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The Many Benefits Of Using A Penis Pump

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Penis pumps can be a good idea for anyone who deals with the inability to get erections. Anyone with sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction can benefit from using one. Using a penis pump can help to offer both enlargement and lengthening of the penis even if only temporarily. This can help not only boost satisfaction, but it can even help one maintain a consistent and pleasurable erection throughout intercourse. While there are other ways to get help with erections, this is one that comes without potential harsh side effects that you could expect with other alternatives. There are both surgical and medication alternatives that can lead to adverse side effects. If you are someone who has difficulties with maintaining an erection or getting one at all, you will want to consider purchasing a penis pump for yourself. Finding a suitable penis pump can do wonders for your ability to reclaim your sex life!

Erectile dysfunction is an unfortunate problem that can end up causing you to be unable to perform in the bedroom. You may be unable to consistently get erections at all. This can negatively impact your entire life both physically and emotionally. There are all kinds of different types of medication in the marketplace that can assist with the issue but they may not produce the kind of natural results you are looking for. Thus, you may want to opt for a penis pump for a safe and effective way to help get your sex life back on track.

How a Penis Pump Works:

A penis pump works by creating a vacuum of sort that can gently pull on the penis allowing it to increase in length by stretching the suspensory ligament. This ends up helping to maximize the elasticity of the penis and allows it to grow longer when fully erect. The pump also creates a vacuum suction that can increase the girth of the penis by enlarging the tissue that holds the blood of the penis within the base of the shaft. This is what allows the penis to grow when erect. By using a penis pump regularly, you should be able to minimize the risk of developing cavernosal fibrosis which is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

Some Of The Benefits Of Using One:

There is a saying that you either “use it or lose it.” This is a very true statement when it comes to your penis organ. Without using it, you could experience a negative performance from lack of use. As you continue to age and get older, you will likely begin to experience a lot of different sexual side effects that can cause you to lose optimal sexual function. This can include using medication or even having a certain medical condition that negatively impacts your performance. By routinely using a penis pump, you will be able to minimize the chances of developing these symptoms because you will be working your penis area and maintaining optimal blood flow within the region. This can keep you at the size you want and it can help you maintain stronger erections as you age.

These pumps can be very helpful for those who suffer from various types of sexual dysfunction. With consistent usage, they should be able to help men maintain a steady and sturdy erection that helps during intercourse. While it may not make the erection as hard as it once was in your younger years, it can prove to be very beneficial to making it enough for sustained intercourse when you get older.

Penis pumps are a safe method of improving penal performance. They can do so without the use of potentially unsafe medications and surgeries. One of the minor side effects that you may expect when you use penis pumps would be the chances of sustaining light bruising around the shaft of the penis. This is where the pump presses against the skin. When you continue to use the pump, the bruising should dissipate because your body begins to get familiar with the amount of pressure being applied. In a lot of instances, after you purchase it, using a penis pump comes with a lot of potential savings due to not having to make repeated medication purchases or surgery.

Because of this, they are non-invasive and they don't come with any sustained or long-lasting side effects that you have to worry about. Whereas, with surgery and medication, you have both to worry about. Also, when you use the pump in combination with other treatments or medication, you may be able to maintain the same erection you used to be able to get. Ideally, you want to use trial and error to find the right option and combination that works for you. That way, you will be able to find something that suits your needs and your body. There are specialists called ‘Pelvic Health Psychotherapists' who should be able to teach you how to incorporate exercises into your daily routine to improve your sexual performance. They can help you overcome a lot of problems like incontinence and even pelvic pain.

Reclaiming Intimacy's Leviathan is one of the best penis pumps that you should look to get started with. This penis pump is extremely good because it creates a tight vacuum seal and it uses controlled and pressurized suction to maximize the total amount of blood flow to your penis. This can help to get you much harder and more stable and sustained erections which should prove to be a boon to your sex-life almost immediately. By using it over the long run, it should help to naturally strengthen your muscles around your penis and improve the nerve function in the groin area. This device is extremely user-friendly and you should be able to track the pressure and read the gauge while using it to record the results. The machine can be used entirely with one hand and it comes with a sleeve that can be used towards the bottom of the pump which can help to maximize the duration of your erections.

