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How to Properly Use a Penis Pump?

Read Carefully

What is a penis pump? It is used when you do not feel adequate below the belt. You should learn how to properly use a penis pump before you try it out.

The penis pump provides a solution to men’s sense of “inadequacy.” That is why it is one of the greatest inventions created to serve men. It is ideal for men who have real problems or those who want to get into the adult industry. The penis pump is perhaps the most complicated gadget compared to the other options in the penis enhancement arsenal, including ingestible, creams, and others that do not require instruction materials or moving parts. Continue reading to learn how to use a penis pump in the right way.

A lot of questions and caution about the penis pump’s efficacy have been raised due to the complexity in its operation. Firstly, the most important question you should ask before asking about efficacy is: Do you know how to use a penis pump in the right way? If you do not use it in the correct manner, then you will have a hard time with the effectiveness of your penis pump.

What makes up a penis pump?

There are so many penis pumps brands on the market and the design concept of all these penis pumps is the same. Penis pumps have the following three basic working parts, even though they come in varying sizes and shapes.

1. The Airtight Cavity

Your little guy goes here during the enlargement process. It is usually made of different materials, including glass, fiberglass, or stiff plastic. The structure should be big enough to accommodate different penis sizes. And it should be strong enough to withstand the vacuum pressure that will come with the pumping.

2. The Pump

It draws out air from the airtight cavity during the enlargement process. A certain length of tubing connects the cavity to the pump. The air passes out through the tubing towards the pump. Pumps are either manually or electronically operated.

3. The Constriction Ring or Penis Band

The constriction ring is located on the base of the airtight cavity, where you will insert your penis. The constriction ring keeps the cavity airtight by providing a tight grip on the base on an erect penis. After the pumping process, it keeps the penis in length.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

The penis pump uses vacuum pressure to draw out an erect shape of the penis to its full length. As the erection deflates, the penis pump allows the penis to stay there. This process stretches the penis and stimulates penis growth since the penis is made of flexible connective tissue.

Penis Pump EnlargerHow to Use a Penis Pump

The technique for learning how to properly use a penis pump varies depending on the design of the penis pump. The most basic penis pumps work the way a breast pump work. But there is a less manual intervention for penis pumps with automatic pumping features and powered by a battery. You are still required to do some basic steps despite the differences of these penis pumps.

1. Insert your penis inside the airtight cavity. Once your penis is erect, you must fully insert it within the cavity from base to tip.

2. Secure the penis band on the base of your little guy. Securing the penis band snugly at the base of your penis prevents air from coming in as you start pumping out air. This ensures the air drawing is as smooth as possible. To have a snug fit, many penis pumps suggest you shave your pubic hair before you secure the penis band on the base of your little guy.

3. Pump out the air. You can pump out the air manually or press a switch to pump out the air. This depends on the brand of your penis pump. Pumping out the air sucks out the air inside the cavity where your penis sits. This will make you feel a certain amount of vacuum pressure.

4. Monitor Pressure. Use a gauge to monitor pressure levels. You are highly encouraged to keep it at a certain number of minutes and at a certain level. But this depends on your prescribed pumping regiment. You can add or decrease the pressure during the process if necessary.

5. Maintenance after pumping. Allow your penis to relax after the pumping process. To let the blood flow through the cavities, you are encouraged to massage your penis.

Penis Pumping Methods

The process of pumping your penis is not a singular process. To make the penis growth stimulation more efficient, the penis pumping requires several different processes.

1. Shaking

To stimulate your penis, shake or move the airtight tube. Stimulating your penis helps to keep it erect during the pumping session. A penis usually loses erection as time passes, so it is necessary to stimulate it using this technique during longer sessions. As previously mentioned, for penis growth stimulation to occur, the process requires your penis to be erect.

2. Wrapping

You are required to put a heat source around the airtight cavity that surrounds the penis in this simple method. Your penis will stay erect longer during the session if you incorporate heat since the heat dilates blood vessels in your penis. You can use warm packs, heating blankets, or heating pads for this technique. If you do not want to get blisters on your penis or even burn your penis, you should be careful with the temperature.

3. Pulse Pumping

It changes the penis pump’s pressure levels in measured intervals when you are using the pump. This method expands and stimulates penis growth by working up the internal connective tissue in your penis. Changing the pressure down a notch after one minute and reverting it back to the original pressure on the next minute is the most common pulse technique.

4. Milking

It is a great way for stimulating the growth process. How do you accomplish it? You move the airtight cylinder up and down, just like the way you masturbate. The process keeps the penis erect and it speeds up blood circulation.

Tips on How to Use a Penis Pump

1. Know your penis pump

Read and understand your penis pump’s manual. You will encourage more noticeable penis growth and ensure your safety and the safety of your safety pump if you know what your pump can and cannot do and if you know how your pump works.

2. Do not over-pump

Over-pumping can lead to mishaps since it constricts blood flow around the base and strains your penis. Additionally, the cylinder will break, and shattered fragments will be sent into where it is connected if you pump way more than the penis pump can handle.

3. Use your penis pump as prescribed

This means giving your penis rest days and avoiding over-pumping your penis. We are confident that you want to see results quickly. Do not rush the process by going against the instructions. Why? This will lead to injury and even perhaps dismemberment.

4. Do not try a pump without consulting a doctor, especially if your penis does not feel right after a session.

Do not proceed before you consult a medical professional because this is like any other activity with certain health risks. They are knowledgeable, so they will provide you will tips and precautions that will determine how effective your pump will be.

A penis pump can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You can get the two or three inches you have always wanted if you know how to properly use a penis pump. You might end up damaging your penis and lose a few hundred dollars if you ignore the warning labels. As always you should consult a medical professional before trying one out.

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