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Phallosan Forte Reviews 2019: How to Increase Penis Size (Plus Video Illustrations)

Phallosan Forte reviews
Read Carefully

Are you looking for a safe and convenient male improvement solution?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Phallosan Forte might just be the right fit for you.

Phallosan Forte is one of the safest penis stretching devices designed to increase penis size over time with regular use.


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The company behind this modern male enhancement device also claim this product is ideal for straightening out curved penises.

Phallosan Forte is carefully designed from hypoallergenic silicon and functions with the help of vacuum suction to stretch the penis over time without hurting the user.

This device is equipped with different sleeves each having different amounts of pressure, depending on how much results you want to see or how long you’ve been stretching.

After analyzing several solutions ranging from pills to pumps and prescription drugs that Phallosan Forte is an effective stretching device for enhancing your sexual lifestyle and boosting male vitality and sexual function.

Hundreds of thousands of men who have used Phallosan Forte have testified the gains in the bedroom, and more importantly, they have regained their confidence with their partner back.

What is Phallosan Forte?

As earlier stated, Phallosan Forte is a penis stretcher. Frequent use of this device can lead the size of your penis over time.

It’s safe to use and also one of the few FDA approved penis enlargement products that’s gaining much traction due to its ease of use and effectiveness.

As at the time of writing this review, the price of a Phallosan Forte device is $339 and is sold by Swiss Sana. Visit Official Site

The product comes with a 2-year warranty. Trust me, don’t even Google ‘penis extenders’ on the web because you’ll find a lot more — but none is like Phallosan Forte — especially when you care about your overall health, and not just your sexual performance.

How does Phallosan Forte differ from other penis extenders?

Well, the difference may not be obvious at the surface. From experience, though, I find Phallosan Forte to be convenient and mild on my penis. As a delicate reproductive organ, you wouldn’t want to risk a device that will cause pain of any sort.

But that’s not all, the process of making of penis extenders is important and differs from one company to the other.

Other companies make use of the noose which tends to cut off the circulation while you’re wearing it. Phallosan Forte is unique, the circulation is well sustained throughout the hours you’re wearing because there’s no noose.

Also, Phallosan Forte is designed with a suction cup that fits properly over your penis head and carefully attached to a strap. This strap is then wrapped around your waist for stretching your penis.

Given that it doesn’t cut off blood circulation when users wear it, a lot of people like to wear Phallosan Forte to sleep.

Since there is no issue with cutting off blood circulation, many people find that it is comfortable enough to wear to sleep.

With the traffic light it’s manufactured with, you can know the exact areas the tension is — that way you can easily adjust the device to get optimum results.

What’s Included in the Phallosan Forte Package?

First, I’m actually excited and grateful that the box in which I got my Phallosan Forte didn’t scream “Hey! Do you want to enlarge your dick!”

What I’m saying, in essence, is that the package is discrete and nice, to say the least.

I got to see smaller accessories and larger ones as well in the package. In the package, I also saw a DVD and a user’s manual, which was really helpful as it shows you everything.

I also like the handy measuring gauge which is another exciting thing to include in the box. Now, let’s unbox the Phallosan Forte box.

When you do, you’ll see these items:

  • Sleeve Condom – This is a hypoallergenic condom made of silicone. It comes in three sizes (S-M-L) and different thicknesses are available.

  • Suction Bells – You’ll love this one. With three different bell sizes again (S-M-L), you’re free to choose the one you want based on the results of the measuring gauge that’s also in the box.

  • Protection Cap – Essentially, this is the elastic cap that keeps your valuables safe, preventing it from being squeezed too hard, and it’s quite easy to customize as well.

  • Elastic Belt – This orthopedic, stretching belt is a good pick for treating Peyronie’s Disease. The foam ring keeps it steady.

  • Tension Clip – This indicates the amount of tension being applied or used in your Phallosan Forte device at any given moment.

Note: There’s also a free Android/iOS app for your Phallosan Forte – this is another modern tech. stuff for your use. You should download it once you get the penis stretcher.


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Does Phallosan Forte Work?

Yes, Phallosan Forte works — but not overnight. It’d be absurd if I state you’ll get results almost instantly. As with every worthwhile penis stretcher or men’s improvement solution, it takes quite a bit of consistent use.

You’ll need to use it consistently for 4-6 months to see significant results. Because this device is medically-formulated and uses mechanical stretching.

However, unlike most penis extenders, aside from focusing on the shaft, it also focuses on the head.

In short, Phallosan Forte is essential when you’re looking to grow your penis grow gradually over time.

