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Goodbeing was a premium monthly curated box full of health supplements and beauty products. These were monthly boxes for men and women starting at just $18.00 per month.

Monthly Men's Sexual Health Tips

Our sex life is a very important function in our existence. For men the thoughts of sex often start at and very young age, and let's be honest they never really stop. Sex is used for both pleasure and reproduction.

Sexual health refers to the wellness and reliability of a man's performance in the full activity. The optimal level of sexual health is when you have full capabilities of both sexual desire and being able to sustain an erection.

Some common causes that interfer with optimal sexual health are depression, stress, fatigue, and even a poor diet.

Common Sexual Health Issues

There are several health and lifestyle choices that can lead to poor sexual health. It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle full of good nutrition and exercise to be at your optimal performance. Here are a few know causes of poor sexual health:

Low Testosterone

Testosterone can naturally decline with age. This is something that over time will start to negatively impact your sex life as well. There are many natural testosterone boosting supplements on the market that can help with keeping your levels where they need to be.

Premature Ejaculation

This occurs when a man reaches his orgasm too quickly. Often times men with premature ejaculation issues have little to no control of when they ejaculate. This can be very embarrassing and sometime even lead to low self esteem or depression. Some men take semen enhancing supplements to at least intensify the orgasm.

Erectile Dysfunction

Another embarrassing topic many men face is Erectile Dysfunction. This is very common in older men and can be caused by lifestyle choice such as lack of exercise, poor diet, and obesity. Some men combat this by taking male enhancements to help curve the issue.

Overall Mens Health

It is very important to maintain a sharp brain, healthy diet, and a daily exercise routine to stay healthy. We have several guides you can check out to help achieve your optimal performance:

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