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Semenax Review: Does It Really Increase Semen Volume?

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Life is easy when you’re the man!

In this Semenax review, you’ll discover how this male enhancement supplement can help improve your sexual performance, produce heavy loads of semen, and give you a new phase of life in as little as 1 month.

Come on, you’re a guy! Why not take control in bed?

Highly Recommended
Semenax is made with natural ingredients, which guarantees good results and doesn’t come with side effects.
  • Increase semen volume and sperm production
  • Boosts sex drive

Highly Recommended
Clinically Proven To Increase Semen Volume And Orgasm INTENSITY!
  • Enjoy a longer orgasm
  • Experience better orgasm control
  • Shoot massive loads for an amazing finish

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Semenax is a highly recommended libido boosting male enhancement product. We’ll also highlight the ingredients, whether or not it’s safe to consume, daily dosage, and how it differs from other sexual improvement products.

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Sex life is a very important part of our existence.

We can all agree, Sex is a big part of our life. It’s not just to create a family, it’s an important aspect of both health and pleasure as well.

In this sense, the sexuality of men and women is very different.

The orgasms of men are very easy to achieve, while women need a varied stimulation depending on several factors.

The problem with male sexuality is that men, unlike women, only have an orgasm during sex. So, when a man engages in sex, he tries to make his orgasm as long as possible, generating as much pleasure as possible. One way to do this is by using Semenax to increase semen. Taking this supplement not only helps increase semen volume, but it always makes for a more pleasurable experience.

This is simple if you use the right enhancement products. This can also help improve the blood flow and experience of men during sex, in a very simple way.

So, do the ingredients really work? That is what we want to talk about in this article, so you can decide whether to use this supplement and if it can improve your sex life.


How To Increase Your Sperm Volume

Taking semen enhancers can help increase semen volume and blood flow providing a more intense orgasm. That's why more and more men take Semenax. I found this erectile dysfunction solution after my husband started experiencing issues in the bedroom. He was too embarrassed to bring it up for quite some time, so I started looking into it for him. (I'm a great wife I know 🙂 ) I found several semen volume enhancers that had great reviews from real customers with all natural safe ingredients.

I ordered the top 3 and gave them to him to try. He was a little shocked at first but also relieved that I was here to help. As a team we tested out the different products over the course of about a year, giving each one it's fair share of time.

I would say each of them did help in one way or another but,  i would take Semenax as the most effective solution we tested. He was instantly hooked and after 2 to 3 months of increased sperm production my husband was like a new man.


Take Semenax To Increase Sperm Count

Semenax Review

You are here to learn how to increase semen volume. So let's talk first about what this product is.

Men, for many years, have looked for ways to increase semen volume and improve the pleasure they feel during sex.

Leading Edge Health manufactures Semenex pills. This company produces many health products aimed to help improve the sexual relationships of both men and women.

This company has been working since 2001, getting very good reviews from all its customers, which have remained loyal to their products.

The main function is to improve the production of semen in man so that they can have a better experience when they engage in sexual activity.

It can be said that Semenax reviews are mostly very positive from users around the world, who have felt a considerable boost in sexual pleasure during their relationships. However, the only problem is its cost.



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How Does Taking Semenax Work?

Before we discuss how it works, here’s a proof of results from those who have tried this enhancement supplement.

Semenax Reviews

This is one of the most common questions that men who want to use the product have. First, we have to talk a little about how the orgasm of man works, so that you can understand the importance of this male climax intensity supplement.

Male orgasms occur due to muscle contractions in specific areas of the body, among which we can highlight: the muscles around the penis, the ejaculatory ducts, among others.

In addition to this, orgasm is primarily associated with ejaculation. As soon as this process occurs, orgasm occurs in man. So, orgasm lasts longer as long as your penis has semen volume to release.

So, to improve your orgasms and therefore your sexual pleasure, you have to improve your ejaculation volume, for which you have to produce more sperm and increase the volume of this fluid.

This is exactly what men are saying with this supplement.

Taking semen enhancers, the semen volume will increase exponentially — so that when you have sex, at the time of ejaculation you will have more sperm to expel, and therefore, you will feel a longer and more pleasurable orgasm.

These supplements will not only generate this result, but it will allow you to improve your ejaculation by improving all the fluids that make up your sperm, also improving your fertility at the same time.


 Ingredients in Semenax

semenax side effects

The ingredients are the main reason for its effectiveness.

Without the correct union of these ingredients and amino acid, Semenax supplements could not generate the expected results.

It is important to highlight the fact that this product is manufactured with completely natural components such as muira puama or butea superba, which ensures a man’s health.

Here are the ingredients:

•      Swedish Flower: This is a flower whose extract allows you to have a healthy prostate. The prostate is an organ in men essential to make semen production as effective as possible.

•      L-lysine and L-arginine: These are two amino acids that the body of man needs at the time of improving semen production. We love amino acids! L lysine is commonly found in these type of supplements and can help increase blood flow and semen loads.

•      Epimedium Sagittatum (Also Known as Horny Goat Weed): This is an herb that improves blood circulation in the body and therefore in the penis. This generates an improvement in erections.