Additionally, it can be helpful for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, for straightening your penis a little, and it’s can be beneficial in post-surgery after prostate cancer operations.

As a medical device, Phallosan Forte has been consciously designed to achieve multiple uses other than enlargement. And it works.

With so many testimonies all over the internet already, of people who have successfully used the device and loved the impact that Phallosan had on their relationships and overall self-esteem, you simply can’t go wrong.

Any need for ingredients in Phallosan Forte?

Not at all — in fact, there’s no need for synthetic or natural ingredients because Phallosan Forte is an instrument that’s quite easy to apply. It’s safe and convenient and no negative side effects have been experienced when wearing it.

For best results, you should wear this device during the night. It’s not disturbing or uncomfortable. Best Online Pricing Available!

How comfortable is Phallosan Forte?


One of the factors to consider when choosing a penis pill, pump, or stretcher is how comfortable it is.

This is critical to your penis gains. As it’d determine how excited you are about wearing it.

The truth is that comfort is essential — given the amount of time you’re expected to wear any penile extension device — in order to see a positive direct effect on your gains.

That’s why a comfortable extender will help you see better gains. That’s why Phallosan forte wins here.

Furthermore, if you’re familiar with any regular extender in the past, you’ll agree with me the stress associated with putting it on and off. When it comes to Phallosan, the vacuum bell is pretty easy and quick to wear on your penis.

With the sleeve condoms provided by Swissana that are extra soft and comfortable especially when you consider how thin it is, you will love the soothing relief.

When I started wearing it, I did tore one of them within a year because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing.

The good news is you can purchase replacement condoms at the cost of $26.90 which is quite cheap compared to a level of comfort and confidence you will get, or you can go for 4 sleeve condoms for FREE from them. With this, there’s no need to worry much since you get 1 more than usual.

How powerful is the tension on PHALLOSAN?

From experience, though, I can say that Phallosan applies more force in and around your penile than most penis stretchers in the market and these adjustments are easily made.

To achieve more pressure, simply adjust the strap by pulling slightly on the side.

The condoms are also pretty strong enough to grip your penile so it doesn’t fall off.

For men that have used extenders like SizeGenetics and/or JesExtender, it’s often common to twist the tension screws, plastic noose, and so on.

These are truly tedious processes and you’re always in search of a private place to get things done.

Does Phallosan Forte come with pain for the gain?

I’m sure this is the point you’ve been waiting for. It’s common to find similar devices that cause a lot of pain and there’s a reason for that: they’re all equipped with a noose that wraps around your “crown”.

That’s where Phallosan Forte stands out. As you must have seen in “what included in the package” section of this review, this device doesn’t come with a noose. But rather, it comes with a nice, cozy sleeve, and a suction bell.

In other words, you’re not expected to choke your most precious part. All it takes from your end is to wear your Phallosan Forte (it takes less than 20 minutes to complete the whole process once you get used to it). You can wear it throughout the day if you like.

It’s that comfortable! Check it out Yourself!

Of course, Phallosan isn’t like you’re wearing nothing all day. You will definitely feel you’re putting on an external device in your precious part, but corresponding pain is out of the equation.

Phallosan Forte Side Effects

Given that Phallosan Forte is mainly a male enhancement device rather than a supplement, you’ll agree with me that some of the associated side effects have been eliminated.

But remember that even though it can be ingested, there may be the possibility of some mild adverse reactions with use.

What to expect from using this product:

Penile extenders, or penile traction device, as they’re mostly known, are primarily used to extend the penis and improve sexual performance.

It does this by mildly pulling gently on it for an extended period of time. These penis extenders are typically worn for 6-8 hours a day. If you look at the official website, you’ll see the manufacturer recommending wearing it on for up to 12 hours at a time.

The technology behind the Phallosan Forte is simple. It uses vacuum technology, as well as a belt that attaches to a sleeve worn on the penis.

Through this approach, a gentle pull is created in the process, and the intensity is adjustable so that you can easily increase the pressure over time. Some of the obvious side effects a user may experience may include mild pain, hematoma, numbness, itching, and discoloration and bruising.

Phallosan Forte Quality and Usage

Phallosan is quite popular and the usage is increasing as the days go by.

Given that the device was made from allergy-free silicone sleeves, which, in turn, reduces the risk of any rash or skin issues that would discourage users from using the product, more people are getting to know about this instrument through word of mouth.

Phallosan Forte is carefully designed with plastic attachments. It’s not made of metal, like most penis extenders. The price seems to be on the low end and this is one aspect of the product that users love.

