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How to Maintain An Erection With ProEnhance Patch (Review and Side Effects)

proenhance patch
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Healthy Body Healthy Mind ProEnhance Patch Review



Question: Does the ProEnhance Enlargement Patch work?

Answer: Yes, ProEnhance Patch works if you use it the right way. I'll show you how in this post.

I thought it was all a joke, after 3 years of struggling with weak erection and poor sexual health, I finally accepted my fate that it’s real.

Maintaining an erection and enjoying sex with your partner may look like a simple event, but it’s a real challenge for most people. I can testify to that.

But I’m glad that nephew introduced ProEnhance enlargement patch to me (Check it out here). Now I have a different story altogether. It’s now been 1 year and 2 weeks, and I’m happy to share my honest feedback to guide you.

If you’re unable to maintain an erection or when you do, you still have to pray to satisfy your lovely spouse, partner, or woman, a lot of Doctors highly recommend ProEnhance.

Or your genitals are too small to satisfy your woman? Have you heard about the ProEnhance patch?

Poor sexual performance is one of the worst things that can happen to a man. Why? Because sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship.

When sex is awful in a relationship, it leads to other problems. The man loses confidence in his activities and both parties are frustrated.

It could also be a temptation for your partner to cheat on you. It's normal to feel tension in the relationship as unnecessary arguments turn into bigger issues.

These are the events you want to avoid. What do you have to do to ensure your partner feels pleasure and achieve orgasm?

Because let's be frank here, sex is a mutual activity. If you're struggling to perform as a man during sex, your woman will also suffer as a result.

The thing about weak erections and shrinking manhood is that this problem isn't unique to you. There are millions of people who suffer from the same predicament.

Sometimes, this may not be because you've done anything wrong. It could just be because you're growing old and mother nature is having its effect on your body strength.

Naturally, you'll find that such a popular problem will also attract many solutions. Many products have been manufactured to tackle this problem.

And these manufacturers will promise heaven and earth to get their products off the shelves. Often, this is usually marketing gimmicks and most of these male enhancement products fail to perform up to expectations.

Before choosing a product to battle your weak erections and overall poor performance in the bedroom, you need to find the right product that can solve your problem.

Because you don't want to waste your money on a useless product. With products like these, money can even be a secondary worry. The primary worry is that you don't want an unsafe product that can cause havoc to your body system.

In this analysis, we'll be talking about the ProEnhance male enhancement supplement. This is a product that promises to help men get stronger erections, increase in size, and more intense orgasms. Visit the official site.

But does it deliver on its promises? How do you use the patch and how does it work? You'll get these and other details as we go on in the article.

What is ProEnhance Patch?

It's a male enhancement product marketed by Leading Edge Marketing Ltd. The company has been in existence since 2001 and is responsible for many products.

This product works by transferring its ingredient through a patch into the user's skin to produce its results.

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It's also doctor approved and you need no prescription before you can purchase the product. In fact, the manufacturer claims ProEnhance is the only doctor-approved male enhancement patch in the market.

ProEnhance Patch Ingredients

One of the selling points of this male enhancement patch is that it combines natural ingredients in the right proportion. These natural ingredients ensure that the product is safe compared to most similar products.

Apart from safety, these ingredients also help the ProEnhance patch achieve its aim of increasing erection size and having better erections.

Herbal ingredients have been found to be most effective when they're pure and fresh. The manufacturer claims it enforces this standard to get the best ingredients for its product.

Here Are Some Ingredients in this Enlargement Supplement:

He Shou Wu (Fo Ti)

As you can see from its name, this is an Asian herbal tonic that has existed for centuries. It has different names depending on where you are in Asia.

It's called Fo Ti in North America, Hasuo in Korea, Ha Thu O in Vietnam, and Seikasku in Japan. He Shou Wu is derived from the roots of Polygonum multiflorum and has been used to treat sexual decline that comes with age since the 16th century.

Some of the main uses of this herb have been to improve erection quality and boost libido. Apart from this, this herb is good for older people as it also helps to increase vitality, improve hair color, and give a youthful appearance.

Other functions of this herb are to improve your liver function, intestinal function, regulate cholesterol level and boost brain function.

Panax Ginseng

This is also an Asian plant that grows mainly in Eastern Asia. It's commonly used in many natural products in America and China to help men and women improve their fertility and boost sexual performance.

For this ingredient, scientific studies have also shown that it's effective in improving sexual performance.

