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4 July, 2020

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Review Of Half Day CBD


Half Day CBD is the brainchild of Kameron Norwood and Dave DiCosola who are Chicago-based entrepreneurs. They launched this seed-to-sale brand of organic hemp derived CBD products in 2019 to help consumers manage their stress, anxiety, sleep and pain issues. One thing that sets them apart from others in the industry is that they look after every single aspect of the production process right from cultivation to extraction to flavouring to bottling to testing and sales. They are not another company that just white labels the products bought from some other suppliers.

They offer full spectrum CBD oils, CBD salves and CBD gummies in various concentrations. Their products are available in CBD shops and physical therapist’s office in select locations (mostly in Midwest) but you can always buy their full spectrum CBD products from their website.


Half day cbd oil

Hemp Sourcing

All the CBD products sold by the company are derived from hemp that is grown and processed in central Kentucky. After processing, the bottling is done in their own warehouse in Chicago. They only sell full spectrum CBD products which means all the useful nutrients in the hemp plant are extracted while making sure that the products do not cross the 0.3% THC limit. The focus of founders is on creating the highest quality hemp derived CBD products that are directly sourced from farmers in America.

Quality Control

If there is one thing that separates good companies in the CBD industry from others, it is quality control. After all, anybody can buy CBD products from wholesale suppliers and white label it as their own product without ensuring any kind of quality control. This is where Half Day CBD shines as they test every single product sold by them.

The first step in ensuring quality is that all the hemp that is used for extracting CBD is grown in Kentucky. It is organic and pesticide free. The founders make sure that the land used for growing hemp is virgin which means no harsh chemicals have been used in the past or it was only used to grow hay.

After harvesting, hemp plants are hanged in huge barns for drying. The founders make sure that the barns used for drying out hemp plants keep the moisture in control due to the potential risk of mold growth. They inspect all the hemp and test it for mold to make sure that there is no mold in the final product.

They use supercritical CO2 extraction process to extract CBD oil from hemp. Keep in mind that supercritical CO2 extraction process involves use of expensive equipment and is only used by the best companies. This process uses intense temperature and pressure change to extract all the nutrients from the hemp plant. This extraction method results in completely pure extract which means there is no need for any additional processing. The extraction process is carried out in a GMP certified facility.

They are completely transparent about their products and this is the reason, they have chosen ProVerde Laboratories for their 3rd party testing services. All of their products have a batch number and you can use that batch number to find all the related details including where the hemp was grown, strain of hemp, CBD concentration, processing method, bottling facility, ingredients and various other things.

They do bottling in-house as they have partnered with Kitchen Chicago to ensure a safe environment for bottling. The facility is managed by a licensed food safety manager.

Variety of Products

Currently, the company offers CBD oil/tincture, CBD salves and CBD gummies. These are offered in various concentrations ranging from 25 mg to 2000 mg.


The company offers free shipping on all purchases above $99. For all other orders, they offer a flat shipping rate of $4.99.

Customer Service

Customer service is another aspect where Half Day CBD shines. They offer complete information on how to reach customer service including phone numbers and email addresses. Also, the process of shipping and returns is clearly mentioned on their website.


If there is one thing that everyone likes about this company is that they are completely transparent. It’s something you don't get to see a lot in the CBD industry. You can find all the information about the founders, about the sourcing of hemp, about the extraction process, about the bottling process and third-party lab testing information on their website.

They have a FAQ section wherein you can find information regarding shipping, returns and various other things. They stand behind their products and you are free to get a full refund or make an exchange in case you are not satisfied with their products. You just need to send the product back within 30 days of delivery and they allow you to return the package at absolutely no cost.


Overall, Half Day CBD is a reputable brand that has quickly established itself in the industry due to its transparent and consumer friendly sourcing, processing and bottling of CBD products. All their products go through rigorous scientific testing to make sure everything is safe, potent and consistent. They use supercritical CO2 extraction process to ensure full spectrum CBD products which means you get all the beneficial compounds from this wonderful plant. Their products are available at select locations in the Midwest but you can always buy their products on their website.

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