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Before and After Results of ExtenZe

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How does erectile dysfunction affect men?

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man can no longer hold a firm erection. There are several causes of erectile dysfunction. The condition can be a challenge for most men to overcome and can hinder sexual performance. There are supplements and natural remedies to help a main restore his sexual drive.

Causes for erectile dysfunction are usually physical but can sometimes be psychological. Excessive use of drugs and other supplements can hinder sexual performance as well.

Sexual libido decreases with age. Approximately 70 percent of men report some form of erectile dysfunction by the age of 60. This form of erectile dysfunction is usually the beginning. However, poor sexual performance can decrease the quality of life.

It is common for men to worry about their sexual performance. A sexual-enhancement supplement can improve a man’s sexual performance. Most enhancement supplements use a variety of natural ingredients that can benefit a man in other ways as well.

While erectile dysfunction can be a difficult topic for most men to talk about, it should not be ignored. In some cases, erectile dysfunction can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. A doctor or physician can offer the most appropriate plan for treatment.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

An erection is a complex process that is both physical and psychological. An imbalance in hormones, nutrition, and other biological factors can make it difficult to achieve an erection. Men should not feel discouraged if they experience erectile dysfunctions.

The aging process plays a major role in erectile dysfunction. The body naturally slows down and the muscles become weaker over time. Hormone levels decrease as well.

The use of recreational drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction. Cocaine, nicotine, opiates, and are a few drugs that can decrease libido. Many of these drugs suppress the nervous system. Chronic use of recreational drugs can damage the immune system further.

The good news is that the body is quite adaptive. If the drug use is discontinued soon enough, then the body can return to a healthier state.

A few studies suggest that cycling for long hours can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Cycling places a lot of pressure on the groin region and causes the muscle to become numb. The arteries in the groin regions become restricted as a result. In general, sitting in any position can put additional strain on the groin region.

High blood sugar can also lead to erectile dysfunction. In fact, there is a strong correlation between diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Studies demonstrate that over 60 percent of men with diabetes also suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction.

How does a sexual-enhancement supplement work?

A sexual-enhancement supplement can rejuvenate the body. Many sexual-enhancement supplements are combined into a dense formula. The ingredients interact with each other to produce a more powerful effect.

All the ingredients are tested at a specific portion to increase the efficiency of drug delivery. A combination of synthetic enhancers and surfactants are used to hold all the ingredients together.

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Ginkgo Biloba

Extenze before and after.

Extenze is a male enhancement supplement that is designed to improve a man’s sex life. The drug uses ingredients that help to improve sperm vitality as well. Some of these ingredients include dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, and magnesium stearate.

The supplement promotes blood circulation through the body and makes it easier to achieve an erection. Other ingredients such as ginger and black pepper seeds enhance the effect to provide a stronger sexual response.

The supplement can also be good for skin health and mood. Many of the ingredients in the supplement regulate certain responses in the brain. These responses are associated with the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin.

An increase in hormones like serotonin can lead to improvements in mood and energy. Improvements in hormonal levels can help a man to last longer in bed. An enhancement supplement may also allow men to engage in sexual activity more frequently without feelings of lethargy.

What are the key ingredients in the enhancement supplement?

Many sexual-enhancement supplements use similar ingredients to improve sexual health. A man may experience noticeable improvements in other areas in his life as a result of an enhancement supplement.


Niacin is a B vitamin that keeps the immune system, digestive system, and accessory organs healthy. Supplements that contain niacin should not be combined with other drugs or alcohol.

Many supplements that contain niacin increase sexual libido. The B vitamin interacts with the body to improve testosterone levels and increase sexual desire. Foods that contain niacin include milk, meat, and certain grains.


Zinc plays an essential role in many biological processes including learning, wound healing, and immune function. Consumption of foods that have enough zinc can fight off chronic diseases related to age.

A sexual-enhancement supplement may be a rich source of the zinc vitamin. Zinc is also known to decrease oxidative stress. Chronic stress can decrease mental health and sexual desire. Zinc can be found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Tribulus Terrestris

Another common ingredient in enhancement supplements is Tribulus Terrestris. The ingredient is extracted from the Gokshura plant. Many cultures use derivatives from the plant for various healing applications.

Tribulus Terrestris may improve sexual performance as well. A supplement that contains 100 milligrams or more of Tribulus Terrestris can produce noticeable effects. Surveys also indicate that Tribulus Terrestris can lower blood sugar levels and improve heart health as well.

The effects of Tribulus Terrestris can be experienced by both men and women. Women report higher levels of sexual satisfaction after taking a supplement that contains Tribulus Terrestris. There is evidence to suggest that Tribulus Terrestris can restore sexual performance in men.

What are the side-effects of an enhancement supplement?

Most enhancement supplements interact with the nervous system. Over-stimulation of the nervous system can result in agitation and social anxiety. These are minor symptoms and typically go away over time.

A sexual-enhancement supplement should not be consumed more than once a day. Over-consumption of an enhancement supplement can lead to an increased heart rate and indigestion. It is best to drink water to dilute the concentration of the enhancement supplement.

If more severe side-effects are experienced, men should discontinue use of the enhancement drug. It may best to consult a doctor for consideration of further use. A doctor may want to examine drug history.

Some sexual enhancement supplements contain strong herbs that may irritate the stomach lining. A high-quality enhancement supplement should only use a blend of natural ingredients.

What to expect from an enhancement supplement?

An enhance supplement can be used before sexual activity. The supplements are easily absorbed in the bloodstream to produce a fast result. Men can expect a significant improvement in sexual performance.

The natural ingredients help to stimulate the brain in a variety of ways. An enhancement supplement can help to improve a man’s confidence.

Men can expect to experience vessel dilation throughout the body. Increased vessel dilation causes the muscles to swell. The swelling effect can give men a larger appearance.

It is important for meant to discuss the use of an enhancement supplement with their partner. The benefits are not permanent and there is a refractory period between each use. Open communication can decrease social pressure regarding sexual activity.


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