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How To Make Homemade Penis Pumps?

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Looking To Make a Homemade Penis Pump?


Wanting to purchase a Bathmate penis pump but can't afford it? Maybe you can't really buy one. The good news is you can make a penis pump right at home.

I have heard many people ask how to make a homemade penis pump. In fact, it was in college when someone first asked that question from people who didn't have the cash to buy stuff like pumps. At that time, it really wasn't necessary to own one because it wasn't considered a necessity.

Fast forward to the present day, now there are many men who want to know the answer to the question. They might have the cash, but buying a penis pump isn't a top priority for them because of family obligations, bills, and so forth. With that said, this article is for you if you want a pump, but can't afford one or simply can't buy one for any reason.

You do need to know it can be difficult to make a diy penis pump on your own. The good news is there are many videos out there. These penis pump videos show you how you can get started.

Before telling you the steps involved, you do need to consider several things when it comes to creating your very own homemade penis pump. Knowing what they are will help you make the best homemade penis pump possible. That being said, here's what you should take into consideration:

1. When it comes to choosing a cylinder, choose one that is:

. Sturdy and rigid
. A chamber that is transparent is good because you can see your penis in the pump
. The opening at the pump's bottom should be wide enough so your penis fits into it
. The top of the pump should be no bigger than an inch in diameter.

2. The Base Should Be

. Flexible, as well as soft
. You'll want to buy this at an actual store, that way you can feel the material. Remember, the material will be making direct contact with your penis.

3. The Squeeze Penis Pump

. All you need for this part is a plastic tube and a hand-squeezing pump.
. Alternatively, you can buy it on the internet.

4. Choose An Adhesive

. The adhesive must be strong because a few items will require attaching.
. Do not use super glue. A better option is to use 3M epoxy, preferably one with a rating of at least 100 to 250.

Do you still want to make a homemade penis pump? If so, then there are two ways to do it. One way is to create an air pump and the other is for a water penis pumps.

penis Pump for Large Penis

DIY Water Penis Pump

One of the most effective and safest pumps to use is a water penis pump. At least that's the case if you're after a DIY Bathmate penis pump. When it comes to hydro pumps, Bathmate is one of the top brands people go for.

If you can't afford to buy a real Bathmate, then this homemade water penis pump is for you. It's very cheap and it works, but it will not work exactly like the Bathmate pump. Nonetheless, you should still get results by using it.

Materials Needed

. A seal
. A reusable container made from plastic

All you have to do is seal the end of the container. That's all there is to do. Here's a tip, use Plastidip.

How To Use

First, fill up the container with water

Second, put your penis into the container

Third, Press the container against your body, while your penis is still inside of it. Squeeze the tube, which in turn will create suction. Be warned that the suction might feel very strong.

DIY Vacuum Homemade Penis Pump

The vacuum pump is an easy DIY penis pump that is easy to do. For less than $5, you can get the materials required to make your own vacuum pump. There's several options, and they include:

Vacuum Pump Option One


. Sandpaper
. Vacuum cleaner
. Thin neoprene sheet
. A 300ml sports drink bottle


First, get the sports drink bottle ready. At the bottom, mark a circle.

Second, cut along the circle.

Third, use sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

Fourth, Grab a thin sheet of neoprene. Take a DVD and trace along its edges.

Fifth, Cut the pattern

Six, at the center, create a hole.

Seven, attach it to the bottle's bottom.

Eight, the vacuum cleaner should be able to fit the thread, so make sure to choose the appropriate vacuum to use.

Using This Vacuum Pump

It's very easy to use these DIY penis pumps. All you do is:

. Put your penis right at the bottom of the bottle, where the hole is.

. Insert the vacuum at the bottle's thread and then start pumping.

That's all you have to do. There's nothing else to it.

Vacuum Pump Option One

The materials you'll need for the second option are as followed:

. Adhesives
. A firm cylindrical chamber
. A squeeze pump
. Soft rubber base


First, cut off the strips of the soft rubber.

Second, use the adhesive to attach the material to the cylinder.

Third, create two holes in the cylinder by using a drill. One hole should be small enough where you can cover it with your thumb. The other hole should be the same size as the squeeze pump tube's diameter (outer).

Fourth, take the rim of the bigger hole and attach it to the other end of the rim.

Using It – Homemade Vacuum Pump

First, place your penis into the chamber, but only when it's either semi or fully erect.

Second, press the rubber base against your body, once it has been fitted.

Third, without covering the small hole, you'll want to start squeezing the pump.

Fourth, seal and cover the vent while the pump is compressed. You'll want to let it inflate as you do this.

Fifth, keep on repeating this until the pressure is high. You'll know it because you will feel it.

That is how to use the pump. Remember, the results won't be as good as a commercial pump, but you'll still get some results.


Generally speaking, it's easy to make your own homemade penis pumps. For less than $15, you can do it. However, a DIY penis pump will not work nearly as well as a commercial penis pump. Nonetheless, you'll still get some results.

Safety is the main concern when it comes to homemade penis pumps. You should avoid over-pumping because it's not safe. Furthermore, you can't measure the pressure. Just be careful if you decide to give the homemade water pump or the vacuum penis pump a try.


Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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