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The 5 Most Common Ingredients Found in Male Enhancement Products

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The male enhancement industry is inundated with many products that profess to enhance libido or sexual stamina as well as increase the penis size. Penis enlargement products often promise to enrich sexual stimulation and increase sex drive and androgenic hormone levels. According to WebMD, the growing use of sex enhancement products is driven by men’s inner insecurities regarding sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence arises when a man fails to achieve or maintain an erection. According to studies, ED is caused by many factors, including prescription drugs, lifestyle routines, psychological disorders, neurological disorders, surgery and aging. Age related impotence is mostly caused by a reduction in the levels of testosterone in men. The enhancements are made from vital ingredients like vitamins, minerals, hormones and herbs.


popular male enhancement ingredients

Male enhancements ingredients

A report by Harvard Health show as many as 20 million men in America suffer from ED. The medications used in the treatment are widely available in online stores and Over-The-Counter. A healthcare provider can also prescribe the most ideal ED to use. The practitioner will first study the underlying health problem before writing the prescription. Most of the bestselling male enhancement products that require a prescription like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are taken orally. However, there is a growing list of enhancement medications that are administered via penile injection or as a suppository. The suppository is normally placed underneath the urethra. A good number of ingredients used in male enhancement products are sought from 100% natural sources.

To guarantee user safety, these products normally undergo rigorous laboratory testing before approval. The FDA has approved a number of male enhancement products sold in the US. Some of the must have ingredients in male enhancement pills include: Zinc, Korean Red Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens, Vitamin C, Ginkgo Biloba, Cordyceps, Bioperine, L-Citrulline, Niacin and Maca Root Extract. Zinc is needed to ensure normal body function. The micro-nutrient is produced naturally, but can also be taken via food and supplements. Zinc also plays a role in enriching sex life, thanks to its ability to promote sexual pleasure and strengthen erection. The Niacin micronutrient has the ability to produce firm erections and electrifying pleasure.

The nutrient can also lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body while enhancing the metabolism rate. L-Citrulline is a nitric oxide booster with effective bioavailability capable of enhancing male health. The sex benefits include the ability to increase sexual stamina and fertility. Vitamin C is a vital ingredient for good health and survival. The vitamin works to improve sex life by promoting blood flow to the penile organ. Mucuna Puriens or velvet bean contains a potent ingredient called L-Dopa amino acid. When turned into dopamine, the L-Dopa amino acid has the ability to enhance sexual desire and increase libido. According to our online product research, the following key ingredients are found in popular male enhancement products:

1. Male Electra

This male enhancement pill is made by the Cyprus based Vobue Limited. Based on the manufacturer’s assessment, the male enhancement pill has been tested and found effective in increasing stamina and ensuring strong erection. The pill works by broadening the penile blood vessels, which in turn improves the blood circulation and hardens the penis. Each Male Electra pill contains pure pomegranate at 500mg and 600mg of L-Arginine. The latter plays a critical role of producing harder and more lasting erections. Below are the 6 ingredients that make Male Electra:

• Cordyceps – besides boosting sex life, this ingredient is highly effective in boosting sperm count. The SuperFood works by promoting the absorption of oxygen and nutrients around the sexual zones. These benefits culminate in creating powerful organisms and more fulfilling sex life.
• Pomegranate – the ingredient plays an important role of promoting the transfer of oxide in the body. This helps speed blood circulation in the male sexual organ and the rest of the body.
• Muira puama – this ingredient is classified as an aphrodisiac, thanks to its ability to invigorate sexual desire. The herb is also effective in promoting penetrative sex and ejaculation.
• L-Arginine – this potent compound has been tested and found effective in strengthening the pelvic muscles. The presence of this vital ingredient in the male enhancement supplement also plays a crucial role of boosting the production of nitric oxide.
• L-Methionine – the compound plays an important role of doubling the amount of blood serum testosterone. The nutraceutical also helps promote general health and metabolism.
• Zinc – the zinc contained in Male Electra aids in the production of healthy sperms in addition to improving sexual energy and blood circulation. The nutrients also have a positive effect of libido.

