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What is Colloidal Silicon Dioxide?


Silicon dioxide is a naturally occurring element also known as quartz or sand. It is present in plants, animals, and water, and it is consumed through our diets. The compound is not stored in the body. It is flushed out by the kidneys. Furthermore, it has not been linked to any health issues, such as cancer. When it is used in pharmaceuticals, it is called Aerosil. It has been approved by the FDA and considered safe to use.

The main use for Aerosil is to help optimize how easily powders flow. It is considered a glidant and a moisture wicking substance. The glidant component of Aerosil allows the powders of a medicine, that will ultimately become a tablet, to flow through the machines that are responsible for making the medicine. Allowing the powder to flow smoothly will create a high level of uniformity, meaning that the individual tablets will have very similar dosages. This is important because people who are taking the medications expect each pill to have the same amount of the medicine.

It also is integral in absorbing any moisture that is present in the powder. This prevents clumping and caking of the powder. It also reduces surface roughness and makes the tablet smooth. This is important because the smoother the process of making the tablet, the more reliable the resulting medication. If particles start getting clumped or caked in the machines, it will result in having to fix the machine. It might also result in the continuity and uniformity being compromised.

By adding in colloidal silicon dioxide, the manufacturer can produce medicines more easily and the resulting product will be more uniform and smoother. Furthermore, a benefit of the manufacturer is that using this compound will not affect the ability to compress the powder to make a tablet. This means that the medication will hold its form and not fall apart.

Most of the benefits of using this ingredient are enjoyed by the manufacturer, such as compressibility, moisture wicking, and smooth operation through its machinery. However, the one big benefit to the patient and consumer is the reliability in the product. Not only will the consumer receive a product that is smooth, making it easier to swallow, but they can have confidence that each pill has the same measure of medicine in it.

So, the takeaway from this compound is that it is safe and is used to help process particles that will make up the tablet medicine consumers will ingest. It has been deemed safe by the FDA and has not been linked to any adverse effects. In fact, it is essential in producing tablets with uniform medicine contained in them.

note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Check out Healthy Body Healthy Mind for all of your health related needs. 

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