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Noom Review: Does The Noom Diet Really Work?

Noom Review
Read Carefully

Things You Need to Know About Noom

Weight loss efforts have never been easy and finding a program that provides the important follow up needed to reach and attain weight loss goals can be just as hard. In the following review, we will provide our experience and perspective on the much-applauded Noom App and what it can do for your weight loss efforts.

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Noom is currently offering a free trail signing up through their official site.

The Noom App

The world of fitness and health has been shaken by the announcement of a new and improved system of weight loss that has experts and health enthusiasts sitting up and paying attention. Noom is taking the health world by storm and provides some important advantages to addressing health through balanced weight.

We have since applied our experience of reviewing countless similar pans for weight loss and better health and have finished our comprehensive review on the Noom Weight loss Program and here is what we have to say.

But, before we get to the subject of whether this health program will be suitable for your needs, there are some important things you should know. So sit back, pour a cup of tea and take a moment to fill yourself in on the latest and greatest from the health and fitness professionals. If you are in need of more healthy habits then continue reading below.

Noom app

What is Noom?

According to experts and users alike, the techniques and methodologies found in the Noom solution are like nothing else on the market. According to many user comments, this is “the last weight loss program you will ever have to try”. Convenience may be the second selling point, right after efficacy. It uses an app available on your mobile device to process data on nutrition, exercise and life styles to produce a plan that helps the individual establish a weight healthy lifestyle for life.

One of the primary differences between Noom and other weight loss programs or personal trainers is the approach to the situation. The experts who designed the program realized that weight loss is as much a psychological effort as it is a physical one. By addressing the mental and behavioral aspects of the effort, the physical efforts will become aligned to a healthy lifestyle that enhances exercise efforts and helps you lose weight.

What does this mean? That your efforts to live a balanced life will be supported not only through physical efforts, diet and exercise, but by the support of a real life human coach that helps to keep your mind on course to your new life.

Noom Brings Personalized Coaching to Your Smartphone

Unlike many similar programs where you are handed a lengthy list of “do’s” and “don’ts”, Noom provides constant support to create more healthy habits in your life. Each user will be connected to a real life coach. This means that when you feel lost, confused, discouraged or in doubt you will always have a friendly and helpful expert to provide you with support and provide the guidance that keeps you and your efforts on course.

The producers of Noom came up with this idea after realizing a very important fact about weight loss, no two people are the same. The market today is full of great programs that represent an amalgamation of countless other excellent diet plans. What makes Noom so different is the tailor made suggestions and directions that are certain to help you as an individual reach your goals.

And the system works off a convenient cell phone app. This means you will not need to worry about food journals, manuals, reading lists or point calculators.

The Details of the Noom App

Noom helps by providing you with all the tools you will need to begin making progress towards your ideal weight with your current capacity. You will find a large database with recommended foods, exercise tracking, articles from experts and plenty more.

Noom is like a community of people with the same goals as you ready to provide support and insights.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the Noom package.

Extensive Food Database

Noom features one of the most extensive and varied food recommendation lists you will find. Many other food apps, Noom does not allow just anyone to add their opinions and food suggestions to the database – not with something as critical as the foods you eat.

The food database is only updated and compiled by a team of in-house experts composed of certified dieticians and nutritionists. The foods you eat will play a crucial role in how fast you reach your weightless efforts and this is an important advantage offered by the Noom App.

Food Logging

Food tracking in the Noom App is also done in an innovative and intuitive way that has been backed by scientific data. The Journal of the American Dietary Association supports the science behind the Noom method of food tracking. Essentially, the magic behind the food tracking features of Noom are the easy access, simplistic use and extensive support for all your questions.

Exercise Tracking

Exercise is the all-important process by which you will reach your weight loss goals. You will find that Noom does not emphasize this aspect and only recommends moderate exercise routines. You will begin with a mere 10 minutes of exercise in a day that will begin to fire up the metabolism and increase your capacity to burn calories. Furthermore, the Noom App offers a user friendly approach to tracking your progress so that you can jump right in with very little introduction needed.

Is Noom a Restrictive Diet?

To all those that cringe in pain with the thought of restrictive diet programs, have no fear! Noom is not like the rest in this regard.

Noom is designed to beat the challenge of “Yo-Yo dieting” and make long term changes that last by creating a whole new lifestyle. Restrictive dieting is a plan that has failed consistently due to their tendency to lead to the “Yo-Yo” effect. This happens when a diet allows you to lose some weight, but backlashes with an increase of weight. As you continue you may lose more weight but tend to gain it back very quickly. This can be frustrating to those looking for permanent results.

Because of this tendency, restrictive diet plans tend to do more harm than good. Not only does it lead to more weight gain and frustration, but it can also be the cause of other health conditions as well. The Noom system is designed to effectively avoid this issue with superior dieting plans.

Getting Started with the Noom Program

Another thing we really liked about the Noom plan (helped over 45 million people wordwide) was the ease with which the new user can enroll and begin their path to the healthy weight they need. All that is required is to answer a few important questions to establish a place to start on your new life.