For instance, a Southern Illinois University School of Medicine study in 2002 found that using ginseng can lead to a boost in your sexual urge and performance. These include both the American and Asian Ginseng.

A factor that can harm your libido is stress levels. It's difficult for someone who has gone through stress throughout the day to have enough energy levels to perform sexually. Ginseng helps you to relieve stress and this can help you get better erection and maintain it for a longer period of time.

Saw Palmetto

Having sexual desire is important to getting an erection and having a good sexual performance. Saw Palmetto is a popular aphrodisiac that helps to increase your sexual appetite and energy.

It's derived from a partially dried ripe fruit that is gotten from the palmetto scrub. Apart from being an aphrodisiac, saw palmetto is also an herb that can be used to treat an enlarged prostate.

Research published in the medical journal JAMA showed that this plant is effective in the treatment of men who have symptomatic benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Apart from these, saw palmetto is also an herb that can strengthen and build your body tissues. This will have a good effect if you're battling old age.

Gotu Kola

This is a popular  Ayurvedic herb also known as Indian Pennywort. It's used as a form of food with its leafy greens consumed in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

But more than being a food, Gotu Kola helps to increase blood flow to the penis. As a result of this, you can get harder erections and stamina. It also helps you to relax your nerves, reduce high blood pressure, neutralize blood toxins, and balance your hormones.


This male enhancement patch uses a different mechanism to transfer its ingredients to your body compared to pills. Therefore, menthol helps to open your pores and transfer ProEnhance's ingredients through your skin and into the bloodstream.


This is a Mayan herb that is used as an aphrodisiac to boost your sexual urge. It has been used for thousands of years in Central and South America to help many men improve their sexual stamina and achieve better orgasms.

Apart from this, it can also work as a stimulant to help you improve energy and vitality. As you already know, having more energy will also lead to better sex with your partner.



How Does ProEnhance Patch Work?

This penis enlargement patch uses a different system compared to pills. The product helps to deliver its ingredients into your bloodstream directly through your skin. This type of product is also called single-layer herbal-infused adhesive.

This means the herbal ingredients are part of the adhesive the attaches the patch to your skin. It releases the active ingredients consistently into the bloodstream over the 3 days of having the patch on your body.

The patch consist of 4 parts which are:

  • Discreet backing
  • Herbal formulation
  • Menthol
  • Approved skin-safe adhesive

How comfortable is the patch?

One of the unique selling points of the ProEnhance patch is that it transmits its ingredient directly into the user’s bloodstream, unlike pills that have to undergo digestion. A possible worry with this is how comfortable it will be to wear the patch.

The patch is a square with each side having a length of 1.25 inches. It’s paper thin and there’s no fear that people will see it through your clothing.

You also don’t need to remove it while taking your bath as it’s water resistant. You should avoid applying soap to the patch though.

Generally, the patch is comfortable to wear throughout the duration you apply it until you need to change it. Buy your patch today!

How long does ProEnhance take to get results?

This is an important question to ask before buying a product. Different products take different amounts of time before they kick in and start having effects.

If you don’t have this knowledge about a product, you might feel it’s ineffective if you don’t see its effects immediately.

The reality is that not all male enhancement products work immediately. For ProEnhance, you’ll start getting positive results on erection quality, sexual appetite, and stamina after the first 30 days of using it.

However, this is not a fast rule. Some people get results as early as their first 7 to 10 days after wearing the patch. After the first month of using ProEnhance, you begin to have harder erections and increase in your size.

By the end of the second month of using it, you’ll have a 0.5-1 inch increase in your penis length. By the end of the third month, you’ll have a higher sex drive and sexual confidence.

By the end of the fourth month, you’ll have thicker erections and better ejaculations. You’ll also see an increase in your length. By the end of the fifth month, you’ll get more intense orgasms and your erections would be thicker.

To get the best results on your libido and increase in length, you’ll have to use the product for 6 months.

You also have to note that this is just a general expectation and you can see results faster if your body has a high metabolic rate.

Another thing to note with the issues of enlargement is that you’ll likely get bigger results if you’re older as the patch helps to get your shrunken manhood to its best length.