•      Zinc Aspartate and Oxide: These are elements in the body that ensures the highest semen production, in addition to improving fluid quality.

•      L-carnitine: Just as important as semen volume, it is also necessary for sperm to move correctly. L carnitine is an amino acid that guarantees this.

•      Pumpkin Seeds: This is an essential ingredient to improve the health of your prostate — so that it can work efficiently.

•      Hawthorne: It is an herb whose extract also helps improve blood circulation in the body and improve erections.

•      Pine bark extract: This extract increases nitric oxide levels in the body. This compound plays a key role in both the duration and quality of erections.

•      flower pollen: This is an ingredient that provides the body with micronutrients that provide virility and sexual enjoyment for man.

As you can see, all the ingredients are completely natural. This implies that the side effects are almost non-existent, this being a very important difference compared to other similar products.

These are some of the many ingredients that allow this vitamins capsule to be as efficient with potency as all medical studies show. Let's continue with our review of Semenax enhancement pills.



Visit the Official Semenax site.


Benefits (Does it Really Work?)

Semenex supplements seem to be the right lift to sexual health and even testosterone levels some Semenex review claims. It offers tremendous benefits including erection hardness. Here are some of the core benefits:

1). Increased Semen Volume / Semen Loads

where to buy semenax

If you’re looking to increase sperm count and testosterone levels, then you might want to try using Semenax.

Having my husband personally use the supplement, I can boldly say that it works in this regard. This could be the reason why you might feel like you’re producing so much sperm than you can handle. And all of this is done in a healthy manner.

It’s common for most people to have sex once a day and feel exhausted. But with using Semenax pills, you’ll be excited and charged up to go more than once while experiencing more satisfactory loads.

Who doesn’t want to feel such an elevating life after years of feeling exhausted after sexual intercourse?

Let your testosterone function in the right horizon — is this the right time to produce more sperm or would you rather wait? The decision is yours to make.

And speaking of testosterone, this supplement is helpful when you’re looking to boost your T-levels with the inclusion of L-Arginine.

This is a multivitamin carefully formulated to aid in more exciting cum during sex.

This can increase your sex drive and make it more fun than ever.


2). Ejaculate Quicker and Further

If you adhere to the recommended dose of 2 pills per day, you’ll notice a difference in the fourth or fifth day.

One of the things you’ll notice is that your semen volume will increase, your sex desire will go up, and you’ll be shooting further. This is a life-changer because when your body produces more semen, then you would be able to ejaculate quicker and feel happier.

My girlfriend had no idea about semen enhancers, but I’m sure she’s come across volume pills. However, she loved the whole experience even though I didn’t tell her that I’m using them. It’s more like a dream come true when I came on her face!

You can trust this sexual function solution to deliver. There’s no need to worry because when it’s time to cum, you can surprise your girlfriend or partner and give them a memory to relish for months and years to come.


3). Orgasms are Better

According to medical research, it takes an average time of 7 minutes from the moment of penetration for a man to ejaculate. Essentially, 1 to 2 minutes was short but 3 to 7 minutes was adequate.


Healthy Body Healthy Mind Semenax review

Even though 7 minutes is the average time, most men would agree that it’s a short time and denies them of the pleasurable moments that come with connected orgasmic sex.

A personal story: Before I started taking Semenax pills, I noticed that my ejaculations where slower and a bit weak. But this pill has hardened my erections penis size and now I experience more intense and eager orgasms that I’ve longed for — coupled with deeper pulses. I can't exactly explain it, but it's great! You will have to see for yourself.

4). Get Rid of Sexual Performance Anxiety

This is one of the enormous benefits of taking Semenax natural male enhancement. Experiencing orgasms every time is a necessity, but sometimes sexual performance anxiety gets in the way. You need to understand what healthy sex is if you must overcome the anxiety of all sorts. Besides, none of us want to deal with erectile function issues.

Semenax by Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Several statistics have shown that most guys are concerned about how they’ll feel in bed; they’re worried about their overall performance.

Guys agree and desire that sex should be exciting if it’s approached in the right way. They feel that sex should be joyful and passionate — isn’t that what you crave for?

Sex time shouldn’t be a time of worry, stress, and anxiety. As a man, if you’re still seeing sex as a goal to please your partner, you need to think again — because such thought is depriving you of the ecstasy you’d enjoy.

As you experience more intense pleasure, you’ll be able to eliminate every trace of performance anxiety.

If you struggle to overcome this, you can always take the supplement before having sex, continue in this path until you see results (usually within a few days to 1 week, but it's recommended to give it 2 – 3 months).



Order SEMENAX Discreetly


Is it Safe?

Yes, using Semenax is safe to use!semenax pills bottle

Any medical product needs to be tested for several years before going to market.

In the case of this supplement, this testing process was performed on a very large sample of men, who had no side effects and achieved a significant increase in semen volume from what we found around the web.

This shows that the company that manufacturers Semenax is committed to the quality of its product. Therefore, it is safe to use and very effective.

Although it doesn’t typically generate side effects, you should check the ingredients list to avoid any unexpected allergic reactions.