Once you have completed the first few answers, you will be given a more in-depth quiz that will allow the program to be geared exactly to what you will be doing and the goals you hope to achieve. By the time you answer the final question, the Noom program will have the information necessary to design a food plan to your specific needs. Unlike other “cookie-cutter”  programs, this program will give you the facts you need to reach the goals you want.

Noom follows a structured outline so that you will never feel overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes you are making. You will accomplish one goal and consolidate your progress before more changes are made. As you continue, you will find the accumulation of many such changes will result in the healthy lifestyle you have hoped for.

Here are some more insights into how the food rating system for Noom works.

A unique color coded system is used to identify the various food options. Food can be considered green, yellow or red.

Green foods – this category is for fruits, veggies and the food you should eat regularly. These foods are very high in nutrition and low in calories.

Yellow – these foods have more calories, but still a high enough nutritional value to make them “healthy”.

Red – red foods have a very high calorie count but not much in the way of actual nutrition. These foods do not have to be eliminated from your life, but they should be deemphasized in lieu of other more healthy foods. Red foods could be processed foods and foods high in sugar.

Take Advantage of the Free Trial - Limited Time

Noom is currently offering a free trail signing up through their official site.

Do You Count Calories With Noom?

Calories are an important point in the effort to drop excess pounds, and Noom like many other diet programs has a purpose for calorie counting too. But, the process has been greatly simplified. The foods are coded according to their calorie content and nutritional value. So while you will only be selecting foods from three categories, you will find that you are actually counting calories carefully and you will never even have to think of calorie count.

All the calorie counting is already done for you. The big idea behind Noom is helping you make smart and healthy food choices that will soften the steep incline to your goals of health and an ideal weight. This way you will avoid a calorie surplus while never actually having to make calculations.

The Experts Behind the Noom App

The Noom App is the final product of considerable planning and strategizing by some of the best minds in health and nutrition. Here is a list of some of the more notable names.

– Kitt Farr, MD, FACC, FNHI – Chief Medical Advisor

– Youngin Paul Kim, MD – Medical Director

– Andreas Michaelides, PhD – Chief of Psychology

In addition to the minds leading the project, numerous experts in diet and nutrition were consulted on their areas of expertise to ensure that the science behind the Noom plan is up to date and accurate. Food selection is also updated regularly to ensure that there is never a lack of enjoyment and variety in your regular meal plans.

Noom Has Received Attention and Acclaim From The Experts

Noom has received much acclaim and esteem from those who have seen its results. But, don’t take our word for it, here are some of the things that authorities in the field of fitness, health and dieting have to say about this impressive health program.

Some organizations that use Noom include:

• Aetna

• Aurora Health Care

• EmblemHealth

• New York – Presbyterian

Noom has also received coverage by many different news channels that have invariably posted an overwhelmingly positive report on the use and results from this intelligent health program.

Noom has featured in a number of news channels and media platforms:

• Consumer Reports

• Shape

• Women’s Health

• New York Times

What is the science Behind Noom?

Noom Clinical Studies

Noom has performed clinical studies to determine the efficacy of their products. According to the program designers, “A study performed between October 2012 and April 2014 studied the cases of almost 40,000 participants. The analysis concluded that 77.9% of these participants showed a decrease in body weight during their use of the service.

BMJ Journals

World class experts on the topic all report that human coaching and positive interactions can play a critical role in the success rate of weight watchers. Studies have shown that the unique approach to losing weight by addressing the mind and providing interactions and engagement to users has had great results in aiding weight loss efforts for the global population. The study performed by Noom experts showed that as much as 64% of users have shed 5% of their weight.

Kaiser Permanente

This big name in health and wellness Kaiser Permanente also endorses the practice of food logging. According to this authority, “food diaries can greatly enhance weight loss efforts and double the results. This conclusion was produced from one of the longest test on weight loss ever conducted.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Noom received recognition from the CDC in 2017.


FAQs on the Noom App

Q: What comes with the Noom program?

A: The Noom Program comes complete with a variety of tools to aid you on your health and fitness quest. You will find virtual support groups, quizzes, food logging, daily challenges, nutritional advice, hundreds of original articles, one-on-one coaching, meal reports and the support of a community of like minded users.

Q: Does Noom really Work?

A: clinical tests and research has shown that the practices and methodologies applied in the Noom program work well. A study performed on a group of over 35,000 participants using the Noom program to lose weight showed that the app was 75% effective at aiding people in losing weight.

Q: How should Noom be used?

A: The Noom program should be used alongside a regular exercise program that is suitable to your level of health and physical capacity. It is important to always speak with a medical professional when beginning an exercise program or making drastic changes to your diet.

The Noom App is designed to provide you with guidance and support in your reducing weight efforts. By following the program, you will be able to lose weight and keep it off.

Q: Will I feel deprived?

A: Noom provides users with the opportunity to personalize their meal plans to suit their tastes. Food choices are not restricted, but rather categorized according to their benefits to your goals as a health enthusiast. You will be able to enjoy the food you have always loved and still make progress to your perfect body goals.

