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Much Anticipated Health Blog Ready For Print!

Miami, FL, APRIL 29, 2019:

Health and wellness topics are the most searched items online today. Readers want more information and they want it from someone they can trust. Healthy Body Healthy Mind has delivered the solution to this craving with a new online health blog dedicated to serious health enthusiasts.

A surprise, yet to be announced, guest writer will be compiling regular blog postings based on the most requested health and fitness topics as deemed by readers and customers. The much anticipated debut will be forthcoming very soon and is sure to make a lasting impression. This new blog series announced by Healthy Body Healthy Mind offers a fresh new look at men's health and wellness topics that tend to become stale and redundant. Providing new information and on a new platform means that this blog will reach a new audience and make a bigger impact than past attempts.

The upcoming wellness blog is destined to be a hit with readers, whether they are well seasoned in cross-training efforts or have just enrolled in a national weight reduction program. There is something for everyone across the board in this anticipated release. Some of the expected health and wellness topics to be included in the upcoming blog posts:

1. Mindfulness. This wellness enthusiast focuses on the mind, body, spirit connection and helps readers understand the importance of this tri-fold approach to a healthy wellbeing. Tips may include meditation exercises, deep breathing techniques, and the uses of essential oils and various aromatherapies. The goal is to stimulate the mind when it should be the most effective and to quiet the mind when it should be soothed and ready for rest. Learning to wake up and quiet the mind takes practice, but has numerous health benefits.

Mindfulness techniques also help people live in the present and remain positive throughout their busy day. Being centered on the activities at hand while also understanding and being aware of the big picture creates a perspective that helps the individual full participate in the decision making processes and pursue the life they really want and intend to have. This may include changing to thinking and behavior patterns. Readers may be encouraged to begin keeping a journal to track their thoughts and feelings, as well as what impact they have on daily behaviors. Adding insight into daily life is only one of the side effects of mindfulness training. Readers are welcome to explore this any many more through the new Healthy Body Healthy Mind wellness discussion in the upcoming blog.

2. Healthy eating plans. With so many fad diets, unhealthy trends, and restrictive eating programs in the media, it can be difficult to know which way to turn when it comes to truly healthy eating. This wellness enthusiast will breakdown all the facts about what the body needs to survive and thrive. For example, they may start with the number of calories a person needs to maintain their body weight, gain muscle, or lose fat. Going forward, the author may suggest tracking daily intake and output of calories. This can be a rough calculation but is designed to ensure readers are realistic in their approach to healthy eating plans.

There actually is a reliable formula that can help a person distinguish how their body is utilizing the energy it receives from food. Healthy Body Healthy Mind is preparing the release of accurate information when it comes to appropriate meal plans based on the goals and specific needs of an individual. Sample meal plans, recipes, and other information will help guide readers toward the right type of healthy eating for their unique situation. There is no “one size fits all” approach to a healthy lifestyle and no single diet plan will work for all users. Readers who are considering a vegan or vegetarian diet will find delicious substitutes and interesting recipes to add zest to every meal. Those readers looking to beef up their muscular system will find rich protein sources that are not difficult on the digestive track.

3. Exercise routines. Virtually everyone recognizes the many health benefits of regular exercise. Aerobic activity is used a stress relief mechanism and promotes healthy circulatory and cardiovascular systems. More importantly, exercise helps the body produce additional energy for required functions while eliminating excess energy that the body would otherwise have stored, as fat, for later use. In addition, regular exercise routines help promote cognitive functioning and may stimulate sensory perception as well.

The Healthy Body Healthy Mind blogger will provide in-depth exercise information that fits every lifestyle and mobility level. Readers and viewers may find yoga routines that promote healthy spines, stretching out tired muscles, and increasing flexibility throughout the body. Another day may bring out tai chi, karate, or other forms of muscle controlling exercise that promote self-discipline, strength and toning. Weightlifters and body builders will also find muscle building routines and formulas that will increase the productivity of their daily workouts. Fat burning and targeted workouts will help those readers who are looking to lose a few pounds or tone specific areas of the body. Whatever goal a reader has, this new blog will provide enough information to get them started and enough encouragement to keep them motivated throughout the process.

