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Everything You Want To Know About Effectiveness Of Penis Pumps

Penis Pump
Read Carefully

Do penis pumps work?

The short answer is that penis pumps are effective for most people but it does not mean that they work as advertised or as per your expectations.

Role of a Penis Pump

In order to understand what you can do with a penis pump, you first need to understand what is not possible with this device. You won't get a bigger penis with a pump even though that's what many of these Internet articles and retailers selling these pumps would want you to believe. These help in increasing the blood flow to your penis which will help you maintain or achieve an erection in order to have penetrative sex. It might make your penis a teeny bit long but any such gain is temporary.

For people suffering from erectile dysfunction, this device is less expensive and safer as compared to other options but only when it is used correctly. These pumps can be used along with various ED medications such as Viagra.

Pumps have also been found to be effective when it comes to preserving erectile function after radiation therapy for prostate cancer and after prostate surgery.

How do these work?

It's a pump which means it uses suction to get extra blood into the penis.

Your penis has a lot of blood vessels and extra blood fills these blood vessels causing your penis to swell and make it harder and bigger although temporarily. A constriction ring which is also known as cock ring is typically placed around the penis base in order to retain that blood in the penis which helps in maintaining longer erection.

Are these safe?

It is safe to use these pumps for the most part. As per FDA, the use of a penis pump as well as other external rigidity devices could lead to aggravated penile conditions such as priapism.

If the cylinder has too much air pressure, it could lead to mild bleeding under the surface of the skin. Therefore, you should avoid using penis pumps in case you take blood thinners, have a history of blood clots or suffer from a blood disorder.

If the cock ring is left on the penis for too long or it's too tight, it could lead to your penis becoming cold, numb and bruised.

Choosing the Best Penis Pump

Avoid all pumps that are marketed as some kind of miracle device for penis enlargement. Get a prescription from your healthcare provider. A prescription is not needed for buying a penis pump but when you have one, it is more likely that you will buy a safe device.

It's also possible to have a part or all the cost of the device to be covered by insurance or patient assistance when you have a prescription.

When it comes to safety, it is important for you to ensure that the pump has a vacuum limiter. Vacuum limiter helps in controlling the pressure inside the cylinder. If the pressure gets too high, it could injure your penis.

You should also take into account the size of your penis before buying a tension ring or a pump. Most such devices sold in the market offer a one size fits all solution but you would want to choose a size that fits you best in case your penis is smaller or bigger than average.

There are only a few pumps we can honestly recommend: 

Read Full Review – Hydroxtreme 7 

Read Full Review – Hydromax 7

#1 Recommended Solution – Phallosan Forte

How to use it?

Some models have lot of extra features but the basic principle behind their functioning remains the same.

In short, you will get a tube and you will need to put it over your penis. You will then need to pump out the air with the help of an electric pump or a hand pump that is attached to this tube which will create a vacuum effect. Due to this vacuum effect, blood will rush into your penis and it will begin to get erect and harder, and once you have reached the desired size, you need to remove the pump.

You then take the constriction or cock ring and place it at the base of the penis to sustain that erection.

Precautions to Take

You certainly need to take some precautions in order to make your experience safer and to get the best results when using the device.

Begin by getting rid of your pubes. Make sure you have absolutely no hair at the base before you use a pump or you will risk getting those hair caught in the ring. Also, if you have a clean surface, you will get a better seal for the pump.

You should always use the pump as directed. Even if the device looks self-explanatory, you need to check the manufacturer's directions and follow them in order to ensure effectiveness and safety.

The constriction or cock ring should not be left there for more than half-an-hour. You could cause some serious damage to your member by cutting off blood flow for more than 30 minutes. Therefore, don't ever leave that ring there for longer than 30 minutes.

You should always keep the lube handy. Before you put on the lube on your member, don't forget to lube up your shaft as well as the end of the cylinder as it will help in creating an airtight seal. It will also make it easier for you to get the constriction ring on and off. If you like to masturbate, it will make the experience more pleasurable.

How long does it last?

Usually, the effect lasts around 30 minutes but everyone's experience is different.

Several factors such as your arousal level as well as the exact moment when you use it during a session with influence how long it lasts.

Frequency of Use

As far as frequency of use is concerned, it depends on your comfort level and your situation. It is completely safe to use multiple times a day for most people as long as it is used correctly.

What can you do for improving function or for increasing size?

You can definitely do certain things to increase its function but increasing size is going to be a bit challenging. In order to get stronger erections and to improve the function, you need to focus on living a balanced lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle includes:

  • Reduction in your stress levels
  • Regular exercise
  • Enough good quality sleep
  • Limiting alcohol and nicotine intake as these have a negative effect on boners
  • Certain medications also drive down your sex drive and may lead to erection problems especially blood pressure medications and antidepressants. Check with your doctor in case you think that your medication is causing an issue.

Needless to say, one of the keys to getting hard and to maintain that erection is being horny. Therefore, think of spending that little extra time on foreplay in order to get the blood pumped before penetration.

Coming onto the size, penis size can't be increased without surgery. However, keep in mind that size doesn't always matter and it does not have any effect on your ability to enjoy or give some serious pleasure to your partner.

If a bigger penis is really important to you, you can always follow the below steps to make it look and feel bigger:

Always keep your pubes shaved to ensure that every single inch can be seen and isn't covered by hair.
Focus on maintaining balanced weight and it will certainly make your member look bigger
Learn about various sex positions where you can go deeper with your member to make it feel big to your partner.


Overall, penis pumps are effective but don't think of them as a magical device leading to permanent increase in penis size. These pumps will help you get and maintain a harder erection. However, these erections tend to be temporary and there is nothing wrong with that.

Penis Pump

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