Q: Can I cancel my Noom subscription?

A: If for any reason you find that the Noom app is not working for you, you are free to cancel your subscription. To cancel your per month subscription and payments simply contact the customer service department. This can be done on the Noom official website.

Q: Do I have to buy Noom to give it a try?

A: There is a limited time-offer available now that is especially for HBHM readers. It allows you access to the entire Noom program for only $1.00. You will soon be able to see the results for yourself and can continue making progress towards health goals.

Q: How much does Noon Cost?

A: There are several different plans offered by Noom on a per month basis, however we are able to extend you a free trail by clicking here.

How Does the Noom System Categorize Foods?

Noom has a special system to help you choose the foods that will give you the energy to maintain your exercise programs and daily activities. Foods are sorted into three different categories of colors, red, yellow and green. These categories are based on the caloric density of the foods. For example, a slice of cake (RED) will have a much higher calorie count than the same weight in fresh apple slices (GREEN).

Green Foods

Foods in the GREEN category of foods have the lowest calorie content and are generally high in nutritional value. Your diet and meal plans should mostly be foods from this category. Nevertheless, this category will only account for 30% of your calorie intake.

Examples of foods in this group include:

Fruits: Bananas, watermelon, apples, cherries, peaches, pears, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, oranges

Dairy: Almond milk, cashew milk, non-fat yogurt, skim milk

Grains: Oatmeal, whole grain bread, brown rice, potatoes, whole grain tortillas, polenta, sweet potatoes,

Vegetables: Cucumbers, carrots, salad greens, spinach, zucchini, lettuce, broccoli, Brussel sprouts

Yellow Foods

Yellow foods are higher in calories than the all-natural whole grain foods found in the green section. Nevertheless, these foods can be incorporated into your regular diet in moderation. Foods from the yellow category will make up 45% of your total calories consumed each day.

Some examples of yellow foods include:

Meat: Grilled chicken, lean meat, tuna, eggs, deli meats, turkey breast, salmon,

Dairy: Cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses, Greek yogurt, low-fat milk,

Grain Products: Pita bread, couscous, white pasta, white bread, English muffins, quinoa,

Drinks: Diet soda, beer

Legumes: Black beans, lentils, baked beans

Red Foods

Foods in the red category are those with the highest calorie count and the least nutritional content to justify the strain they place on your slimming efforts. These foods should only be introduced to your diet in small amounts. These foods should only make up a small amount of your diet and a mere 25% of your daily caloric intake.

Some of in the red category include:

Meat: Ham, hamburgers, salami, sausage, fried meats, red meat,

Snacks: Energy bars, hot dogs, French fries, pizza, potato chips

Other Foods: Butter, mayonnaise, nut butters, wine, orange juice

Desserts: Cake, chocolate chip cookies, cobbler pie

Our Conclusion - The Bottom Line

After carefully gathering the facts and analyzing the data from exhaustive research we have arrived with our opinion as tenacious consumer reporters and avid noom users. We have looked into the comments made by those who have tried the program as well as the clinical studies and reports from the experts who have investigated the results.

The Noom App is designed to provide the following tools for successful long term weight reduction:

– Eating nutrient-dense meals.

– Real-time community support. (Ask about your Goal Specialist)

– Tracking meals for weight loss success (daily calorie tracker and healthy eating guide)

– Blood pressure tracking (in-app pedometer for monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar)

– Personal interaction with other goal setters.

– Exercising to your personal level and growing from there

We have also examined the innovative approach to weight loss by providing a mental edge to boosting efforts. The support of experts (goal specialist) in the field of health and weight loss is also especially valuable to maintaining a course to your goals.

In our opinion, Noom provides a considerable advantage to those looking to improve their health through maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The potential for success is very high and the studies say as much. But what we like most about the Noom weight loss program is that the results are there to stay.

Having said this, we highly recommend this app to those serious about changing their lives and making a new start. You will find the challenges of weight loss are greatly reduced with help of a weight loss program like Noom.

Of course the app will not do all the work, it will be up to the individual to make the healthy choices that make the program function as designed. Speak to your medical provider to find out what the benefits and risks of using Noom would be and how you can go about incorporating exercise and diet changes in your life. From time to time they offer cool promotions like free 1:1 session with a health coach to discuss your customer diet plan or even a month free.

Take Advantage of the Free Trial - Limited Time

Noom is currently offering a free trail signing up through their official site.

HBHM Disclaimer - noom

Richard Tibbetts

Richard R. Tibbetts is a oral surgeon by day and a wellness enthusiasts by night. Richard is very active in the health and wellness community. He donates his free time to help teach locals about nutrition and wellness. Richard continues to study better ways to live a healthier life. Richard runs his own nutrition and wellness coaching program as well. In his Free Time Richard loves to go fishing, camping, and being in the outdoors. He has a real love for nature almost the same way he does for health and wellness. Follow Me on Social Media Twitter: @RichardTibbett6 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richard.tibbetts.7140

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