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Max Performer Review: A Safe & Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

Max Performer Review
Read Carefully

If you are one of the many thousands of men who suffer because of a low libido, weak erections, or poor stamina in the bedroom, then you are doubtlessly craving stronger, better, longer, and harder erections to enhance your sexual performance. Max Performer offers such a solution through its fully approved male enhancement supplement that is overwhelming the male enhancement industry. This product is the mainstay of the cutting-edged performance supplement company Silver Blade Nutrition Limited, and it really does work to increase your sex drive so you can feel more confident in your relationship and in the bedroom.

Max Performer

Benefits of Max Performer

According to the manufacturer Silver Blade Nutrition, their supplement product, Max Performer, does the following to enhance the sexual experience for both you and your partner:

  • Boosts libido
  • Increases performance and stamina in the bedroom
  • Gives you far greater erection size, strength, and longevity
  • Powers your ejaculation volumes and improves orgasms for you and especially your partner
  • Boosts sexual pleasure off the charts for both you and your partner

Max Performer Ingredients

A proprietary blend of 12 natural ingredients makes up the Max Performer formula. Each of these ingredients is important for enhancing blood flow, testosterone levels, and sex drive, which leads to harder erections and more pleasure. All of the natural ingredients were chosen because of their capabilities of working synergistically to optimize male sexual enhancement. Because all of the ingredients are naturally derived, there are very minimal side effects. Here are the main ingredients in the Max Performer male enhancement supplement:

The name should say it all. Horny Goat Weed is scientifically referred to as Epimedium, and it proves to be a Chinese herb in origin. There are 15 individual species of the powerful male enhancement herb in nature. In Chinese traditional medicine, they refer to it as “Yin Yang Huo.”

According to traditional medicinal practice, Horny Goat Weed will increase a man's erections and libido naturally. It is especially helpful for those men who suffer from performance problems that are from mild to medium in severity. The active ingredient in the Horny Goat Weed turns out to be Icariin, and it works much like Viagra, though it is not as powerful as the little artificial pill. Scientific research, though on a limited availability, does support these benefits and claims of the herb. User reviews are far more encouraging of using Horny Goat Weed as a male enhancement.

Maca's scientific name is Lepidium meyenii. It naturally grows in higher altitudes of the Peruvian mountains. The plant's roots have been utilized in traditional medicine to increase stamina, energy, and sexual appetite, as well as to increase fertility. There are a number of early stage studies on Maca. Initial results are promising and demonstrate that Maca provides a positive impact for male health, energy levels, and performance.

The Red Ginseng plant is found naturally occurring in Asia. This plant's roots are ground up to produce supplements that claim to boost alertness, energy, and to treat mild forms of erectile dysfunction. Studies remain ongoing regarding the results of this Korean Red Ginseng, but so far they indicate a positive impact for men who suffer from forms of ED. It is important to note that this Korean Red Ginseng is not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat male sexual dysfunction, but it has been used for centuries as a way to help erectile dysfunction.

Cordyceps is a kind of mushroom that is found growing in insects' larvae. Such supplements containing Cordyceps are growing in popularity because of their many health advantages. Cordyceps is able to assist in boosting a man's sexual performance through increasing the ATP production. It is this ATP that takes energy around the body to the muscles. Studies demonstrate that this activity helps the body to better utilize oxygen during exercise (including during sexual activities).

Other Natural Ingredients in the Formula

Besides all of these useful and constructive all-natural ingredients, Max Performer also features Selenium, Bioperine, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12, and B5 in its formula.

The Way that Max Performer Works

Max Performer delivers many exciting results for men who take the formula consistently over time. It works by delivering harder, stronger, and larger erections complete with thicker penis size during arousal, foreplay, and intercourse. A man taking the formula will have never seen his male organ so mighty before. Max Performer boosts sexual desire for men, so that they have greater energy and enthusiasm for the ultimate pleasure activity in the bedroom. It means that you will have an appetite for more sexual encounters, and more importantly, you will have the package to see them through, too.

The Max Performer formula promotes better stamina and performance as well. It will enable you to remain harder for a longer and stronger amount of time so that your newfound stamina will allow you to share this powerful and exciting new sexual confidence with your partner. Your orgasms will be more intense, longer, and stronger with your growing erections. A greater amount of blood flow and higher ongoing semen production means that your partner will enjoy the far superior experience between the sheets.

Male Performer will lead to a greater amount more satisfying sexual activities, thanks to your renewed sexual prowess and confidence in the bedroom. This will help to launch a renewal and revival in your sexual and love life, lower stress, and deliver the long-desired but always-elusive pleasure that comes with a healthy physical relationship.

Is Max Performer Safe?

Max Performer is backed by both clinical trials and actual scientific research. Its ingredients have proven to be both free of side effects and completely safe in 100 percent of all trials. This means that when you take it correctly, it is safe for every man to enjoy its potent male enhancement results.

