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What is the Average Size Penis

What is the average size penis
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The age-old questions “does size matter?” is one that inspires many men to research what the average penis size is. While experts hold that size doesn't really matter, statistics do reveal what the average size is.

Does Size Matter: The Average Penis Size

Based on research and polls taken from individuals around the world, there is an average length and width when it comes to penis size. A 2014 study reveals that flaccid members are an average of 3.61 inches long with 3.66 inches around. An erect member comes in at 5.17 inches long with a circumference of 4.59 inches.

While these numbers are the official average, scientists reveal that this size may change throughout a person’s life. Experts note that various factors like temperature can affect the apparent size of a flaccid penis.

Additionally, the size of this organ may change as it becomes erect. In many cases, the difference in size in a flaccid and erect penis can great. Some penises are a similar length when they are erect, while others increase significantly in size during an erection.

Why Sizes Differ

While the answer to the question, “What is the average penis size?” does reveal the average length and circumference, no one penis can’t be held to such statistics. A closer look at the numbers from the aforementioned study shows that while scientists found an “average” number, sizes vary greatly throughout the world.

Curious as to why sizes vary so significantly? Many experts point out that factors like hormone levels and genes all play a role in the size of an individual’s penis. Interestingly enough, this size can vary between members of the same family and in various population groups.

To elaborate, the average size of a penis in one population will often differ from the size of the average penis in a different population. This information is a reminder that while an average penis size exists, it is hardly reflective of any one person. The answer as to why penis sizes vary so dramatically goes beyond natural selection. Penises of any size are designed to do the job of reproduction. If a penis is big enough to reproduce, the genes for this size will continue to be passed on.

What Science Says About Bigger Sizes

While many people understand that a functioning penis is an effective one, it isn’t uncommon to have concerns about one’s penis size. Regardless of any estimated average, society often promotes the idea that bigger is better. Though many people side with this idea, science reveals something else.

One study interviewed sexually active participants to determine what size they prefer in a long-term relationship versus a one-night stand. These participants assessed 33 3-D models of penises. The average size chosen by the participants was an erect size with a circumference of 5 inches and a length of 6.4 inches for a one night stand. When choosing their preferred size for long term relationships, the participants selected 6.3 inches long and a 4.8 circumference as the average size.

This study reveals that the average person hopes their partner to be just above the average size of an erect penis. This information may mean different things to different people, but it shows that the average person isn’t hoping that their partner has a larger-than-average penis.

Another fact to consider is the girth of a penis. When asked about the importance of penis length, one study found that the participants were more interested in the girth than the length. To them, this had a greater impact on their sexual satisfaction.

Problems Associated with Larger Penises

Though many people imagine that the larger the penis, the more pleasure they'll be able to give a partner, this isn’t always the case. While society suggests that bigger is always better, many partners share that too-large penises make intercourse a challenge.

In some situations, the size of a person’s penis can make it impossible to have sex. A penis may be too big to fit its owner’s partner comfortably. Many people with larger penises have even been turned down by potential partners because of the size.

Though it’s rare, some partners avoid too-large penises entirely. In the event that you're larger than average, there are techniques to consider to make it easier to get it on with a partner. When dealing with a significantly larger penis, lubricant is very important. Both partners must make sure enough lubricant is involved to reduce friction.

Additionally, communication is key. Both partners should be sure to listen to one another to prevent potential injuries.

Understanding Your Penis Size

Understanding your penis size starts with measuring it accurately. The size of a penis is determined by measuring from the top of the penis to the glans’ tip. The top of the penis is the point where it connects to the pubic bone. The tip of the glans is the rounded part that is the end of the penis.

To get an accurate reading, compress any fat that is in front of the pubic bone. Additionally, the measurement shouldn’t include foreskin.

Changing the Size of Your Penis

Despite what science says about the size of penises, many people are under the impression that they need to improve the size of their members. Tools like pumps can temporarily enhance the size for individuals that are searching for an immediate solution. These devices pull on the member and allow it to appear larger at the moment.

These pumps force blood into the organ, causing it to swell. While vacuum pumps make penises look larger, using it too frequently may damage the penis’ elastic tissue, inadvertently affecting the firmness of an erection.

Penis enlargement surgery is a permanent way to enhance one’s member. In this surgery, the doctor will cut the ligaments in the penis that hold the erection up. This allows more of the organ to lay outside of the body, giving the impression that it is longer. Though this surgery is effective and permanent, it will prevent the erection from pointing up again.

Another less effective, but permanent option is to use a penis extender. These extenders are devices that use traction to lengthen the penis. Individuals have to use this device for several hours a day for the following weeks or months. Though this method works, the gains are very minimal.

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The Dangers of Penis Enlargement

While surfing the internet, you may find many different sites promising to enhance your size with one pill or one machine. Though these may seem promising, experts explain that there are several dangers to consider when trying to grow your penis. While many of these techniques are ineffective, they're also very dangerous.

Advertisements for enlargement techniques that involve injecting the penis with anything are not recommended. Another concept to be wary of is jelqing. This process creates microtears to allow the penis to look larger when it heals. These types of procedures can cause permanent damage to the penis as they may affect its ability to get hard or put it at risk of developing an infection.

Quick Ways to Enhance Your Size

While it’s best to avoid ads online claiming to quickly enhance your size, there are healthy ways anyone can make their penis look better. Simple tricks like trimming pubic hair can work wonders for the way a penis looks. With a quick shave or trim, you’ll get rid of any hair that would otherwise be shaving a few inches off your length.

In addition to shaving, losing weight can help you appear bigger. With a slimmer physique, your penis will look as though it’s grown larger.

The Impact of Perception

Despite what the numbers say, the average penis size would look different to each person. Perception can change the way two people view the same thing. When considering the size of your penis, your perception may have more of an impact than you realize.

Perception and body image can cause anyone to feel insecure about the size of their penis, whether it’s erect or flaccid. This type of size-related anxiety can impact one’s performance in bed, causing an individual to believe they aren't big enough to pleasure their partners or that the size of their penis makes them less attractive.

Thankfully, there are solutions to these perceptions. If you’re dealing with this type of problem, consider working with a therapist. A licensed psychologist can help you address your self-consciousness. In therapy, you’ll learn that your size doesn’t have anything to do with your ability to be a fulfilling partner. Though your perception won’t change immediately, over time, you’ll be able to see your penis for what it really is.

Pleasure and Your Penis Size

Though the average size is anywhere from 3 inches flaccid to 5 inches erect, many people believe the average isn’t big enough. With so many people falling beneath and above the spectrum, it’s easy to wonder, is bigger better?

Science dictates that the real determining factor should be an individual’s own opinion. Concerned that the size of your penis isn’t enough for a potential partner? Sex experts point out that penis size doesn't necessarily correlate with the amount of pleasure a partner will receive. If you’re worried about the level of pleasure your penis is able to give another person, consider other aspects besides penis size.

In many situations, the size of your penis won’t affect what your partner feels. Different positions will allow your partner to experience your size more fully. Moreover, tools like toys can help enhance the pleasure a partner feels. In most cases, the size of a penis won’t affect what your partner feels at all.

As you consider the average size of a penis and the various techniques you can use to grow yours, remember there is one guaranteed way to enhance your size: accept and love the size you are. Being happy with your current size will enhance your perspective of your penis, making it better than whatever statistic is the average.


Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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