If you’re still young and your penis hasn’t shrunken, you may not see a big effect on length. However, no matter your age, you’ll get better erections and the maximum length. If you would prefer a male enhancement pill over using the patch be sure to check out our experience with Vigrx here:

ProEnhance Pros

What are the potential benefits when you use the Pro Enhance patch? After all, this is why you’re paying for the product in the first place. Some of the benefits of this product are:

i). Better libido: Without the urge to have sex, it becomes difficult to have sex. A better libido means your brain and body is in the mood to have sex.

ii). Bigger and harder erections: A soft erection is a no no for sex. Penetration becomes difficult and your partner gets little enjoyment as they’re not getting stretched enough.

iii). Better stamina: Nobody wants to be a one-minute man. Because unlike men, it usually takes a bit more for the ladies to achieve orgasms.

To perform for a longer period during sex, you need high stamina and you can get that from this patch.

iv). Intense ejaculations: When you reach the climax during sex, you want to feel the best pleasure possible. This product ensures that you can achieve that.

ProEnhance Cons

What are the possible points that can discourage you from buying the Pro Enhance patch?

i). Relatively expensive: when you compare the cost of ProEnhance to similar male enhancement products, the patch is more expensive than most.

However, you can get the product at a cheaper price if you buy for many months at a time. Likewise, the price might not worry you when you compare the price you pay to the results you get. Check out the price compared to another great male enhancement called Prosolutions here:

ProEnhance Dosage

How do you apply ProEnhance male patches to get the best results possible? Of course, this is different from pills you have to take daily.

For ProEnhance, you have to apply the patch once every 3 days. You can have it on for the entire 3 days before you change it.

Another question you might ask is where to apply this patch on your body. Place the patch around your abdomen, probably your abdomen. To apply the patch, press it to the location for about 10 seconds until you’re sure it’s stuck.

Furthermore, you should avoid using a single spot for the patch to prevent localized skin irritation. You should give an area a week before using it again.

ProEnhance Price

Of course, an important question to ask is: how much will I be able to get Pro Enhance patch? It depends on the package you want to purchase.

For a 1-month supply, you'll have to pay $68.95. This gives you free access to the members area.

If you're buying a 2-month supply, it'll cost $115.95. This is a saving of $22 and also offer you free access to the erection system.

For the 3-month supply, you'll part with $154.95 for a savings of $52. You'll also have access to the bonus that comes with the 2-month supply.

For a 4-month supply, you'll pay $186.85 which translates to $89 savings. Added to the bonus that comes with the 3-month supply, you also get a box of volume pills semen enhancer.

For a 5-month supply of ProEnhance, this will set you back $211.95 for savings of $133. Apart from the bonuses that come with the 4-month supply, you also get a box of Prosolution pills.

For the 6-month supply, you’ll have to pay $249.95 for a cost savings of $164. In addition to that, you’ll get free shipping in the United States of America.

The biggest package is the 1-year package which goes for $358.95. [Official Site]

This is equivalent to $30 a month and gives you a savings of $468. Of course, you should only go for this package when you already trust the product and it has increased your sexual performance.

Leading Edge Health also gives you the opportunity to order for the patch through 3 means which are by mail, fax, and phone.

This can look like a big investment for a male enhancement patch. But you should also consider its benefit.

Simply, it’s worth it with the results you can get. The product is also available for international shipping if you live outside the United States and the shipping is discreet.

Having said that, it’s a low risk to purchase this product. You have a 67 days money-back guarantee.

You can try this product for more than 2 months and get your money back if it doesn’t work for you. Get started risk free today!

ProEnhance Side Effects

What are the possible side effects when you use this male enhancement product? According to the manufacturer, there's no side effect of using this product.

However, there can be side effects on a personal basis. It's vital to check the ingredients properly to ensure that you're not allergic to any of them.

In cases where you're allergic to an ingredient, it can lead to reactions in your body system.

Also, if you're treating a condition, you should inform your doctor to confirm if you should use the patch or not. If you experience side effects from this product dont worry, there are more great male enhancement options such as Extenze available here:




Boosting your erections and lasting longer during sex are activities you should consider. Doing so would lead to better sexual experiences and a better relationship as a result of that. Click here to Try Your Patch today.

Let's be frank, ProEnhance is not for everyone. If you're uncomfortable wearing a patch on your skin, then this is probably not the product for you.

Also, if you're allergic to any of the ingredient, you should avoid using the product.

However, if you want to see how the product can improve your sexual performance, you can apply the patch. If you don't see any result, you can always use the money-back guarantee. Some people even combine the patch with a semen enhancer such as Semenax pills for explosive results.



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