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The Top 8 Essential Oils For Male Enhancement

Essential Oils For Male Enhancement
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Essentials oils are some of the best natural home remedies to go for when looking to improve your health and wellness. Some essential oils can also be used for male enhancement and to boost a person’s stamina in bed. Many people again turn to these oils when looking to relax and unwind after a long day. This article outlines some of the most effective and science-backed essential oils for boosting a man’s stamina. These include:

1. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-ylang oil contains properties that can help improve penile size with time. It is also rich in properties that help treat conditions that might affect a person’s well-being and self-esteem, including depression, anxiety, and frigidity.

2. Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is believed to contain aphrodisiac properties that help boost a man’s self-confidence and sensuality. Researchers also believe rose essential oil can help improve a man’s sperm count and testosterone production. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for masculinity and penile size, among other uses. That said, using rose oil can help your body’s ability to produce testosterone, increased libido, and sperm count. It also protects the body from formaldehyde, a compound known to affect testosterone production.

3. Lavender

Lavender is one of the best and effective home remedies for erectile dysfunction and male enhancement. This is because lavender essential oil is rich in properties and compounds that promote increased blood flow to the penis.

In addition to triggering increased testosterone production, lavender oil can help increase a man’s ability to be aroused sexually. Studies also show that lavender oil can help induce a sense of relaxation and combat anxiety, hence recommended for improved reproductive health and sperm quality.

4. Lavender And Rosemary Essential Oil

The combination of Rosemary essential oil and lavender oil has proven to be effective in improving testosterone levels in men.

In addition to this, rosemary oil packs potent antioxidants that help prevent oxidative stress, especially around the penile region. It is thus, for this reason; you can use rosemary and lavender essential oil for penile enlargement. Some people even try black seed oil for male enhancement.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon, according to research, can help improve sexual functions in animals by more than 30%. Cinnamon essential oil, for example, contains properties that help increase seminal vesicles, testes weight, and penile growth. Some health experts also recommend cinnamon extracts for improved testosterone production and higher sperm count.

One of the best things with cinnamon essential oil is it contains compounds that help keep the male reproductive systems protected. Researchers also believe cinnamon will help trigger increased blood flow to the penis, making it more rigid and larger.

6. Basil Essential Oil

Basil is a common home remedy for various sexual related conditions. Studies show that basil helps increase blood flow to the penis while boosting sperm viability, motility, and count.

It also contains potent antioxidants that help prevent oxidative stress as well. Basil is incredibly helpful in conditions where one was exposed to heavy metals that affect sperm motility and cell growth. You can also use basil to manage/treat stress and anxiety.

7. Ginger

Ginger essential oil is a potent home remedy for restoring hormone balance, predominantly testosterone production. It is by triggering increased testosterone production that your masculine features can grow. Ginger is also known to pack antioxidative properties that help promote good health and sperm motility.

8. Clove And Nutmeg Essential Oils

According to a study conducted in 2003, clove and nutmeg essential oil do trigger increased sexual activity in male mice. The same is also believed in humans and other animals.

Researchers also believe consuming/using these oils do help boost a man’s performance sexually by building up his libido and sexual stamina. Nutmeg is specifically useful in triggering an increase in blood flow around the reproductive organs, hence better performance.

How To Use These Essential Oils

Some of the best ways to use essential oils include:

a.    Use the essential oils or massage (when diluted with a carrier oil): Massage the penis and lower abdominal areas with a few oil drops every day.

b.    Make a hot or cold-water compress with the essential oil, then use it on your abdomen and lower back.
c.    Use it in a diffuser in the bedroom or living room.
d.    Add several drops of your chosen essential oil to your pillowcases and bedsheets.

e.    Add a few drops of the essential oil to a hot bath
f.    Use a carrier oil to dilute the oils if looking to use them topically.


While these essential oils may help with male enhancement, you still need to lead a healthy lifestyle and focus on nutritious foods for them to work. That said, you need to have a routine to help you eat well, exercise, and manage stress and anxiety. Talking to a nutritionist or seeing a physician can also help. He/she will help you identify some of the exercises and foods that can help with male enhancement.

Plenty of self-care, and especially rest, are vital for male enhancement. You thus need to take on interests, hobbies, and activities that will help keep stress at bay and promote personal well-being. These, alongside essential oils, will help you achieve your goal.

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