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4 July, 2020

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Stressed Out Parents: Is CBD The Perfect Cure For You

CBD for Stress
Read Carefully

How can stress impact a parent’s life?


Parenting is a stressful job and the demands of parents are increasing with every generation. It can be difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance. Parents may feel trapped in a cycle of never-ending work and sleep deprivation.

All these issues can negatively affect mental health and quality of life. Of course, parents want to provide the best opportunities for their children. This usually requires the parents to make sacrifices.

However, a parent should offer the best version of themselves to their child. It can be difficult for a child to see their parents endure constant stress. The accumulation of stress can also put a strain on the relationship between the parent and the child.

Therefore, parents should seek ways to mitigate stress in their life. Living an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits can greatly reduce stress. Maintaining healthy relationships with friends can also reduce stress and anxiety. There are many studies that demonstrate the benefits of an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

Is CBD oil safe?

A formula that includes CBD oil is safe for administration. The Food and Drug Administration recognizes only a few CBD products as legal. This is likely to change in the future.

Research demonstrates that CBD oil is used to treat a variety of neural disorders including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and schizophrenia. However, there are some risks associated with CBD oil.

Some side effects of CBD oil include drowsiness, fatigue, and a reduced appetite. Many of the side effects are minor and should not interfere with the quality of life.

How can CBD oil help?

Cannabis oil is a common ingredient in many supplements, topical creams, and medicines. It is commonly used for its stress-relief properties. There are many cultures around the world that use CBD oil and similar derivates to treat signs of depression and stress.

The benefits of CBD oil can be experienced through an external application or internal consumption. CBD oil is a natural ingredient that interacts with the brain to relax the mind and body.

Parents can find CBD oil and similar products at a local drug store. Some doctors may be able to prescribe CBD medicine. If a parent experiences severe signs of depression and anxiety, then they should consider CBD oil.

CBD for stress is a common area of application for CBD oil. There are many other benefits to CBD oil that can greatly improve the quality of life.

Parents should understand how to properly use CBD oil because certain brands can be highly concentrated. It is ideal to start with a small amount. A skin test may be helpful. The oil is applied to a less sensitive area of skin like the back of the hand to see how the skin reacts.

If irritation occurs, then the use of CBD oil should be discontinued. A lower concentration of CBD oil may be more appropriate for sensitive skin.

The dosage of CBD oil should be consistent. This helps the skin to absorb the oil. Results may not appear immediately. A time period of one week or more should be allowed before the results begin to appear.

There are some products that combine CBD oil with THC. However, many of these products are illegal in some states. THC is an active compound found in marijuana and can produce hallucinogenic effects. Despite this side-effect, THC is known to relax the body and stimulates the release of hormones that reward the brain.

Parents should always check the ingredients used in CBD oil. A combination of too many oils can easily irritate the skin. CBD oil is a highly concentrated oil and should be diluted with other carrier oils. Therefore, it is common for many brands to include a carrier oil in the final product.

CBD oil and cannabis products should be kept out of reach from children. The oils are generally too strong for a child’s skin.

CBD oil can treat neurological disorders.

Chronic stress and anxiety can sometimes be the result of neurological disorders. CBD oil can help to nourish the brain and produce certain hormones that are necessary for a healthy mind.

It estimated that roughly 30 percent of adults in the United States suffer from some form of anxiety. This estimation is expected to rise in the future. New parents are also more likely to experience anxiety. This form of stress can result in chronic conditions if not handled properly.

CBD oil can stimulate various regions of the brain to produce hormones like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are responsible for pleasurable emotions. Application of CBD oil can help parents to regain control of their emotions.

A decrease in anxiety can greatly reduce the risk of panic attacks, mental breakdowns, or a tantrum. Parents should not endure the burden of stress and anxiety. This kind of attitude is not healthy for the parent or the child.

There are few or no side-effects associated with CBD oil as an anti-anxiety medication. Application of CBD oil can increase tolerance towards stressful situations.

The recommended amount of CBD oil depends on the condition. Many products recommend ten milligrams to start. Parents can increase this amount over time if they desire.

Another benefit of CBD oil is that there are no withdrawal symptoms. The ingredients are not strong enough to cause significant changes in brain chemistry. Parents can feel free to discontinue the use of CBD oil at any time.

CBD oil provides natural pain relief and possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies suggest that CBD oil can serve as a natural alternative to pain relief medications. Many CBD products contain fewer synthetic products that can change the body’s chemistry.

CBD oil can be applied during massages or physical therapy. The oil reduces the number of contractions between muscles. This can be useful for tight or strained muscles. The oil should be messaged thoroughly. This method ensures that the oil penetrates deeply into the skin.

CBD oil can help to quit addictive habits.

Many habits like smoking or drug use can temporarily reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. However, the risks and negative side-effects far outweigh the temporary benefits.

While parents understand the consequences of smoking or drug use around a child, the habit can be very hard to quit. Parents should consider a CBD product or oil to slowly drop the habit.

Complete elimination of a bad habit can result in severe withdrawal symptoms that can prove fatal in the worst case. CBD oil produces similar feelings of pleasure that are created with recreational drugs. However, CBD oil does not possess the harmful side-effects.

The oil also reduces the perception of pain. This can mitigate any feelings of discomfort during the withdrawal period. Parents should slowly replace an addiction with CBD oil and increase the amount over time. This greatly decreases the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms.

It is ideal to combine application of CBD oil with an active lifestyle. Exercise releases dopamine in the brain. Higher levels of dopamine can ward off depression and other similar conditions.