2. VigRX Plus

This male enhancement pill is manufactured and distributed by leading Edge Health. The pill is marketed as a male enhancement product with the capacity to improve sexual stamina, treat ED and enhance libido. VigRX is also said to increase penis size and produce erections that lasts longer. VigRX PLUS works by improving and regulating the bodily functions revolving around sexuality. Besides regulating blood circulation, the male enhancement pill will boost the levels of nitric oxide, which aids in the production of the male hormone testosterone. Due to its fast acting capacity, VigRX is has quickly become a bestselling male enhancement pill. The key ingredients contained in the manufacture of VigRX include:

• Bioperine – the naturally extracted Bioperine compound is one of the most common ingredients in the manufacture of male sex enhancement products. Besides enhancing sexual function, Bioperine is useful in boosting the bio-availability of various male enhancement ingredients. The ingredient is derived from black pepper.
• Damiana – Damiana has the potent ability to produce firmer erections and lasting orgasms. The ingredient works by promoting the supply of Oxygen in the genital area while improving the nervous impulse. These benefits go as far as improving orgasms frequency and sex life. The naturally occurring plant that produces Damina mostly grows in subtropical climates.
• Cauaba Bark – this key ingredient works by eliminating fatigue, which greatly impedes sexual pleasure and the quality of sex.
• Saw Palmetto – ingredient Saw Palmetto is widely used in male enhancement product to treat sexual inadequacies such as ED. Saw Palmetto also aids in preserving testosterone by preventing its conversion to dihydrotestosterone. Away from the sexual benefits, Saw Palmetto promotes prostate health; improves the function of the urinary tract and preventing hair loss.
• Hawthorn Berry – this key ingredient contains useful flavonoids that play an important role of promoting blood circulation around the male organs. Hawthorn berry is also useful in combating psychological issues that impede sexual performance like premature ejaculation, stress and anxiety. The berry is obtained from the Hawthorn Berry.

Note: The pill has been tested clinically and found safe and effective in boosting the performance of the male sexual organ. VigRX is made with all natural ingredients and can be purchased without prescription. Buyers also benefit from moneyback guarantee. Because of its popularity, many counterfeit products claiming to be VigRX are widely available.

3. Max Performer

This product is marketed as the ideal product to increase erection strength and penis size. According to Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd, the product manufacturers, Max Performer is also able to treat ED, intensify organism and increase sexual pleasure and semen volume. The ingredients used to manufacture the sex pill appear as follows:

• Maca – Maca is a popular male enhancement with a history that dates back hundreds of years. The active compounds in the root extract are macenes and macamides. The aphrodisiac has the potent ability to increase sperm count and improve sexual strength and stamina. Men can also benefit from the ingredient’s musculoskeletal benefits and high fertility rate.
• Selenium – the ingredient helps increase the levels of male hormone testosterone. Due to oxidative effects, Selenium also has the ability to relax the penis.
• Zinc – this essential element helps improve organism and strengthen ejaculations.
• Horny Goat Weed – the herb whose botanical name is Epimedium appears in many male enhancement products due to its ability to treat ED, low libido and atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries. ICariin is the main active ingredient found in Horny Goat Weed.
• Bioperine – the ingredient makes it to the list due to its ability to improve blood flow and stamina.
• Ginseng – Ginseng history as a potent male enhancement product dates back hundreds of years. The Korean Ginseng has specifically been part often traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The main active ingredients in the Korean Ginseng are ginsenosides and antioxidants. These ingredients combine to suppress the stress hormone cortisol. The ingredient also helps increase the levels of testosterone, thus ensuring an active sexual life.
• Cordyceps – this powerful ingredient is believed to increase sperm count and make erections more powerful and intense.

Note: The product scores highly when it comes to core parameters such as long term results, effectiveness, ingredient quality and product safety. Buyers of the popular male enhancement pill also enjoy a generous 100-day money back guarantee.

4. Rizer XL

Rizer XL is a safe pill made from 100% natural ingredients. The product is made in the US by an FDA approved manufacturer. The ingredients work seamlessly to improve sex life. The male enhancement is marketed as a pill that increases sexual stamina; boost semen volume and stops premature ejaculation. For effective results, users are advised to take the pill at least 1 hour before indulging in sex.

Her are the key ingredients used in making Rizer XL:

