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Healthy Eating For Men

Healthy Eating For Men
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The Best Diet for Men

Food often figures largely in the lives of men. They enjoy highly flavored items in large portions, but their choices don’t always provide the best fuel for the body’s optimum performance or for their health. Making a few changes can have a significant effect on your health, your energy level and your risk for disease. Here are a few strategies for healthy eating for men that can help you feel better and perform better.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet
Healthy eating for men can provide many benefits. A good diet will allow you to manage your weight more effectively. Your body will feel better nourished and you will feel less hungry and less inclined to eat empty-calorie foods. You will have more energy. You will reduce your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. You will also reduce your risk of cancer. Your bones and teeth will be stronger from increased nutrients. Your mood will improve. And you will have better memory and cognitive function because of the increase in vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Elements of a Healthy Diet
Health experts offer a number of recommendations for better health for men. You should eat less red meat and consume at least two or three servings of fish each week. Half of all grain products you eat should consist of whole grains. Consume whole grain bread, pasta and oats, as well as switching to brown rice. Limit the amount of refined grains in your diet, such as are found in processed breads and baked goods. Instead of the high saturated fats found in full-fat dairy products, butter and salad dressings, switch to oil and nut-based products. Try to consume at least 2 cups of fruits each day and 2-1/2 cups of vegetables of various kinds. Make sure you get a sufficient amount of potassium each day by eating fruit, vegetables, low-fat milk and fish. Fiber is an important component of a healthy diet, found in many foods. Younger men should get 38 grams of fiber each day, while men over 50 should consume about 30 grams of fiber.

Muscles and Energy Needs of Men
Because men are larger and have greater muscle mass, they need to consume more calories than women. Men need about 2,000 to 2,800 calories in their daily diet to maintain good condition. Your energy needs depend on your daily tasks. Lean on whole-grains, brown rice, nuts, fruits and vegetables to provide healthy fuel for energy, and try to avoid highly sweetened snack foods that raise calories but provide poor nutrition.

Substituting Other Proteins For Meat
Research indicates that consuming large amounts of red meat can contribute to cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. You can substitute a number of protein-rich foods to satisfy your appetite and maintain your muscle mass. These foods include chicken and fish, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes and soy-based products. These items can be prepared into a wide variety of tasty dishes to satisfy your appetite.

Healthy eating is a matter of understanding the basic principles, changing your behavior patterns and making good choices. If you implement these simple strategies for healthy eating for men, you will enjoy better health, easier weight management and increased energy for your daily tasks.


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