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Penis Exam: Why You Need it and What to Expect

Penis Exam
Read Carefully

Penis-related concerns can be challenging to discuss and may leave men apprehensive. It's important to understand why having your penis examined is critical and why being embarrassed isn't okay.

Just like any other part of the human body, a penis can also encounter problems due to underlying conditions. This can have a significant impact on how the penis feels and may lead to a long list of symptoms. Due to this, it's recommended to know what to look for when it comes to a penis problem.[/vc_column_text]

What Conditions Impact Penis Health?

Several problems can be sorted under this category involving sexual activity and general function. Here are some of the conditions to be aware of.

Ejaculation Issues – Some men will deal with the inability to ejaculate correctly. This can include not being able to ejaculate at all, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation (semen goes into the bladder).

Erectile Dysfunction Test – This is when men are unable to get or maintain an erection for sexual function. Check out Erectile Dysfunction Pills here.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) – This can refer to a host of sexually transmitted infections including syphilis, genital herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, and gonorrhea. Each condition comes with a variety of symptoms including penis discharge, blisters, sores, painful urination, and general discomfort.

Anorgasmia – This is when a man is unable to orgasm regardless of stimulation or not.

Yeast Infection – This refers to the inflammation of a penis head (balanitis) leading to an uncomfortable rash, white patches, burning, and white discharge.

Reduced Libido – The lack of desire for sexual activities

Penile Fractures – This is when the penis ruptures causing the tissue to tear. It is a common outcome associated with rough sex leading to pain and discomfort.

Peyronie's Disease – This is a chronic condition causing scar tissue to settle inside the penis creating painful erections.

Paraphimosis – This condition is when the foreskin doesn't go back to its normal spot after retraction leading to swelling and reduced blood flow.

Priapism – This is a consistently painful erection that occurs without any type of stimulation.

Phimosis – This is a condition where the foreskin (uncircumcised) doesn't retract from the penis head causing painful erections and urination.

Penile Cancer – This often begins as a small blister on the head/shaft/foreskin before growing larger leading to pus.

What Can Worsen These Problems?

Each individual is going to be unique when it comes to how their penis responds and what their body goes through with the resulting symptoms.

Certain risk factors have to be taken into account when it comes to penis health and the associated conditions.

Prostate Cancer – A man suffering from prostate cancer will go through the necessary treatment to remove the prostate gland. This can create issues involving erectile dysfunction and/or urinary incontinence.

Heart Disease – This can elevate a person's markers including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and thyroid, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Smoking – A person that regularly smokes will increase the risk of dealing with penis-related issues such as erectile dysfunction.

Medications – Specific medications such as antidepressants, sleeping pills, prostate drugs, ulcer drugs, and/or blood pressure drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption – Individuals that tend to drink a lot of alcohol every day will see a drop in libido, erectile dysfunction, and other related issues.

Irregular Hormones – When there are hormonal imbalances, men will go through testosterone trouble, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Mental Health – An individual suffering from stress, anxiety, and/or depression will often take medications to reduce symptoms. These drugs will lead to a heightened chance of dealing with erectile dysfunction. This can also create trouble when it comes to overall sexual performance.

Neurological Conditions – Any type of condition involving back injuries, spinal injuries, stroke, dementia, and/or multiple sclerosis can create nerve-related concerns. These can cause erectile dysfunction.

Getting Examined

1) Self-Examination

The most common approach for handling penis-related issues is to go through a detailed self-examination. This can shed light on whether or not your penis is working condition and is as healthy as it needs to be. Each situation is going to differ, but it's recommended to go through this process often.

What does a self-examination look like?

Here is a detailed breakdown for those wanting to check right away and make sure their penis is in good health.

The first step is to make sure the genitals are relaxed as this will allow you to examine the penis without missing anything. You will be able to gradually feel around to see if there are bumps or any other issues associated with the penis.

After feeling the genitals, it's also recommended to pinch the scrotum to make sure the testicles don't move around during the examination. Some people even use things such as black seed oil for male enhancement.

As you do this, you are going to take the remaining fingers and start to feel around the surface of the testicles. This is going to allow you to determine whether or not some bumps/lumps are noticeable when you run your fingers over the top of the testicle. The same applies to any type of hard tissue that is present.

A good example of lumps that will feel different would be something that feels like a rice grain against your finger. Of course, in some situations, the lump will get larger rapidly and is going to look like a golf ball. In this case, it's time to visit a doctor right away.

Please note, it's okay to have a lump at the back of the testicle. This is normal and is known as the epididymis.