A common example of this increase in dopamine levels is the runner’s high. A long jog can flood the brain with dopamine and adrenaline to provide a surge of positive emotions. Shorter and more vigorous exercises like weight lifting can also result in higher levels of dopamine.

Post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety conditions are commonly treated with CBD oil.

It is important to recognize that every parent is at a different stage in their life. It can be a challenge for parents to introduce only the best versions of themselves to their child. As a result, parents often neglect their own mental health for their child.

Parents should take some time to relieve stress. A simple activity can restore the mind to a healthier state.

Studies suggest that CBD oil can treat several anxiety conditions including general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Many of these disorders appear during early parenthood. This is normal.

Parents must cope with a new set of demands in a short period of time. Many new parents make the mistake of neglecting their health in the beginning. However, a parent can make their job much easier with self-care. A parent can still achieve a social-life balance with proper care.

It is important that parents do not inhale CBD products around a newborn. Although the ingredients are natural, they are too strong for the newborn to inhale.

CBD oil can improve the quality of sleep.

Many new parents struggle to get enough sleep. Daily use of CBD oil can put the brain at rest.

Studies show that the brain produces more delta waves with the application of CBD oil. Delta waves are associated with deep sleep.

A lack of sleep can increase feelings of anxiety because the brain is exposed to free radicals. The body produces free radicals throughout the day as a natural by-product. Free radicals are normally cleansed from the body during sleep.

When the body does not receive enough sleep, these free radicals accumulate at a faster rate and alter the body’s chemistry. This accumulation of free radicals can result in headaches, indigestion, mood swings, and other biological imbalances. The effect of free radicals becomes more exaggerated with less sleep.

New parents are at a much higher risk of lack of sleep. Therefore, new parents should be especially conscious of their sleeping habits. CBD oil can help the brain to recover and heal itself.

CBD oil can improve self-healing.

Lower levels of stress can improve the body’s ability to repair wounds and damaged tissues. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for homeostasis and allows the body to maintain a constant state.

Many of the receptors in this system regulate digestion, mood, and other processes. The body's healing mechanisms integrate a variety of processes.

Additional blood cells must rush the site of injury to begin the scarring process. This process is drastically slowed down by stress and anxiety. The hormone cortisol is released in large amounts as a result of stress.

Cortisol acts as an inhibitor and reduces the body’s ability to perform certain actions. This is useful in a dangerous situation. However, chronic stress can adversely affect the body’s repair system.

A diluted form of CBD oil can be applied to the site of injury. CBD oil is highly potent and should not comprise more than five percent of the solution. Too much CBD oil can destroy healthy skin cells.

It is best to dilute CBD oil in water and carrier oil. The ingredients from the two oil can boost the natural healing process.


Should nursing mothers use CBD oil?

There is no agreement on whether nursing mothers should use CBD oil. There are many components of cannabis. Some of these components can transfer to the baby through breastfeeding.

Some studies suggest that the use of CBD oil in nursing mothers can possibly affect a child’s weight. Other studies refute the idea that cannabis oil can transfer to a child through breastfeeding.

Research shows that cannabinoids are naturally found in breast milk. Therefore, nursing mothers may not need CBD oil. Additional CBD oil can disrupt the natural levels of CBD oil in the body.

The cannabinoids found in a mother’s breast milk are different from the cannabinoids found in marijuana. A mother’s breast milk helps a child to develop an eating habit. The nutrients that a child receives from breast milk is necessary for bone development as well.

There is less research that supports the use of CBD oil during pregnancy. Some evidence demonstrates that CBD oil can reach the fetus. It is not entirely understood how CBD oil can affect development.

THC can bind to the CB1 receptors in the fetus and this can affect brain development. It is not advised for mothers to use CBD products while in labor.

CBD oil may be beneficial for mothers after labor. Application of CBD oil can reduce feelings of pain during breastfeeding. Only a small amount of CBD oil should be used. CBD oil should not be applied or consumed during breastfeeding.

A safe amount of CBD oil is five milligrams. CBD oil can also help new mothers to regulate mood swings. A mother experiences drastic changes to her body after the delivery of the baby. Most of these changes are temporary can and go away with time. However, CBD for stress can help to stabilize hormonal imbalances.

A few side effects of hormonal imbalances include cravings, heat flashes, and lethargy. Administration of CBD oil should be closely monitored. CBD products should not contain alcohols or other chemicals with a high acidity level. A CBD product with only natural ingredients is ideal.

How should parents deal with the stigma of CBD oil?

CBD oil and other cannabis products can carry a stigma. Such a stigma can discourage parents from seeking CBD product.

Parents must prioritize their health before the opinions of others. There is no need for parents to reveal their use of CBD products.

If a parent desires to inform friends and family about their use of CBD oil, then it is their choice. It can be a learning opportunity. There are many benefits of CBD oil that remain unknown to the public.

What to understand about CBD oil?

CBD oil can effectively treat some mental conditions. However, it is important to recognize that CBD oil most likely cannot eliminate stress and anxiety. CBD oil can help to stabilize mood and improve brain function.

CBD oil must be supplemented with a healthy lifestyle to ensure the maximum benefits. A combination of a well-balanced diet, healthy relationships, and fitness lifestyle can all attribute to this goal.

Parents should make the most out of their time with their children. It can be difficult for a busy parent to find time out of the day to spend family time. However, time with children is necessary for child development.

Family time can be an effective way to relieve stress and enjoy the precious moments in life. It does not have to be a grand event. A few moments of talking and playing are enough to forget about the worries in life. Check out our full review on the Hempworx CBD oil products here: healthybodyhealthymind.com


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