Also, have in mind that it is always important to consult your trusted doctor, especially if you have a disease related to your fertility and the amount of semen you produce.

Even so, the use of this supplement doesn’t require any type of medical prescription.

Another reason to trust using Semenax is that the company that manufactures this product has a good track record in the United States — since that company offers similar products that have been positively received by the U.S. audience.

Most importantly, make sure you ONLY buy the original pills from the official site.

You can conveniently order online from the company's website or a third-party online store. Bear in mind that using any counterfeited supplement may result in health problems. Many of our readers also enjoy the Vigrx Plus supplement available here:


Pros and Cons

Let’s cover some of the pros and cons you’ll likely experience when using this semen enhancer.


  • The manufacturer has a proven track record of formulating quality products
  • Recommended by medical experts
  • Increase semen volume and sperm production
  • Boosts sex drive and semen loads
  • Helps to eliminate male performance anxiety
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • It’s formulated using natural ingredients (so it’s safe to use)
  • Better Blood flow


  • Not everyone can afford it (it costs $59.95)
  • You may have to wait up to 30 days to fully get your money’s worth of the product
  • Takes 2-3 months for your sperm count to really explode


How to Use

How to use Semenax

How Often Should I Take It?

When you start using this enhancer, it is important to know what the appropriate dose is to be effective. A very small dose does not generate results and a very high dose can cause health problems.

Each bottle contains 120 pills, which is adequate for a full month of increased semen loads. You should take two pills in the morning and two pills at night (i.e., a total of four per day).


How Long Does it Take To Work?

The effects will be observed from the first week when sexual cravings will increase, as well as the amount of semen. However, the best results will start after you have taken the pills for a full month.

This is because the amount of the enhancement supplements increases in your body progressively so that at the end of the month, you will produce much more semen. This is very important to know since many people want immediate results that are not possible.

It is also necessary to highlight the fact that if you stop taking the pills, the effects will decrease progressively, while the product trail leaves your body. This process occurs without leaving any side effects or addiction.


Semenax Free Trial – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Semenax

Few companies offer free product testing.

For this, this company has to be very sure that its product works correctly and this is the case of the company that manufactures the pills.

This company is so confident in its product, that it gives its customers a 67-day trial period so they can use Semenax and see the results.

If for some reason the customer is not happy with the results, He receives a full refund (i.e., 100% of what he paid).

However, you have to consider that this will not happen if you buy the pills in an establishment that is not official.

The only thing the company demands is that you place an order from it’s approved merchant or its official website, where you will get the best price and an original product.

No matter what you do, make sure you only buy Semenax from the official website. Any copy can result in serious health problems.

Without side effects and a free trial of the product, you can say that Semenax is a product worth trying. Don’t you think so?


Visit the Official Semenax site.


Where Can I Buy Semenax?

Clinically Proven Semenax Male Enhancement Pills

As mentioned earlier, you can get this product from the official website, where you will be able to order Semenax online for $60 retail price for each bottle.

This is the best way to purchase this supplement since the company is personally responsible for ensuring that each tablet is of quality and produces the most appropriate results for men.

You can purchase Semenax in other establishments, but there will always be the possibility that they will sell you an imitation that can generate some unexpected effect or illness.


Are These Pills Right For You?


Remember this…

Male orgasm can be easily generated. However, this causes the orgasms to not be as prolonged as expected; thereby resulting in a shorter sexual pleasure for the man.

That’s why you need to use Semenax. This is a supplement tested by the scientific community, which guarantees that the orgasm of man lasts longer and without any risk to his health.

This is not a very common thing to hear, but it’s the truth. Semenax is made with natural ingredients, which guarantees good results and doesn’t come with side effects. If not simply take advantage of the companies guarantee.

Many users have used Semenax and are satisfied with the supplement.

So, if you want to improve semen production in your body to have greater sperm count, Semenax may just be the right solution for you.

Although it can be a bit expensive, this is compensated with a free trial offered by the company to help you get your money’s worth.

Semenax doesn’t require a medical prescription for consumption, but if you have any disease related to the production of semen, it is best to seek the opinion of experts in the field. All results may vary and this information should not be used as medical advise and we hope our Semenax review was helpful and you can fulfill your sexual desire.



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Healthy Body Healthy Mind disclaimer




Alessandra is the mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 23. Natural medicine and a holistic living have been an focus of her life for many years. She has been studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is a big part of the wellness community. She is an big fan of yoga, practices meditation, and is presently a nutrition and healthy lifestyle mentor for adults.

Comments (3)

  • Kevin

    July 11, 2020 - 12:55 pm

    I have been using Semenax daily for approximately 4 months now. I am over 40 and I was experiencing low volume output. After the first 3-4 weeks, I didn’t see any noticeable results but after a couple of months with a change in diet and more water input – I definitely see the results I have wanted to achieve. Increase volume… be patient. Every person may have a different result initially but it is worth the wait.

  • JT

    August 28, 2020 - 12:51 pm

    You can not go wrong with this one, this is the real deal I strongly recommended it.

  • Brian

    September 5, 2020 - 12:53 pm

    I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I was skeptic!!
    My volume increased & orgasms morre intense
    I will reorder!!!


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