, sexual escapades make a man realize that his penis should lengthen further. The average length of an erect penis is approximately 13.12 cm with a circumference of 11.66 cm, and a flaccid one should be about 9. 16 cm with a circumference of 9.31 cm. Research points out that about 5% of men have a penis that measures less than 10 cm when erect, and another 5% have an extremely long penis longer than 16 cm. The latter is safer.

If a man has sex with a woman who has had intercourse with multiple men who have a large penis, then it poses a challenge ‘to hit the bull’s eye.' Nothing demoralizes a man than a woman who is not satisfied after sex. Also, women don’t put up with sexual disappointment. Therefore, the affected man will seek a solution by all means. On the other hand, the quest for bigger manhood has sparked a multimillion-dollar industry on penis enlargement.


Penis enlargement


Causes of small penis size

• Genetic composition
Genes play a significant role in the formation, growth, and development of all body organs. Many men who decry small penis can do nothing about it. They inherited genes that are coded with the trait of the small penis from their fathers. When this trait is dominant, it manifests in the offspring.
• Surgery went wrong
There are uncommon cases where an individual had surgery done wrongly on their penis in childhood. Interfering with the tissues of the penis inhibits growth and enlargement. Perhaps a medical solution may be found by consulting relevant physicians.

Why penis enlargement is necessary

• For sexual satisfaction
A small penis versus a large vagina results in sexual dissatisfaction for both the man and the woman involved. This phenomenon is frustrating and becomes a recipe for infidelity and eventual break-up in relationships. The affected man is overprotective and very reactive to his lover. To sustain such a marriage of unequal parties, the man needs to find a way to enlarge his penis.
• To rebuild self-esteem
Men who experience the downside of the small penis have low self-esteem and usually project bitterness on other people to vent the anger for a situation beyond control. Any slight provocation is intensified as a personal attack on them. The victims tend to hate women, and they also avoid other men who are well up. They keep their ordeal a secret because the chances are that if they share with their fellow men, they will mock and shame them in society.

Solutions for penis enlargement

1. Supplements
Supplements are natural products that are purported to possess curative abilities on a human body without involving inorganic chemicals. Supplements are popular as far as treatment of nutritional and reproductive conditions are concerned.
Currently, numerous supplements are selling in the global market. The physical shops may be limited to particular supplements popular in town. However, the online shop, because cyberspace is not defined, is the best place to access, view, and contrast some of the world's best supplements.
Whereas some customers' reviews point out commendable effectiveness and incredible results after using specific supplements, other users criticize these products. Some researchers also dismiss supplements as ineffective. Thus, personal discretion is recommended appertaining intake of supplements as a measure to enhance your penis.

2. Traction devices
Traction devices are gadgets used to stretch the penile tissue to lengthen it. To prolong the penis, a small weight or extending frame is placed on a flaccid penis. According to the 2010 research, penile extenders stand out as the evidence-based method of penis enlargement, and the results may supersede those of penile surgery. On average, a penile device can lengthen a penis by between 1-3 cm, after wearing the device for 4-6 hours. The scientists are researching
whether including a traction device after penile surgery is likely to produce better results.
Traction devices are widespread. However, some scientific authorities, such as the Urology Care Foundation, question the efficiency and safety of this method.

3. Male enhancement pills
One of the most effective methods of combating the challenge of a small penis is the use of popular male enhancement pills. Whereas surgery and other methods are deemed risky and inefficient, pills and lotions are said to produce notable results.

Pills contain vitamins, hormones, herbs, or minerals. A combination of those ingredients in the correct proportion has a way of stimulating penis enlargement.

Based on customer reviews of the bestselling male enhancement pills, there are mixed reactions. Some customers testify notable change in their penis size, while others claim to have recorded no difference.

Beware of the harmful counterfeit pills in the market. Dismiss the criticism, and try pills to enlarge your penis.

4. Penis Pumps
Doctors use vacuum devices mostly to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. There is still contention on the effectiveness of vacuum devices in enlarging a penis.
In this method, a tube is fitted over the penis first. Then, the air is pumped out to create a vacuum into the penis. The vacuum automatically draws blood into the penis, making it swell.

5. Penis surgery
There are two types of surgery performed for penis enlargement.

a) Penis augmentation
Penis augmentation is a process whereby an expert injects fat cells into the penis to increase its girth, breadth, and length. Alternatively, the surgeon obtains fat cells from elsewhere in the body and grafts them onto the penis.

However, this procedure is said to be slow. It can lengthen a penis by approximately 2.39-2.65 cm within 12 months. The downside of penis augmentation is a reversal. The penis can lose up to 80% of the new volume in a year of surgery. This suggests multiple surgeries if penis augmentation is anything to go by.

