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The Best Penis Exercises That Can Be Done In Only Half An Hour

Penis Enlargement Exercise
Read Carefully

One of the major things that the vast majority of men often worry about is the size of their penis. They are typically concerned that it is not big enough to make their partner happy and have a stable relationship. These types of issues usually lead to poor self-esteem and even cause the relationship to fail. As a result, it is critical that you regularly exercise your penis so that it reaches the maximum length and hardness possible.

Making your penis larger is quite simple to achieve. This is due to the fact that every penis has three channels that are the same length as the penis. It is actually possible to feel these channels when the penis is erect. These three channels are the corpora cavernosa where two are located on each side of the penis and the third one is on the lower area. These channels also have the urethra which is necessary for the semen to pass through before being ejaculated. This is connected to the head which is also known as the glans.

When an erection occurs, blood is pushed into these channels by the nervous system and this causes the channels to grow and become filled. Due to this, the penis becomes erect. The quality of the erection, meaning the size and hardness varies among different persons. However, it should be noted that the more blood that flows into the penis, the better the erection will be i.e. harder and longer and this indicates that the penis is quite healthy.

So, when it comes to weak erections, this occurs because there is much lower blood flow to the channels in the penis. As a result, if you want to get a firmer erection, then it is necessary to increase the blood flow to the penis.

We will now look at 5 extremely effective exercises that will help your penis to get more blood flow and achieve a couple of extra inches on your erection. Once you do these exercises regularly, you will likely notice an increase in the size of your penis by 2cm in about three weeks. You should do these exercises five days per week. By doing these exercises, they may even assist you a little if you also have premature ejaculation. However, do note that it doesn't impact this significantly and there are other exercises that can be done to address this issue.

1. Jelqing exercises

One of the most popular exercises is jelqing and it is so popular because it is extremely effective by those that actually practice it regularly.

Once you do these exercises, it will actually increase the entire size of your penis. It will increase the width of your penis, especially if you take your time during the exercise and do each repetition very slowly. So, instead of doing each repetition for only 2 or 3 seconds, you should strive to do them for 4 to 5 seconds.

In addition to increasing size and width, this exercise also helps your penis to become more easily erect. This will definitely boost your sex life.

Once you are ready to do this exercise, you should start by preheating your penis so that it becomes erect. Then, be sure to use both of your hands and place them around your penis and hold firmly. This will enable you to properly perform each repetition from the top of your penis to the bottom. However, you should be quite delicate when performing the exercise so that it is not uncomfortable.

2. Kegel exercises

Next, another great exercise that you can do are kegel exercises that are best done during sex since it allows you to contract your muscles which will help delay premature ejaculation.

This exercise will increase the volume of blood that is pumped into the head of the penis which will make the penis stretch and result in a thicker penis.

Kegel ExerciseIt is possible to do this exercise from just about anywhere since you only need to contract and press on the muscle. This will help improve blood circulation and blood flow which will make your penis firmer and bigger.

The major benefits of this exercise include:

It improves the size of the penis as well as enhances sexual pleasure. Also, this exercise can be done just about anywhere since no one will see you do the exercise as it requires internal pelvic muscle contractions. It is best to practice this exercise regularly if you want to see long-lasting results.

3. Stretching exercises

This is a great exercise to do in order to improve the size of the penis. It is very effective due to the particular movements and you can see quick short term results once they are done regularly.

This is a very simple exercise to do and it is similar to a milking motion. So, you can easily imitate this motion to complete the exercise.

The correct hand positioning: The main fingers that need to be used are the forefinger and thumb. However, when doing the milking position, you need to use strong pressure as it does not mimic masturbation movements.
Path: When performing the milking motion, this should be done starting from the bottom to the start of the head. This movement should only be done in one direction and once one movement is complete, you should start again at the base. It is best that you avoid getting a full erection while doing this exercise. It is fine to be semi-erect, however, you should aim to be flaccid.

Method: This has to be a very strong motion that repeats. So, the motion should be for 2 seconds and then repeat the movement for 10 repetitions. Then, allow some time for your penis to recover and then repeat. It is best that you do this exercise for approximately 20 minutes.

Exercises: This is a great exercise that is based upon stretching and contraction. By doing this every day, it will help to naturally increase penis size. In only 8 weeks you can see a significant increase in size. So, make sure that you are consistent in your efforts and follow through with the exercise.

When stretching, you need to practice care so that you don't hurt your penis or other limbs. When stretching the penis, be sure to press on the glans as this will improve blood circulation and increase the size of your penis.

It is best that this stretching is done on a daily basis for maximum effectiveness.

4. Massage exercises

Massages are very effective once done regularly on a routine. When doing this type of exercise, you will need to use lubrication on the penis and massage it. You can choose to either do this on your own or your partner can do it for you. This exercise will help to increase penis size.

In order for this exercise to be effective, you need to do it daily. If you aren't consistent, then it won't be effective and you'll just waste your time. There are many porn actors that use the advanced jelqing technique which is very effective.

5. Weight exercises

The last exercise is where you use a device on the penis, particularly on the tip, and then add light weights. This will help to make your penis longer.

This exercise can be done at home and it is essential that you concentrate while doing it due to the weight on your penis and it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Over time, you can use heavier weights but you don't need to go overboard.

Bonus Exercise: Vacuum pump

Another great way to increase the size of your penis is to use a penis pump which can greatly help to improve your penis's girth.

When it comes to using a penis pump, all you need to do is put your penis into the tube and turn on the pump. There are different types of pumps such as electric, hand pump, base, etc. Once activated, a vacuum will form inside of the tube that will pull blood into your penis in a very similar fashion that the above exercises do.

Allow your penis to remain in the vacuum pump for up to 20 minutes and then turn it off. The great thing about using a vacuum pump is that you will immediately see a huge difference in your penis and it will be longer and bigger.

With that said, you should never do this exercise every day and be sure to take days off.


The exercises listed above are all very effective but do note that they shouldn't cause pain. If you do find yourself feeling pain, you should stop immediately. Take time to look over the instructions again and then attempt the exercise again.

In the stretching exercises, it is essential that tension is created. However, this tension should not be painful. If you do feel pain, then this means that you are creating too much tension and actually overstretching. This will result in very painful erections.

Do note that these exercises won't cause a miracle. If you want to get results, you will need to follow the instructions and be as consistent as possible. Don't over train or do the exercises more than indicated since this can actually cause the opposite effect. Make sure that you give your penis enough time to rest so that it can actually get bigger over time.

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