How to Safely and Properly Use Max Performer

The key to safely taking Max Performer is through taking it properly according to the package instructions. The directions tell you to take the supplement daily for maximum results. For the supplement to work, you should have two of the pills 30 minutes in advance of eating breakfast. Take the two pills with a full glass of water.

How Long Does It Take To Notice Results With Max Performer?

Optimal results with Max Performer come following consuming the proper dosage each and every day for up to 90 days of duration. Your improvements to longevity and strength of erections should manifest themselves in only a couple of days from starting the formula. This formula will also work best if you work to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Costs and Shipping Choices For Max Performer

You are only able to obtain this formula of Max Perfomer by ordering it directly from the maker's official website online at There is no other way to get it or no other distributor who can deliver it to you. It is not available in any physical location outlet stores like Walmart or GNC, and you can not get Max Performer from such mega e-tailers as Amazon or eBay.

A word of caution is in order here in this regard. Should you find Max Performer on sale via any other outlet or website besides the manufacturer's official website, the odds are better than even that this is a non-sanctioned and counterfeit version of the formula. It could be hazardous to your health to take this faked formula.

Ordering Max Performer off of the only authorized outlet the manufacturer's website will also get you the valuable advantage of free shipping. You can get it in one of several different quantities, as follows:

  • One Month Supply of 60 capsules for $69 – an ideal package for those men who want to try out the supplement before spending a lot of money on a large quantity.
  • Three Month Supply of 180 capsules for $138 – the best quantity for men who know they want to achieve the maximum optimal results for themselves.
  • Six Month Supply of 360 pills for $200 – those men who want to get the best possible volume deal will go with this package.

There are various payment methods and choices that you can take advantage of when you place your order for the Max Performer formula. Besides the major credit cards that are standard in such an online environment and transaction, you are able to take advantage of your PayPal account to place your order online securely. Silver Blade Nutrition Limited offers its famous free shipping around the world on every sized order. They dispatch their Max Performer formula orders out of both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Max Performer Pros

The Max Performer reviews from many current and past customers indicate that you will have great results, including stronger, harder, and much longer lasting erections, better sexual stamina, desire, performance, and pleasure. Pros of the product and formula include the following:

  • The male enhancement formula is both potent and unique.
  • It has quickly exploded into the top-rated supplement for male sexual enhancement in the world.
  • It is proudly manufactured within the United States.
  • It has no side effects of any kind, making it a 100 percent all-natural solution for every man.
  • The results and testimonials of users are 100 percent real and legitimate.
  • You receive phenomenal customer support from the manufacturer who handles all distributions directly and solely.
  • All orders come standard with a no-questions asked, 100 day long money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Max Performer Cons

There are only a few downsides to this formula that we can see. These include the following:

  • The results need several days to manifest.
  • The supplement is premium, meaning that it is not cheap.
  • Orders are only possible from the company's official website online.

Max Performer Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the use of male enhancement supplements, many questions may arise. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that we included in our Max Performer review:

How do I correctly take the recommended daily dosage of Max Performer?

The manufacturer states that you need to consume two tablets concurrently every morning. You are supposed to take these between 15 and 30 minutes before sitting down to breakfast, and you're supposed to drink a full, big glass of water when swallowing them.

How quickly will I see results?

The maker says that you should begin to feel the difference and notice the obvious impacts within the first several days of taking it. The results improve substantially and over time as you take it longer. You get the optimal results following a few months of continuing daily use. For maximum results, you should order and take the supplement for three consistent, consecutive months. The most attractive price point comes when you order a full six month supply.

Are there any negative side effects I should watch out for?

This dietary supplement contains only natural ingredients, so there are no negative known side effects to the formula. If you are taking other medications though, there could be potential negative interactions. This is why it is highly recommended that you always speak with your physician before taking the formula in conjunction with prescription medicines. No Max Performer review states that any negative side effects have been caused by using this product.

Will taking Max Performer boost my penis size, too?

This male performance enhancement is a supplement that will boost blood flow to your male organ. It will increase the size and appearance of your erections from blood flow, which means that for that arousal period, the penis will become somewhat longer and thicker. This does not mean that it is a permanent penis enlargement product or solution, which it is definitely not. When you cease consuming the Max Performer supplement, you will return to your normal state.


This supplement is a top-quality and best-selling supplement for male sexual performance enhancement. Should you be in the market for an all-natural daily dietary supplement that will boost your sexual performance, then your search can stop with Max Performer. With that being said, if you are seeking out an immediate solution that will deliver instantaneous results, then perhaps Max Performer will not be the right supplement for your individual needs.

Fortunately, you can decide if the results are what you are looking for by trying out the product first. Thanks to the formula and maker's no risk policy, you have a full 100 days of an unconditional money back guarantee backing your order. It means that you can take the formula for a 90 day test drive safely, all with no financial commitment or potential for financial loss. If you're tired of being too tired to connect with your partner, Max Performer can offer you the solution that both you and your partner have been looking for.

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