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The muira puama plant has been used to make medicine by the indigenous peoples of the world for centuries. The roots and the bark of this plant are used to make preparations for treating and preventing sexual disorders and also for increasing sexual arousal. Furthermore, it's been used as a treatment for menstrual disorders, further highlighting its potential for treating sexual disorders. These are the reasons why the makers of ExtenZe were highly interested in using muira puama bark extract in their formula. ExtenZe has increased sexual desire and improved performance for lots of men.


How is Puama Bark Extract Commonly Used?

Apart from being used as an aphrodisiac, muira puama bark has been used by indigenous peoples as an ingredient in root and herb mixtures for treating stomach problems like diarrhea and indigestion and also as an ingredient in tonics that were supposed to increase or stimulate the appetite. In the past, these preparations were crude and unpleasant to use. Today, you can find muira puama bark extract in many creams, oils and oral medications for treating these same kinds of physical ailments.

Some people believe muira puama bark extract can be applied directly to the skin to increase or stimulate sexual desire. It's used as an ingredient in the ExtenZe formula, but there are other products that are made for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) that contain muira puama bark extract as an ingredient, sometimes going by the name of moira puma extract.

There is some evidence that suggests muira puama bark extract can improve the health of the brain. Medical studies have discovered that the compounds found in this plant have the effect of shielding the brain from oxididative stress. This implies that it can keep cognitive decline that's associated with old age from occurring to some degree.

This kind of extract has been researched for the effects it has on joint pain in particular. It has been used in specially prepared tonics for other kinds of pain as well. The extract is simply added to water by some people who experience pain in the joints, and many have reported experiencing relief this way. It can be taken as an extract, in powder form, inside of a capsule or in tablet form.


How Much Should Be Used?

It's not certain how much of muira puama bark extract should be taken. It all depends on the condition or conditions being treated and the health of the individual. The age of the individual should also be taken into account. Many products containing this ingredient give clear instructions as to how much of it to take, and ExtenZe is one example. Read every bit of the label on products containing this ingredient.

Even though muira puama bark extract is all natural, there can still be mild to moderate side effects if it's not taken properly. It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start taking any kind of supplement for improving your health. This should especially be true when it concerns products that can manipulate your nervous system in any way.

note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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