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What to Know About Increasing Penis Girth

Penis Girth
Read Carefully

There was a study performed at UCLA that shed some light onto what women really want in penis size. Women were introduced to a variety of 3D model penises to decide which would be the best in bed.

The study discovered that it is not always the longest penises that won out. As a matter of fact, for one night stances, the longer penises seem to take the lead. But, when it came to options for a long term relationship, it was the slightly above average sizes that were considered ideal.

As it turns out the “so big it hurts” really is a factor in the equation. The next important thing that was discovered is that women like girth more than they do length.

A similar study was carried out in the Netherlands. The study confirmed that it is girth that women care the most about in a size preference and length was not such an important factor.

These studies also showed the problem that most of the penis enlargement systems on the market today are more concerned about lengthening the penis rather than increasing firth.

But, all that is about to change.

Why Penis Extender Girth Gains Matter

There has not been extensive research one on penis girth, but there are some important theories being suggested by the experts.

The most important thing to consider is that sexual pleasure is all about the friction caused by the penis in motion. You may know what we are talking about if you have ever been with a woman who was simply too wet to enjoy the action. This may lead to changing position for something a bit tighter or even grabbing a towel.

This is because it is the capacity to create friction inside the vagina that makes the act so stimulating.

Longer penises really do nothing to increase the friction of the penis. Sure you may have a deeper reach, but there really is not much to encounter the deeper in you go. After just a couple inches, you will find yourself thumping the cervix.

A thicker member, on the other hand will have a more fulfilling experience for both partners. This creates that fascinating friction that makes things so much better for all involved. There is also reason to believe that a thicker penis will widen the opening and bring the g-spot closer to the clitoris and this will create an especially enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, the length of the penis is not the deciding factor in creating an enjoyable experience. It is the girth that really matters here.

Can You Gain Girth with A Penis Extender?

This is a good question. After all, widening is not quite the same as extending. But, the answer is still a resounding YES!

There have even been a number of important studies that show how this works. Here is one of the most significant.

A study was performed in Toronto, Canada in 2009 on 21 men. These men were selected from all age groups and examined carefully to see if the penis extender provided any results in comparison to surgical procedures designed for the same purpose.

After the subjects wore the devices for the recommended amount of time, 6-8 hours every day over a 5 month period, the group had gained an average of 36. This means they increased girth by over 1/3 in less than half a year.

The same studies showed that the results worked well for people who have sustained penile injuries or suffer from a very unfortunate birth defect. This means that the men actually gained girth, appearance improvements, and even a degree of functionality to their penis. Some of the men who were not able to penetrate a vagina before the treatment were able to afterwards.

This shows that it is not only a possibility to increase the girth of the penis with the extension device. Proper use of a penis extender can actually improve how the girth is adjusted.

The important takeaway here is that many of the penis extension devices are well-known for increasing the length of the penis, but can be equally effective in increasing the girth as well.

Penile Extending – Length vs Girth:

Here’s a cool trick…

If you are looking to increase the length of your penis, be sure the device is pointed downward when in use. If you will be looking to increase the girth of the penis, keep it pointed upwards. It may seem like a weird suggestion, but this is the way it works, so pay close attention.

The important factor that will affect the change is gravity. Gravity acts upon the specific constituents of the penis, most importantly the ligaments and tunica, which are responsible for adding length and girth respectively.

Penis extenders are not an especially heavy device, but they do tend to stretch the penis when used properly. Most importantly, this is done by stretching the ligaments. But, if this is done in a way that the tunica is getting more stretching pressure, it will also be the part that increases in size, or better said girth.

Your end result is a fuller thicker member.

I would like to mention right here that there have been no studies to date that will support this claim. The evidence being quoted here is anecdotal but extensive. I myself as well as many who have tried this technique will attest to the girth increasing power of the penis extender.

So while this is not exactly the double-blind study you can expect from the Mayo Clinic, it is the kind of thing that leads to greater scientific attention.

Penis Extender Girth Gains – Conclusion:

So let’s take a closer look at what we have learned so far.

•Women prefer thicker penises to longer penises

•Women prefer typically rather larger than average for a long-term partner

• Girth can be increased using a penis extender

Here is the step-by-step plan:

1. Buy a high-end penis extender – not just better for results, but comfort as well.

2. Apply the device following the instructions on the box

3. Use the device as directed, 2 – 8 hours each day. Be sure the device is kept in the upright position.

4. Take a break every hour to massage the penis and ensure that blood is flowing freely throughout the member.

5. Measure at least once a month to see if your results are in line with your projected progress.

Finally, let’s consider this last thought about the importance of girth….

It is important to realize that girth is very important and there is plenty of science to back that up as well.

The reason for this is because of the way that the female body has evolved overtime. Clitoral stimulation is one of the most important ways to please a woman because of the presence of so many nerve endings in the vicinity. You may not know this but the small bean at the top of the vagina is only the tip of the network of nerves. As a matter of fact the capacity to stimulate this entire region is the primary way that women are capable of achieving an impressive vaginal orgasm.

You may already know this but women have erectile tissue in this area and when this is fully aroused it swells with blood. This also happens in the section between the vaginal opening and the anus. During intercourse these areas receive a lot of attention and stimulation as the penis widens the vagina and pushes up against them. More girth will accomplish this with better results and greater pleasure for the woman.

How to Increase penis girthOf course, it is very important to remember that increasing girth is not some magic pill solution that will improve female pleasure every time. While the studies here have important points for consideration, it is a well-established fact that the confidence you have in yourself and the capacity to use your penis is by far the most important aspect of sexual intercourse.

Of course, having a bit more girth is also going to help out in this department.


Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

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