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Penis Pumps – What they do and How to Use Them?

penis pump enlargement
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What is a penis pump? It is a cylinder, made of either glass or rigid plastic, used for increasing the length and thickness of a penis by placing it over a flaccid penis. You can either electronically or manually control the penis pump to create an air vacuum.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Sometimes the result is temporary, even though the penis pump increases the girth and size of a penis during use. Air gets into the tube if the vacuum seal breaks. If this happens, the penis reverts to its natural size in a few minutes. You can put a simple c-ring on your penis immediately after using your penis pump. The c-ring helps you to retain some of the blood pulled into your penis.

The ring will break the suction seal, so do not put on the ring while using your penis pump. Your penis pump will not work if you put on the ring before use. This is because a seal will not be created between your body and the pump. Therefore, you can only put on the ring once you remove the penis pump from your body.

How to Use Your Penis Pump

There is little proof that you can gently increase the size of the penis with frequent, daily pumping. However, many men are claiming it does. Give Bathmate a try! Why? It claims their pump can gradually increase penis size and it is the first pump in the world to use water instead of air to surround the penis. You should take care if you decide to pump frequently. You can break your blood vessels and fine capillaries with excessive penis stretching.

What Does a Penis Pump Do?

A penis pump gives the illusion that there is an increase in the size of your penis. It is easy to measure the increased length of the penis since the tube is clear and the tube contains size indicators. You should note that the suction of the pump increases the size of the penis. The blood vessels, that engorge the penis on their own, does not make the increased penis size. The suction process creates a type of erection. That is why several men with erectile dysfunction (ED) use a penis pump. Many men also use a penis pump to improve their sex life. They pump their penis with their pump before intercourse and put on a cock ring to maintain their erection.

There is a common misconception about penis pump that you can use it to masturbate. A penis pump creates an erection and enlarges the penis using suction. Therefore, the seal will break due to the stroking action, which is mostly used for masturbation. The seal helps to create a vacuum inside the pump.

You can use a penis pump with a silicone liner for masturbation. However, you cannot use it at the same time as the pump when using it to masturbate. This is because you need the vacuum seal to pump.

How to Use a Penis Pump

Penis pumps come in various widths and lengths. You will create an increased size when pumping, so buy a penis pump that is around ½ – 1 inch larger than your erect penis’s diameter. The lengths of penis pumps vary, so choose a penis pump that is 3 inches longer than the length of your “normal” erect penis.

You should trim your pubic hair. You can get a more snug suction by having less pubic hair around your penis shaft.

Firstly, take a bath or shower. Use warm water. Why? Using warm waters makes it easy for the skin to stretch than using cold water. Bathmate uses water inside the cylinder while pumping. Therefore, your penis skin will be comfortable and will remain more stretchable inside the pump when you use the Bathmate. Do not forget penis pumps, which use the air inside the cylinder, cannot use water inside the cylinder when you are pumping.

Want more comfort? Put a few drops of water-based lubricant a few inches inside and outside the edge of your penis pump. This will create a tighter seal for the shaft of your penis pump.

A temporary “erection” is one of the several results of pumping. The suction action creates a temporary “erection”, which can help men who have erectile dysfunction (ED). If you desire this, then place a c-ring on the outer edge of your penis pump, closest to your skin. The vacuum seal can break once the penis enlarges in the pump. Therefore, remove your pump and roll the ring quickly onto your penis. The suction action of the pump pulls fluid into your penis. Use the ring to retain some of the fluid in the penis. You will have a firmer penis for penetration. Men with ED usually use penis pumps to enjoy masturbation or penetrative sex.

Blood vessels can break due to the excessive use of a penis pump. That is why several people recommend you do not exceed 30 minutes in your pumping session. Be careful when using your penis pump. Stopping using your penis if you notice numbness or discoloration of your penis due to excessive use.

Types of Penis Pumps

A latex ring, softer rubber, or soft, skin-like material surround the opening of some penis pumps. However, there is nothing to soften the edge of some penis pumps. But do not worry because these pumps are comfortable against the skin since the end of part of the tube of these penis pumps is gently rounded.

There is a way the penis pump releases the air it creates. The penis pump can release the air electronically, it may use a hole in the shaft of the pump, or it may have a release button on the bulb or tube. You should know how your penis pump releases air before using it.

Here are the differences between the several types of penis pumps on the market:

The cheap penis pumps are the most common. They are plastic cylinder penis pumps and you can operate them manually. They have a firm plastic cylinder with a flexible plastic tube and a small hole in it. It creates the suction using a firm bulb at the end. Squeeze the bulb to create the suction as you keep your finger over the small hole in your pump’s shaft. Use your other hand to cover it and release it with the squeezing of the bulb.

The pump should stay against the skin with the first squeeze of the bulb. This allows you to control the pumping as you release and cover the small hole in the shaft. You will only pump once if the penis pump does not have a hole on the shaft. You should choose a penis pump with a hole on the shaft if you plan on using your penis pump for more than one pump.

best penis pumpSome penis pumps come with a trigger-style or easy to use finger pump control. They are easy to grip than the traditional bulb at the end of the air intake tube.

Many penis pumps use a battery to operate, and they can have a visual gauge. Use the visual gauge to check the amount of pumping you are doing.

You can create a good sensation by pumping the penis. Many people use a penis pump since they enjoy the satisfaction gained, increased sensation, masturbation, and penetration.


Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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