That being said, you may likely find reports from users that had their device break or losing suction, which is common issues with similar devices.

Also, there’s a risk of injury when using any similar penis extending device; there’s also the risk of injury associated with strenuous force and bruising with use, which may not go well with most users.

For the best results, users need to follow the instructions as closely as possible and ensure the pressure is scaled up gradually, to utterly reduce any painful effects.

How Phallosan Forte Work [Video]

If you feel like the process is complicated after watching the video, don’t worry because you can do it once you get the hang of it, and you’ll be excited to wear in on within 20 minutes.

Does Phallosan Forte increase Penis Length? How?

Let’s discuss 2 ways it does it thing:

a). You should see Phallosan Forte as a functional device you use for your penis enlargement just as you use dumbbells and other types of equipment to work on your muscles at the gym.

You already know the process that your muscle goes through at the gym, when Phallosan Forte works on your penis, it usually goes through a process whereby it repairs and grows your cell.

This usually takes some time, but if you stick with it, your efforts will start paying off.

b). In the second process of how this device works, it uses a phenomenon popularly referred to as multiple cell division.

In this respect, the cells associated with your penis divide and multiply which results in an increase in the size of your penis.

Increase Your Penis Head in a Healthy Way

The good thing about Phallosan Forte is that it not only increases the penis shaft, it also works on the penis head with the help of the suction which gently forces your penis head to stretch as well.

Phallosan Forte Clinical Study by D. Sohn

Dr. Sohn, the Chief Physician of Urological Clinic at Markus Hospital located in Frankfurt, alongside other medical professionals in the field of men’s health conducted a clinical study on Phallosan Forte in 2005.

The objective was to determine the power behind the device.

To read more about the study, click here.

During the study, 24 patients (ages range 20 and 60 years) were instructed to wear Phallosan Forte for close to a week (6 days) for about 8 (minimum) hours a day.

These 24 patients wore the device for 6 months and at the end of the day, Dr. Sohn was amazed at the result they got and reported it as follows:

6 months average result of each patient:

  • 8.2 inches in erect length

  • 4.7 inches in flaccid length

  • 3.66 inches in flaccid girth

Some of the patients who were surprised at the results continued wearing the device and got even more results.

For best results, I followed this schedule when wearing my Phallosan Forte:

It’s always good to make a decision and stick to your schedule if you’re going to see good results with your use of the device. It provides a game plan for you and makes it easier to follow through.

Here’s my schedule:

1). Week 1:

In the first 6 days of using the device, I found that wearing the device for up to 4 hours a day is important. Being your first time, you need to get used to it.

Start by wearing it for 1 hour at a stretch so you can complete the total of 4 hours for that particular day. While you’re still wearing it, make sure it’s on low tension. Again, you want your penis to get acquainted with the device.

2). Week 2:

Do your best to replicate the same process you did in the first week which caused you to wear the device for 1 hour 4X a day.

But this time, choose to increase the tension so you can feel the stretch on your penis. Again, make sure you wear it for 6 days and take 1 day off.

3). Week 3:

It might be time to up your game and wear the hours you wear the device especially now that your body is getting used to it. This time, put it on for 3 hours 2X which equals 6 hours. As always, wear the device for 6 days in the week. Choose a day of the week as a free day where you don’t wear it.

4). Week 4:

In the fourth week, aim to wear Phallosan Forte for 4 hours 2X a day for a total of 8 hours. You also want to maintain the 6 days on and 1 day off routine.

5). Week 5 and onwards:

This is the point where you’re required to wear Phallosan Forte penis extender for at least 10 hours a day. As much as possible, reduce the interval between when you take it off in order to achieve maximum impact.

Try to keep the 6 days a week routine of wearing it. This is also the point where you ensure the tension is felt but don’t allow it to be painful. Follow this same procedure for the next 6 months.

If you can follow this procedure for at least 6 months, you’ll be amazed at the length of your penis.

Is it safe to purchase Phallosan Forte?

Yes, you should seriously consider Phallosan Forte if you’re looking to increase your sexual performance and permanently increase the length and girth of your penis.

Prior to purchasing it, my penis was at 4.3 inches but in 6 months, I achieved 6.1 inches. That’s impressive and I wouldn’t trade this new adventure with anything else in the world.

If you’re a first time user, trust me when I say that Phallosan will provide the comfort and confidence you’ll ever need and help you to get results within the stipulated time. See why people are using this with one of the leading male enhancement supplements in our full review.

To avoid purchasing a fake Phallosan Forte extender from eBay or any store, simply order securely from the Official Website here:


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