4. Vitamins and supplements. One of the major misnomers in the medical and fitness fields today is that everyone should take a multivitamin daily. While vitamins may not necessarily harm the body, they may not be required for maximum functioning. There are so many vitamins on the market today that just a trip to the health store can be overwhelming. The new blog author will give readers information about which vitamins are recommended for basic conditions and which can probably be skipped over altogether.

In addition to the general information, readers will be able to find a breakdown that is both useful and easy to understand. Since certain vitamins lose or gain strength based on interactions with other vitamins or foods, it is important to understand how they work in order to gain the most benefit from a daily vitamin regiment. Other supplements will also be discussed in the upcoming wellness blog. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback and make requests for upcoming articles and blog posts pertaining to specific situations that are of importance to them.

From muscle building proteins to weight loss shakes, the trusted wellness enthusiast will provide insight and information on what people put into their bodies. The author will provide updates from newsworthy health items and give honest advice and feedback on specific brands as well as ingredients found in many common vitamins and supplements that are currently on the market. Some potentially harmful ingredients can cause unpleasant side effects such as headaches or irritability. The author will alert readers about which products to use in moderation and which perhaps should not be used at all by readers with certain health conditions or other concerns.

5. Encouragement and inspiration. Those individuals who are interested in a total wellness package will appreciate the new Healthy Body Healthy Mind blog because it will have unique features that are not currently available from other wellness sites or active blogs. Here again, the body, mind, spirit connection factors into the overall wellbeing of every individual. Humans are only capable of giving others what they need when they have first been replenished themselves. Harried mothers are perfect example of this approach. They can quickly but unintentionally become impatient and miss opportunities for quality time with the people they love the most.

There are multiple other examples that could be used to illustrate this challenge, and even more ways that people attempt to soothe themselves. There are healthy ways such as through therapy sessions, relaxing baths, or strenuous exercise. And, of course, there are unhealthy ways such as emotional eating, excessing drinking, and illegal drug use. The wellness enthusiast turned blogger will provide readers with workable plans and effective feedback that can literally change lives. Encouraging words, and inspirational themes will motivate readers to do their best, to be their best, and to give their best each and every day.

Striking a balance between what is and what is to become is a personal decision, but one that often requires help. This new blog will, among other things, accomplish the goal of providing useful information to readers who are trying to find their balance. When active readers learn the tools to create peace and wellness in their own lives, they begin to see changes almost immediately. In turn, they will be able to retain enough personal integrity and peace that they can safely give freely to others while maintaining their own personal strength. This cycle of wellness can be spread throughout households, families, and communities.

5. Reader driven initiatives. Very few, if any websites, offer fully interactive blog sites. By nature, blogs are basically a one-way conversation. What is unique about the health and wellness website blog by Healthy Body Healthy Mind is that it is written for other enthusiasts. The author recognizes that to be effective in sending a message in any relationship, there must be clear communication. While most bloggers tend to tell a story from their own viewpoint and assume readers what to be involved, this wellness enthusiast actually writes what other people want to read about.

The soon to be announced author craves the satisfaction they receive from helping others achieve their goals. By offering advice and requesting feedback on that advice, the author becomes a virtual mentor to all readers. Trending topics can be discussed in real time and readers are further encouraged to consult with one another and create effective discussion groups that are supportive in nature. Readers are obviously important to any website content page, and this author ensures that readers know how valuable they really are to the process.


Quotes Representing Healthy Body Healthy Mind Values

“No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” – Deepak Chopra

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” – J. Stanford

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish, it's essential to your survival and well being.” – Renee Peterson Trudeau

“The body achieves that which the mind believes.” – Unknown

“Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.” Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

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