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Is It Safe to Use a Penis Pump? And How to Use Your Penis Pump Safely?

penis pump safety tips
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There is a hand or electrical pump and a cylindrical chamber inside a penis pump. The user places the chamber over their penis to create an airtight seal. The user then creates a vacuum by pumping the water or air out of the chamber. The penis becomes erect as the vacuum draws blood into the penis. Once the user achieves the desired length and thickness, the user places a cock ring, like the Bathmate Power Ring, at the base of the penis. The cock ensures the penis remains erect.

The best way for strengthening a weak erection and increasing the size of your penis is a penis pump. However, you can use a penis for masturbation and foreplay because the vacuum mimics the sucking action of oral sex.

In addition, one of the best ways of keeping your penis healthy is to use a penis pump regular. This is because a penis pump encourages blood flow into the penis.

What are the different types of penis pumps?

There are different types of penis pumps on the market, even though penis pumps have the same function. A penis pump is beneficial to the user. However, some of the penis pumps are not safe. Penis pumps encourage permanent gains from pumping and they can cure erectile dysfunction. But there is something a little different in terms of the way the users operate these penis pumps.

A good penis pump to buy is the one that is safe to the user and has the method that you prefer.

Air pumps create a vacuum during pumping using the air. You will use a hand pump or an electric pump in this type of penis pump. The penis can blister, bruise, or bend because the air can be unpredictable under pressure.

Hydro pumps, such as the Bathmate Hydro7, draw blood into the penis using water instead of air. It is much safer to use a hydro pump than a dry pump. Why? The water is uniform under pressure and the water protects the penis from injuries while you are pumping by acting as a cushion.

Users will manually pump hydro pumps. They create a vacuum by pressing down or using a handball system, such as the one on the Xtreme hydro pump.

Automatic pumps create the vacuum using an electric pump. However, many users prefer manual pumping because they prefer the control they have with these pumps.

The user uses a grip handle pump or a handball pump to manually pump the penis pump up and down repeatedly.

Is It Safe to Use Penis Pumps?

It is safe to use penis pumps. However, you need to choose a good quality penis pump and use it by following the instructions of the manufacturer. We build Bathmate Hydro penis pumps in the UK and we are proud of the high-quality products that we make. We test each component to 100,000 usage cycles, which is the same as 10 years of regular usage. We ensure all of our products are skin safe with our stringent testing procedures. Our products do not exceed the vacuum levels that the EU regulations permit. We are confident to say Bathmate is 100% safe to use due to the rigorous testing procedure that our products go through.

However, not every user will enjoy safe penis pumping, even though we make sure our products are safe for our customers. You should ensure the penis pump is of the highest quality before purchasing it. This is because there are several counterfeit Bathmate penis pumps on the market. Bathmate does not create them and it does not certainly endorse them.

The counterfeit penis pumps on the market are not safe because they have not undergone the important tests that must be carried out. You will see poor results, get inadequate suction, and experience vacuum leaks if you use a counterfeit or cheap penis pump. Additionally, the penis pump is made of poor-quality materials, so it can cause serious penis injuries because it can break easily.

How to Use Your Penis Pump Safely

Do not start using the penis before reading the instructions of the manufacturer. You should read the instructions if you want to use the pump safely. It does not matter if you have been using penis pumps for several years because penis pumps work slightly differently. Therefore, the safety recommendations and operations of the different penis pumps vary. Do not use the penis pump before reading the important safety warnings, especially if you are taking medication or suffering from erectile dysfunction.

You should check if you purchased the correct size of the penis pump. It is important to buy the right size for you because penis pumps come in different sizes. If you can't find your size in the stores you could always consider a Diy Penis Pump.

The user should not be under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol before using the penis pump. Drugs and alcohol can cause serious injuries to the penis because they can impair the user’s ability to judge safe levels of vacuum.

Sit down and relax for a few minutes before using the penis pump. You can use a Hydro pump in water, so you can take a warm bath to help you relax before using the pump.

Make sure two of your hands are free before using the penis pump. The hands should have full mobility and strength. Inhibiting the mobility of your hands can prevent the removal of the penis pump once you achieve your desired erection. Also, it is hard to react quickly in case of an emergency if there is low mobility.

You should trim your pubic hair before using the penis pump. Trimming your pubic hair creates a perfect seal and it ensures the hair does not get trapped on the pump. It can get painful if the hair is trapped.

A water penis pump uses water to create the seal, so it does not require the use of lubricant. However, you will need a compatible lubricant in some other models. Again, you will find this information on the instructions of the manufacturer.

You can lower your testicles by warming up in the shower or bath. This is important because you do not want your testicles to get trapped.

Make sure the valve is closed before you fill the vessels and ensure you can easily access the valve.

Pump slowly. Take a break between each pump to allow your penis to adjust and to check if the pressure is comfortable. Stop using your penis pump if you suffer from decreased sensation in your groin area. It is difficult to detect an injury if your ability to detect injury is impaired.

Once you pump for 2-3 minutes, slowly release the vacuum by pressing the valve and remove your penis. Stop pumping if you experience a strange discoloration or any pain. You can spend a few more minutes massaging your penis if you look and feel okay. Massaging the penis encourages blood circulation before placing your penis in the chamber and pumping for 2 more cycles.

You can prolong your erection using a cock ring once you complete pumping. However, you need to give your penis a ‘break’, so remove the ring every 30 minutes.


Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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