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Cells: Life's Basic Structure

Cells are the building blocks to life. Every part of our body is made of cells. There are eye cells, specialized heart cells, and brain cells. All of them are responding to the world around us. Thinking about our body as millions of cells allows for a healthier lifestyle because we can learn what the cells need. The cells are made up mostly of water and desire hydration and nutrients. Aging starts at the cellular level. That's right, and our cells are aging every day. The good things we do to our body slow down aging. The bad stuff we put in our body speed up aging.

Cells are the basic structure of life. Cells create organelles or organ parts that organs need to function. The next step up is the organ. We all need organs to create an organ system; after all, the organ systems form the total body. Just now, you read how cells create an entire body. Keep reading to find out how to slow the aging process and nourish your cells so that you live a long, healthy, fulfilling life full of energy to do the things you want to do.

The Making of a Cell

Each cell in your body has the same basic structure. It just may be used in a different area of the body. Let's go over the structure of the cell. A cell can be eukaryotic or prokaryotic. The eukaryotic cells will be the focus because those are the cells that we have in our bodies. The cell is microscopic and is protected by an outer sheath called a cellular membrane. This membrane keeps a fluid balance within the cell and protects the cell from intruders. The cellular membrane is like a gatekeeper that stops bad things from entering the cell. It allows water to come into the cell if the cell is dehydrated and lets water out of the cell is too full of water.

The nucleus is the center of the cell. It is much like our brain, and it runs the functioning of the cell. The core contains all the DNA and genetic information for the cell and the instructions on how to multiply itself.

The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. It contains energy and has a way to store energy within itself for the cell to continue cellular functions. The mitochondria are vital. All parts of the cell are needed and used for critical functions. There are no useless parts within the cell.

All eukaryotic cells are not created equally. Some are used for certain purposes specific to that part of the body. Overall, all eukaryotic cells have these necessary parts that are needed to function within the human body.

The Importance of Cellular Health

The trillions of little cells in your body depend on what you put in your body to maintain a healthy cellular function. If you consistently put toxins in your bodies, such as drugs or alcohol, you may not have robust cellular health because you are making your cells subject to these toxins. With all health issues, the root of the problem can be traced back to the cellular health you have. Cells will age anyway, but sometimes we can speed it up or slow it down by what we put in our bodies. We want to live a healthy life, and this starts by taking care and educating yourself on what the body wants and needs to be healthy.

Increasing Your Healthspan

All of us have an average age that we can look forward to living. However, when we don't treat our bodies properly, we will shorten that average age. For example, a person who smoked for 40 years will not have the same average lifespan as someone who avoided smoking. If the smoker does live to be 70 years old, what would be the quality of life for this person? These are great questions to ponder.

Increasing your healthspan can be done by hydrating yourself. Water and electrolytes are lost during sweaty workouts, at work, and during daily life. Replacing the water and electrolytes is vital so your cells can continue having the nutrients needed. Removing sweet, alcoholic, and toxic drinks from your diet is necessary. These things do not add to your health; in fact, they are damaging your cells. Alcohol has been linked to so many illnesses in the body. It is okay for a few social drinks, but overall we should all cut back on these toxic things.

The body is mostly made of water, and this is the main thing you should drink. Some waters on the shelf now contain electrolytes. These electrolytes are loved by the cells because they provide energy sources and replace lost electrolytes when you are eliminating waste.

Antioxidants can be found in foods and supplements. They are great to add to the diet because they remove free-radicals. Free radicals are linked to low energy levels, cancers, and a host of other issues within the human body. Antioxidants bind to free-radicals and stop them from harming the human body. Continue to research and find foods that are packed with free-radicals. Your cells will be happy.

Creating a Wellness Routine

Creating a wellness routine is an excellent idea for those interested in changing their life for the better. Living a healthier life may be hard at first, but your body will respond positively and start to feel more energetic. This will fuel you to consider making more positive changes in your life.

The first step you should take is to talk to your doctor about changes you should make. Schedule a physical so that you can see your baseline weight, lab work, and other data. Your doctor will inform you of which exact changes that should be made. You now can set up a work-out regimen that will help you to get to your ideal weight. When you workout, be sure to stay hydrated because you will lose electrolytes and water when you sweat.

Dietary changes should be made when you begin your healthy regimen. Usually, fast food is never a good idea unless it is a salad or another healthy option. Most fast-food meats have a lot of preservatives and salt within them, which are both terrible for the body. Granted, the body does need salt, but not in high amounts. Get into the habit of checking food labels. They will show the sodium content, the fat content, and calories. Those three ingredients are essential. Considering you eat three meals a day, you have to make sure the content of all your foods are healthy and not high in calories, fats, sodium, and sugar.

Generally, you should workout moderately 3-5 times per week. Cardio is the most important for your heart health. It also helps to expand your lungs, which is important when trying to filter out toxins from your body. Expanding your lungs is great because it prevents pneumonia. Pneumonia develops when your lungs do not expand, and fluid begins to settle towards the bottom of your lungs. There are so many benefits to working out; one of the main ones is weight loss.

Carrying around extra weight every day is bad for your self-esteem, your back, and put extra work onto your heart. Think about it: a pump the size of a large fist has to pump liters of blood through all of your body to keep your cells alive. It it doesn't reach any part of the body, those cells will die. We don't want that. When you become overweight, you add more work onto your heart because it has to work harder to reach all the cells to supply nutrients. Therefore, it is best to maintain a healthy weight and get stronger with exercising.

There are some things you can add to your daily regimen to help you on your health journey. When you are parking your car, choose a parking space towards the back. This will force you to take extra steps. Also, skip the elevator at work. Taking the stairs is excellent for heart health. At first, these changes may seem hard, but as you continue them, they will become more comfortable as time goes by. After a while, you won't be so out of breath, and your heart will be conditioned to intermittently working hard with cardio.

Take Those Steps…

Cellular health is more important than most people realize. Since cells create organs and organs create the body, it is important to take care of the cells. Cells want nutrients and to stay hydrated. When you take care of your body, your body will reward you with a long and healthy life. These changes may seem hard to make at first and taboo, but after some time, your body will show signs that it likes these changes. Speak with your doctor first and get a physical before starting a new workout regimen. This way, you can see what changes you will need to make on your unique health journey.

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