Once you have checked the testicles, it's time to run your fingers along the head and penis shaft. This will allow you to determine potential issues involving tissue damage/lesions. You can also check the penis for lumps or tenderness. Also, make sure to check the entire penis including the space underneath the foreskin.

If you have noticed something odd, it's highly recommended to speak to your doctor right away. This isn't something to ignore and can be a sign of an underlying health condition that has been present for a while.

2) Clinical Exam

This is an examination all men should be getting regularly.

Having a medical professional go through your medical history before a check-up can lead to firm assessments of your penis health. It removes any of the guesswork involved with self-exams.

The clinical exam can be split into different categories depending on what the doctor wants during the process. This is going to vary depending on your specific case and what you are describing to the doctor in terms of present symptoms or concerns.

Physical Examination – This is a simple check-up where the doctor is going to go through the general details of your health, your sexual history, and whether or not there are visible issues with your body as a whole. This includes checking the genitals for any type of lumps or tenderness. They will do this by gently running their hands over the genitals, groin area, and anal cavity.

Blood Tests – The doctor may also ask for a blood test to pinpoint whether or not there are specific underlying issues with your cholesterol and thyroid function. They will also take a urine test during this process to get a more well-rounded assessment of what's going on inside your body.

Mental Health Exam – This refers to a doctor going through a set of questions to see whether or not your mental health is in check and if there are lingering issues in their regard. They will also want to know more about your lifestyle to determine these details. The test can include asking a variety of questions involving memory, language, attention span, and other similar details.

Overnight Erection Test – This refers to a test done to determine erectile dysfunction. The goal is to have a simple overnight test that is going to involve using a ring around the penis. In essence, if the ring is broken, this means you had an erection and if not, this means there is a concern about your ability to have an erection while sleeping. In some cases, the ring tests can also be digitized depending on the doctor with data being collected through a connected database.

Doppler Ultrasound Test – This is a test that is used by a doctor to pinpoint what is going on inside the penis and surrounding areas. They will have a jelly-based substance rubbed on top of the area before using an ultrasound device to relay images back to the main screen. This can shed light on what is going on involving specific lumps or tender areas along the penis shaft and testicles.

Injection Test – This is a test that is done when a doctor wants to learn more about your erectile dysfunction. They will have a little bit of chemical injected into the shaft to get the penis to become erect. This will allow them to see how erect the penis gets and how long it stays in that condition before going back to its original state.

Best Ways To Keep Your Penis Healthy

While it's always important to do regular check-ups when it comes to your penis health, it's still important to remain proactive with your overall lifestyle.

There are certain steps an individual can take to make sure their penis is being put in the best position possible to stay effective and healthy.

Good Sexual Behaviors – This means using a condom when having sex, focusing on having a single sexual partner, getting regularly tested, and simply maintaining good sexual habits that will keep the penis healthy. If you need a boost check out some fast acting male enhancement pills.

Stay Active – Being in good physical shape is not just about looking good but also staying healthy as a whole. Individuals that can reduce their blood pressure, cholesterol, and aren't dealing with diabetes will have a far better chance of maintaining an erection. These conditions are known to worsen a person's erections and can have a major impact on a person's psychological state. To avoid these issues, it's best to stay as active as possible and remain lean.

Get Your HPV Shot – The HPV vaccine is something anyone under the age of 26 should be getting as it helps protect the body from viruses.

Stay Clean – It's important to understand how infections can develop with an uncircumcised penis. If bacteria are developing underneath the foreskin, this can lead to a multitude of issues involving rashes and other similar concerns.

Understand the Side Effects – Let's assume you are taking medications for blood pressure or a prostate condition, it's recommended to know what the side effects are. This will allow you to remain on top of any changes in your penis health in the coming months/years.

Stop Smoking – You will want to get rid of your smoking habit because it is known to have a major effect on a person's penis health. This also applies to those who drink a tremendous amount of alcohol (i.e. every day) as it does add up and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Constant Examinations – This is the best option for those who want to make sure their penis is in good health. Whether it is a self-exam or going to the doctor's, it's all about making sure everything is being checked out regularly.

You want to stay proactive and ensure you are getting out in front of any issue that does pop up.

Final Thoughts

Penis exams for men are a must and should be a top priority when it comes to regular check-ups. Don't put these off until the symptoms worsen because this can cause lengthen the road to recovery. By focusing on both self-examinations and clinical exams, it's possible to remain ahead of the issue and get rid of symptoms before they worsen.

It's also recommended to maintain good behaviors when it comes to cleaning yourself and having sex safely. These subtle changes can have a major impact on your penis and overall mens health.

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Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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