Gingko Biloba – Gingko Biloba has the ability to increase blood circulation to the penis and surrounding areas. This ability strengthens the male sexual organ and improves sex life. In terms of the inner working, Gingko Biloba has been shown to promote the synthesis of nitric oxide, which is a known vasodilator that promotes blood flow into the penile blood vessels. The herb is also useful in improving memory and concentration.
Catuaba – Catuaba is a key ingredient used to treat ED and underlying effects. It has also proven useful in improving sexual desire, libido and endurance during sex. Catuaba bark contain nicotine and caffeine that work seamlessly to produce psychological effects that stimulate the CNS.
Muira Puama – Muira Puama is a well-known ingredient with the ability to boost sexual stamina and prolong sexual pleasure. The natural aphrodisiac also helps prevent premature ejaculation and ED in men. Some studies suggest Muira Puama can prevent sexual disorders.
Hawthorn Berry – this product plays a crucial role of promoting blood flow, which strengthens penile erection.
Horny Goat Weed – this well-known aphrodisiac plays an important role of boosting libido and helping men prevent premature ejaculation. The Epimedium leaf extract contains iCariin that effectively expands the blood vessels thus promote blood circulation to the penile chamber. The other effect is the ability to produce powerful and prolonged erections.
Damina – the ingredient is well-known aphrodisiac with an ability to boost sexual desire and build stamina among male and female users.
Tribulus Terrestris – this ingredient is widely used in male enhancement products due to its ability to increase sperm count and boost libido in men.

Note: The product is made from 100% natural ingredients, which also includes Soy isolate Protein, Chinese Ginseng, Oat Straw, Saw Palmetto and Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Succinate) and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). These ingredients are not approved to treat or prevent illness.

5. Extenze

Extenze is a popular, fast acting male enhancement herb. The product is manufactured by Leading Edge Health under the aegis of Bio Tab Nutraceuticals. Extenze is marketed as the ideal remedy for enhancing sexual pleasure, controlling ejaculation, improving libido and increasing penile length and girth. Extenze has also built a reputation for producing frequent orgasms and longer and more electrifying erections. Extenze contains more than 20 ingredients that work concertedly to improve sex life. Some studies show Extenze is beneficial to Red Blood Cells (RBC), immune system, bones and body cells. Here is a brief look at the key ingredients:

Gamma – Gamma has the ability to bolster libido and sexual stamina.
Horny Goat Weed – the weed contains potent compounds with the power to increase testosterone levels.
L-Arginine – this amino acid compound has been added to the sex enhancing herb to boost the production of nitric oxide and promote protein synthesis. L-Arginine works by modifying the workings of nitric oxide, which in turn expands the blood vessels. The changes create more room for blood to flow into the penile organ and ensure stronger and more enduring erection.
Tribulus Terretris – this ingredient has been tested and found effective in improving the amount of testosterone released by the body. The other benefits include suppressing pain and safeguarding the cardiovascular system. Because of all these health attributes, Tribulus Terretris remains a high demand ingredient in the manufacture of many male enhancement products. The famous ingredient is extracted from the Puncture Vine.
Yohimbe Extract – Yohimbe has been used for centuries to cure ED and related conditions. For most part, the herbal extract works by blocking erection inhibiting alpha-2 adrenergic receptors.
Ginger – ginger contains potent compounds with the capacity to increase sperm count.
Dehyroepiandroesterone (DHEA) – supplements like Extenze that contain this vital compound are known to improve libido and boost the presence of the male hormone, testosterone.
Pregnolone – Just like DHEA, this vital ingredient is known to boost the testosterone levels.

The other ingredients infused in Extenze include: Xanthroparmelia scarbrosa, piper longum, Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, Korean Ginseng Extract and stinging nettle. Note; only the aerial part of Xanthroparmelia scarbrosa is used in formulating the male enhancement pill.

ingredients in male enhancement products


Male enhancement supplement industry is huge thanks to the growing demand for the product. The ability to restore erectile function is a strong selling point since men with troubled erection have an opportunity to sustain one for lengthy periods. Most enhancement products in the market promise to restore erectile function; increase the size of the manhood and improve the sex life.

It is important to note that the print and online promotions touting male enhancement products as safe and effective can be confusing to buyers, especially in situations where buyers have limited or no knowledge of the product. When buying a male enhancement, buyers must take time to read about the benefits offered by the product and check the reputation of the manufacturer.

The other important pieces of information include the dosage and side effects of using the male enhancement pills or supplements. The most notable side effects of using the products include congestion, flushed skin, ringing ears and headache. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NIH), consumers should beware of sexual enhancement products that:

• Promise quicker results (usually less than 40 minutes)
• Products sold in single servings
• Male enhancement products advertised using unsolicited spams
• Products sold as an alternative to FDA approved male enhancement, prescription drugs

Buyers should be made aware that the effects of the male enhancement often wear thin with time. In some cases, the products that lack efficacy proof can throw the buyers into thinking they have a perfect male enhancement. To separate true claims from false assertions, readers are encouraged to look out for independent reviews along with expert research and opinions. If volume pills are not the right solution for you then check out one of the best penis pumps.


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