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Male Edge Extender Review

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It's no secret that many men tie their confidence and their overall self-image to their penis size- for good, or for bad. This is something that has been happening across many cultures for centuries. In years past, we've seen men go under the knife, try experimental drugs, and do all sorts of crazy things in order to enhance their penis size. Luckily, nowadays there is a safe solution for men who are considered to be lacking in that department.

We've seen a resurgence in penis extenders over the last few years as the technology has finally caught up with the demand for a device that offers a practical application and delivers great results. A few penis extenders stand out against the competition for their ability to safely provide positive results.

Male Edge is one such product. It's a cost-effective solution that's built to truly and permanently extend the length and girth of your penis, without much of the fanfare that has plagued the erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement industry in the past. This penis extender is simple, yet effective, and it can provide you the size boost and confidence boost you're looking for.

What is Male Edge?

Male Edge is a new twist on a tried and true favorite among penis extenders. It matches some next-level engineering and simplifies the stretching process to a simple solution that every man can benefit from. It's so easy that while it does come with an instruction manual, we honestly don't think that you'd even need it. It's basically just a “plug and play” device that works to help men looking for an increase in penis size by using a penis extender for a few hours at a time.

How Does Male Edge Work?

Easily, the biggest selling point of the product is that you won't have to put any potentially harmful things in your body, nor do you have to worry about going under the knife or anything just as serious.

It's a stretcher that uses mitosis to extend the length and girth of your penis naturally by wearing a physical extender on your penis. This clinically proven and tested product puts your penis under traction and allows for the penile tissue to multiply. This particular method of erectile treatment eliminates the governor on dividing cells, allowing you to receive results that will not fade over time, although you will eventually have to remove the extender.

The result of using the Male Edge device is a more attractive and sizable penis, and it quickly provides the same time-tested and scientific results that men have reported from all over the world just from wearing the device for a certain amount of hours per day.

This is a process that doesn't cause harm to you or your penis, especially when you consider the route that many men take in undergoing surgery. You won't have any incisions to recover from, any unsightly scarring, or any other associated downtime that comes from the surgical method.

Another common method that many attempt is the use of harmful pills. While we certainly couldn't speak on the efficacy of each and every pill out there, we do know that ingesting pills of a potentially dubious origin isn't always the smartest play to make, and many of those pills have reports of unfavorable side-effects long-term.

Instead of engaging in dangerous or expensive options that don't work, you simply just wear the Male Edge penis extender for up to a few hours at a time to achieve natural results.

In using this device, all you have to do is to read the manual and follow the instructions. It's imperative that you understand exactly what it's asking of you as you wear it, should you want to get the best possible enlargement results.

The Benefits of Male Edge

There are many obvious benefits of using Male Edge as a way to get a bigger penis. This penis extender has been proven effective as a way to increase penis length by up to 33% of its original size. It also helps to know that this product is completely safe and easy to use, and many review this product as being comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

It can be used by anyone that isn't particularly happy with their length, so if you simply want a bigger penis, then this product is for you. There aren't any age restrictions, weight restrictions, or dietary restrictions for those wanting to use this penis enlarger. The Male Edge product is also readily available both online and in brick and mortar stores. This is more of a quality assurance product than anything, as many retailers wouldn't sell it if they knew it just took up space.

Also, the company generally offers loyalty promotions to their customer base in special offers and bonuses. So, if you do like what it does for you, you can get additional accessories that will make the product work even better.

Lastly, the company stands behind their product, which shows you that you can feel safe while using it, and that the company believes that their product will provide you with the results you're looking for. If you don't like it, the company offers a money-back guarantee.

Different Packages

Currently, there are three different Male Edge package options on the market. Here is some information about each of the options so you can choose which one will work best for you:


The basic package comes with a ruler that allows you to measure the length of your penis and track the growth progress. There's also a strap that's made to adjust the Male Edge to make it fit comfortably and securely.

It also comes with a program that shows you some techniques, tricks, tips, and the best practices to teach you what you need to do for optimal performance of the device.

Extra Package

This product comes with everything that the basic package does, though it does come with an additional comfort strap for your penis. Some may feel like this is necessary, and it's always great to start with being more comfortable, especially if you plan on wearing your penis extender for hours at a time.

Professional Package

While this is obviously the most expensive of the bunch, we think that it's also the most significantly beneficial of the three. In addition to including all of the same things as the other two, this penis extender comes with a gauge, two additional rubber straps, a special instructional DVD, as well as two protective pads for your comfort. If you know that you'll be wearing this extender for many hours at a time, this definitely is the best option for you.

How Does Male Edge Feel?

Male Edge is reviewed as being very comfortable to use. You can wear the Male Edge for as many hours as the program requires without much of an effort. If you'd like, you can wear it during work hours, recreation, and just about anywhere else to achieve your goal of true penis enhancement. Not all penis extenders provide pain-free results like Male Edge.

It also doesn't weigh much, so you won't experience any discomfort or awkwardness as you're wearing it. While we don't think that anyone would notice that you've got the device on, it is always advised that you wear loose pants when using this penis extender. It is adjustable, so at any time you feel as if you're not completely comfortable, you can relax it a bit to give yourself more room. This feature is especially useful if you plan to wear it for many hours.

Cost and Guarantees

The three packages are priced by their tiers according to what is included in the package. For the best results, you'll want to make sure that you're choosing the best extender package for your needs. Fortunately, all of them are pretty affordable for most, so you won't have much of an issue finding one that will work out for you.

Should this product not give you the penis growth you were looking for, you will always have the opportunity to send it back so as long as you're in adherence to its guarantee. Fortunately, they break it down to hours, not days. Should you follow their training and don't see results in 1,000 hours, they'll fully refund you your money.

That's pretty decent customer service!


Of all of the penis extenders on the market, the Male Edge is certainly one of the best penis extender products that we can recommend. It may not have a lot in terms of fancy frills, but its simplicity makes it a comfortable penis extender that you can wear for hours while enjoying results. Male Edge provides a quality product that comes with a sufficient training manual, it's cost-effective, and they allow you to return it without much of a hassle if needed.

There's no reason not to try the Male Edge if you want to start increasing your penis size. Penis extenders work to give men everywhere a bigger penis, which ultimately leads to men having more confidence in themselves, and more confidence in the bedroom. Using the Male Edge penis enlarger can give you the opportunity to start feeling (and doing) your best.

When compared to many of the others on the market, you can certainly make worse choices!

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