Does My Doctor Agree With Using Penis Pumps?

You will find that a lot more doctors are encouraging the use of penis pumps by their patients. A lot of different surgeons and urologists are pivoting towards using penis pumps because it can help achieve the same results with a lot fewer side effects or potential for complications. There was a study that was conducted by Raina and it showed that 80% of men using a penis pump were able to sustain erections that allowed them to participate in intercourse without issue. The rest of the 20% were able to get semi-erections but without the duration that allowed them to penetrate properly. Those that didn't get hard enough erections with the pump alone were offered a therapy option that combined the use of the pump with medication which allowed them to achieve intercourse.

There are all kinds of different diseases and health conditions that can negatively impact one's ability to get and maintain an erection. There is even Peyronie's Disease which causes severe curvature of the penis. Even this can be helped with the consistent usage of a penis pump because it can encourage the muscles around the penis to straighten out. For those with this condition, you may want to look for a penis pump that uses a hydro-vacuum design.

Penis pumps can prove to be very beneficial when it comes to the emotional and mental health of people suffering from the inability to get and sustain erections. After all, it brings back their ability to get erections and to have a normal sex life.

Because of all of this, a lot of doctors and health professionals will see the benefits of using a penis pump is more than worth it. If you think that your doctor would be against the use of one, you should look to create an appointment to be able to discuss the benefits with them.

Is It Safe? What Are Some Side Effects?

The use of a penis pump can be safe for anyone who suffers from diabetes, poor blood flow in the penis region, and even those suffering from the aftermath of the surface for certain cancers. However, certain medical instances do necessitate the need to discuss the use with your doctor. These include:

– You take blood-thinning medications.
– You have priapism which is a condition that causes your penis to stay erect for a long time leading to pain.
– You suffer from Sickle Cell anemia or other blood disorders.

The Most Frequent Reported Side Effects Include:

– Pain and bruising. Some people note that when they begin using it initially, they suffer from both pains and bruising until their body gets used to the pressure. Being able to use proper positioning when you are using the penis pump is crucial to being able to use it without experiencing excessive pain or bruising. Getting an optimal seal between your skin and the tube is key to get an optimal and safe pump.

– Petechiae

This is a condition that looks like dots right underneath the skin. This is caused by bleeding near the surface of the skin and it can happen when too much pressure builds up within the body. To avoid having this issue occur, you want to ensure you know where the quick-release valve is on the penis pump so you can use it in a situation it is occurring.

– Lessened Sensation

You may notice that you are experiencing reduced sensation in the penile region when either the pump is being used or when the support ring is used to maintain the erection. You shouldn't use the ring for over 30 minutes to ensure that you don't reduce blood flow to the region for too long. You should experience a normal feeling of sensation once it is removed.

– Unnatural Erections

Any erection you get from the pump may not necessarily feel natural. It is completely normal to experience this especially if you are someone who suffers from erectile dysfunction. The more you continue to use the pump and the more you get familiar with how it feels, you should be able to shake the feeling that it is strange.

Will a penis pump work for me if I'm disabled and unable to use my hands?

There is. There are all kinds of different models of penis pumps that can provide to be effective for those with limitations with their hands. Some can be used with only one hand and some can be used without having to use any hands at all. You want to check with your doctor to see which pump would work best for you.

If you are looking for an excellent hydro-therapy pump designed to be used in either the shower or bathtub, the Reclaiming Intimacy Commander is the best you will find in the marketplace. The device uses water to give you safe and controlled performance. The device won't cause skin reactions and it is recommended for men who have a penis anywhere up to 5 inches in length. You can find other models if you have a different penis size.

Don't allow yourself to be deterred from getting relief from a penis pump from the fear of trying something new. As men, you require intimacy, and many men are stripped of their ability to achieve sexual intimacy because of health problems or sexual dysfunction. You should speak with your health care practitioner to discuss the potential of using a penis pump to restore your penis to regain your sex-life and your happiness.


Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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