Penis augmentation is unpopular because of its dire consequences on the penis. The side effects include distortion and swelling of the penis. In extreme cases, the surgeon may have no option but to remove the penis. Imagine what this would mean to a man!

b) Suspensory ligament release
There is a ligament that anchors the penis to the pubic region and firmly supports it during erection. Suspensory ligament release entails the cutting of the ligament to change the angle of the penis so that it becomes longer. This procedure can increase the length of a flaccid penis by 1-3 cm.
However, the suspensory ligament release is dismissed as null and void. It is described as creating a new problem to solve an old one. The new challenge might be severe than the former. The lack of support during coitus can make penetration problematic. Consequently, despite the improved length, the rate of sexual satisfaction for both the man and the woman declines to unacceptable levels.
Considering the demerits of suspensory ligament release, the American Urological Association (AUA), as well as the Urological Care Foundation (UCF), state that this penis enlargement method is risky and ineffective.

A question is posed: when is surgery an option? The medical practitioners recommend that an operation is necessary if a man has a condition referred to as micro-penis. Micro-penis defines a penis that is 7.5 cm or shorter when stretched.

6. Jelqing
Jelqing is a hand-over-hand motion that pushes blood from the base to the head of the penis. Some researchers claim that jelqing can result in pain, scar formation, and disfigurement. Also, there is no scientific evidence that it works.

What are the drawbacks of penis enlargement?

• Penis enlargement methods can cause erectile dysfunction
• Penis enlargement surgery can lead to swelling
• It is possible to get bacterial infections
• When overused, a vacuum pump damages penile tissues
• Procedures such as penis augmentation may result in dire consequences that may require the removal of the penis

How to handle the challenge of a small penis

• Face your frustrations
The negative thought pattern associated with a small penis stresses the patient and may result in depression. Especially if someone jeers at the patient or his girl expresses displeasure, it is even more disgusting and psychologically disturbing. The remedy would be to accept the reality, square up your shoulders, and man up. Remember, there are millions of people with severe types of disabilities, such as blindness and deafness. You are better off with a small penis. Besides, there is a woman for every man despite his limitations, shortcomings, and excesses. Seek true love, and you will find it in someone one day.
• Keep it clean!
Avoid a bushy pubic region. The massive growth of air could be a minor factor inhibiting penis enlargement. Trimmed pubic hair adds to the length of the penis.
• Cut on the tummy
Men who have large bellies constitute the most significant percentage of men with a small penis. The extra weight of the tummy affects the enlargement of the penis. Also, the tummy makes the penis appear smaller.
Do some workout and weight loss procedures to reduce your tummy. Your sex life matters more than anything else.
• Verify your claims with a doctor
What many men claim to be a small penis nowadays is certainly not the case. Millions of men are living with a misconception concerning the size of their manhood.
• Attend counseling sessions
Counseling with a qualified counselor helps the victim of a small penis to accept his condition, boost self-esteem, and correct distorted notions related to body image.
Patients who genuinely have a small penis need help when they are of age to be in sexual relationships. Having feelings for a lady and then doing nothing on top of her is the worst form of frustration for a man. See a counselor who can walk with you carefully and suggest the appropriate measures to take.

The first condition is known as Small Penis Anxiety (SPA) – Men with this condition think that their penis is so small compared to other men that they don’t want to undress around people. The victims rarely share a urinal with other men for fear of being mocked over their allegedly small penis.

The other condition is referred to as Penile Dysmorphophobia Disorder (PDD). PDD is a state of underestimating the size of one’s penis whereas overestimating the size of others’ penis. The victim considers other men better than himself. Despising oneself leads to sexual anxiety, bitterness, sexual dysfunction, and depression. Patients of DPP hardly maintain an erection, and as a result, there is no sex satisfaction on both parties. This condition is psychological and can only be handled by medical advice. Patients of DPP should see a doctor for counseling to overcome their erroneous preoccupation. They have no flaw in their penis size. It's all in mind, and it can be corrected, and the patient will start living a healthy life with confidence.
• Communicate with your lover
The issue of a small penis mainly affects a man and his lover. It may be hard to introduce the topic, but you can always get an excellent icebreaker. Talk it out with her and create understanding. Perhaps, she might have helpful ideas.

Parting shot

Men all over the world are suffering psychologically, citing the small size of their penis. Unfortunately, most of the victims are not genuine cases. Instead, they are living with misconceptions. The assumption in most cases begins when a man is challenged by a few friends who have a large penis, then one believes that it should be so for every man. All men can't have incredibly long penis sizes vary. If one is within the range – 13 cm for an erect penis, and 9 cm for a limp one, then you are good to go. You should only get worried if you have the case of a micro-penis. If you are not sure of the size of your penis, see a sex therapist.
Some medics specialize in penis enlargement procedures. Consult them for the most appropriate method if there is a need to enlarge your penis.

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Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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