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Can Toothpaste Do Anything For Male Enhancement?

Toothpaste On For Male Enhancement
Read Carefully

Do Some Men Really Rub Toothpaste on their Junk?


Since man started walking the earth, they have been on a mission. And this mission is all about making their sexual experience better. From all four corners and everywhere in between, guys have been aching to learn the secret that will make them sexual gods.

But some have it a little harder than others, and not in a good way. For example, some guys have no problem getting it up, not even if they have to stick it into a strategically sliced watermelon. But for others, it can turn into a very desperate situation which can turn into a trip to the emergency room.

The fact is that not all men are equally gifted when it comes to size and performance. And the consequence of this inequality has led to some extreme measures (sure, you can call it creative measures if you like) to get bigger and better.

Why don't all men have the same abilities in the bedroom? Who knows. But whoever is responsible either has a wicked sense of humor, or they enjoy watching guys test all kinds of nasty things just to get some kind of reaction. And the shit guys try only get weirder with every passing year. All because we have this burning desire to make our partners scream with pleasure.

But are we taking this one step too far? This is the question that comes to mind when reading a report by Metro. Does rubbing minty toothpaste on your schlong sound like a good thing to try? Because if it does, then we have a whole other set of issues lol.

Does Toothpaste Work as an Male Enhancement?

For guys that haven't heard yet, rumor has it toothpaste is the answer to your premature ejaculation problems. Apparently, when used as a lotion or topical cream on your love muscle, you get blessed with a special sexual gift. More specifically, you can stay harder for longer, even if you suffer from shooting off prematurely.

The internet is full of it. All the social media platforms and forums are passing around the “wise” piece of advice that has eluded mankind for so long. And yes, there are guys claiming that it actually works. In fact, they will even try to sell you on the tooth fairy fantasy that you make it better for her too.

Logic tells you it is not going to work.

Certain brave medical experts have stepped to the forefront, and they honestly believe the toothpaste won't do anything. And how can they possibly reach this conclusion when an angry mob of desperate men needs this shit to be true? Well, for starters, there is no science to base it on. So no, getting your dick and mouth to smell the same did no undergo any clinical trials to prove it enhances sexual endurance.

Secondly, these brave doctors are concerned about the REAL effects dental healthcare products are going to have when used on very sensitive parts of the body. The truth is, toothpaste can only have benefits when used for teeth and gum. That's it.

Want more perspective? Well, take into consideration that toothpaste contains strong ingredients such as bleach and fluoride (something you can use to clean the rust off a coin). Now, would you put these chemicals on your sheister if they did not come in the shape of toothpaste? Probably not.

Our Advice

Finally, stay away from the toothpaste for the sake of your partner. If you want her to end up with some really bad infections and headaches every night, then start dipping in.

According to medical experts, the ingredients that go into toothpaste are more likely to have an aggressive reaction, especially when used on such a sensitive area.

So, if not toothpaste, what else can you try that won't permanently damage your equipment?

Some guys have faith in certain topical creams (meant exclusively for use on their junk). Some try at home remedies like aloe vera. Other guys believe they need a herbal diet, special guru medicine, and a lot of exercises.

In our opinion, the best way to get results is to show your sensitive skin some tough love. In other words, play with it as often as possible. Hell, 3 to 5 times a day should do the trick of teaching your manhood how to hold out longer. You can even try some edging, which is when you stop before you climax, then start up again.

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But whatever you do, keep the toothpaste far-north of your junk at all times.

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