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Will Jelqing Make Your Penis Grow Bigger?

Read Carefully

When it comes to penises, the belief is that the bigger the penis, the better. This belief has resulted in men with small penises feeling insecure and having low self-esteem. There is nothing as discouraging as a man who has small penis anxiety. It causes the man to develop insecurities that extend to the bedroom. Unfortunately, some relationships have ended due to the man not having confidence in their sexual performance. We are glad to inform you that all hope is not lost for you. Have you heard of jelqing? It is a common massage technique that men use to increase the size of one’s erection. What happens is that the man applies some pressure to massage the penis, which grows in length and girth over time. There are a lot of controversies surrounding the effectiveness of jelqing. Some state that it doesn't permanently increase your penis size, whereas others believe it works. If you want to try the exercise and see how it goes, go for it. Besides, what do you have to lose anyway? Read on to learn more about jelqing.

Does Jelqing Work?

The question as to whether jelqing works or not, doesn't have a definite answer. However, some of the people who have engaged in jelqing claim that it helps to increase your penis girth when you are erect and flaccid. It also boosts the length of your erections and increases the length of the penis as well. If you plan to start the jelqing exercises, we recommend that you research and know how best you can do it, to achieve the intended results. You are advised to keep practising jelqing for as long as possible. Doing it for a few days and then taking a break will not make any difference. There are some jelqing techniques that you can use to make the process smooth. These techniques will help you minimize the side effects of jelqing such as irritation.

Tips To Make The Jelqing Process Smooth

Jelqing has been there since time immemorial. It is therefore possible to find various videos demonstrating how men should jelq their penises. Knowing the basics of jelqing is essential, and this includes how to do it. It will be unfortunate for you to engage in it only to end up with bruises and penis irritations. Educating yourself on how best to protect your penis during this process is essential. Some of the ways to minimize the side effects of jelqing include:

Using Lube

Lubes are essential products during jelqing. Massaging the penis without using any oils is cumbersome, and could even result in you hurting yourself. Find an excellent lube to make your penis wet and slippery as you jelq. Doing this minimizes the amount of friction between your hand and the penis. Don't bother buying the expensive lubes. Regular Vaseline or baby oil will do the work just fine. You can also use oils such as coconut and olive oil if you have them in your house.

Be Gentle

The other secret is minimizing the amount of pressure you exert on the penis. You need to remember the reason you are doing the jelq in the first place. Gently massage the penis and allow the blood to move throughout the tissue. Don't overdo it to the point of your penis getting fully erect. Remember, if you overdo it, the blood will pump and fill the spongy penile tissues, and this isn't what we need at this point.


As much as it is recommended that you practice jelqing more often to experience the results, you need to go slow. Don't be too desperate and go to the extent of doing the jelqing exercises more than two times a day. You are risking injuring yourself, which isn't worth it. If you are not sure about how often you should do the exercise, why not consult with your doctor? Your doctor will advise you well since they always put your general health into consideration. Immediately discontinue from jelqing if the exercise is uncomfortable or painful for you. If possible, sit down or lean against a wall when doing the exercise. Always remember comfortability is key to achieving your penis enlargement goal.

How Do You Jelq?


Most men who want to boost their penis size ask this question. There are various variations when it comes to jelqing. However, there are some basics that you need to know. Check out the step by step procedure below.


Since you are doing this in your home's comfort, it is essential to prepare yourself before massaging your penis. You can either warm up your penis by taking a warm bath or using a warm bath towel. Doing this sends more blood to the penis, and prepares it for the next steps.


We can't insist on this enough. Having a lube will help to ease the whole jelqing process for you. Have a lubricant that you plan to use during the process. You should use water-based lubricants instead of oil-based lubricants since the latter are said to cause clogging of the pores, which can result in infections. Making use of lubes protects you since you won't have to deal with discomfort and friction burns. Besides, you can use as much lubricant as possible without it being too much.

Jelqing Exercise

Using your index finger and thumb, make an OK sign, and create a grip. Proceed to encircle the base of the penis with the grip you have created. Gently, slide your fingers from the base of the penis, as you move to the top. Remember to apply a little pressure as you do this. Be careful not to squeeze the glans penis. Once you do this, take your other fingers using the other hand and repeat the process starting from the base. You can continue with this process for about 15 minutes. In case of any pain, minimize the pressure. If you feel that you have reached complete erection, stop the exercise. It would be wise to do this exercise for fewer minutes if you are new to it. Once you see how your body responds, you can then increase the time.

Focus On The Grip

For this exercise to be successful, one needs to practice the grip. You must maintain the same pressure all through without increasing it with every stroke. Once you master this, your penis will grow proportionately. Focus on the form. Are you doing it correctly? Dedicate some time every day to practice until you get it right. The results will start showing with time.

Essential Things To Know When Jelqing

Since jelqing is a serious issue, we need to discuss some essential things that you need to know. This information will help you in your jelqing sessions. First, understand that this exercise should not be performed on a fully erect penis. Doing this is not safe because vascular damage could occur, especially if you milk the penis forcefully when it is fully erect.

It is also essential to mind the amount of pressure you exert. Be moderate when it comes to grip pressure. Going in with too much pressure could result in the rupturing of some blood vessels that are near the penis's skin. You don't want to start experiencing other complications as a result of jelqing.

When you are doing the OK sign, it is good to ensure that the fingers wrap around the penis completely. Failure to confirm this will cause the blood to escape when you are pulling towards the glans. In case the penis starts getting too hard, you need to minimize the pressure for jelqing to work. If it gets too intense and you feel the need to ejaculate, immediately stop the exercise until that urge subsides. Avoid ejaculating when jelqing.

Types Of Jelqing

There are different types of jelqing, and this includes dry and wet jelqing. Let us discuss the different types of jelqing to see how they differ from each other.

Dry Jelqing

Dry jelqing involves performing the exercise without the use of any lubricant. To perform it, you only need to have your hands, penis, and some free time. Some men who prefer dry jelqing to wet jelqing claim that dry jelqing is less tiring and allows you to do several repetitions.

Wet Jelqing

This technique differs from the dry jelqing in that it requires one to use a lubricant to make the penis slippery. If you intend to use this technique, invest in a good lubricant. You must avoid using soap for wetness. This is because soap is aggressive for penis massaging and starching and is said to cause allergies and even inflammation. The technique you choose to use will depend on what you prefer. However, the wet jelq is tougher than the dry jelq because it causes blood to be drawn more quickly than the dry jelq.

Alternatives To Jelqing

There are various alternatives to jelqing, that you can consider if you feel you are not up for it. These techniques will do a pretty good job of improving your sex life and the penis's health. Some of these jelqing alternatives include:

Kegel And Pelvic Floor Exercises

Doing kegel and pelvic floor exercises is a great way to improve the blood circulation to the penis. They are said to improve erectile strength and even help to prevent premature ejaculation in men. Do thorough research to determine which kegel exercises to try out. Understand that for these exercises to work, you need to do them correctly.

Eat Healthily And Check Your Weight

Research shows that obesity and other weight-related issues lead to high blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, you may have difficulty directing blood flow to the penis. Therefore, it is vital to address weight issues as this may make your sexual life more difficult. In case you have weight issues, It would be nice to start exercising and keeping your health in check. Avoid highly processed and fatty foods, as this contributes to a lot of cardiovascular issues as well. Eating healthy will help to improve your sexual health.


We recommend the use of supplements such as Semenax Pills (semenax price), Vigrx Plus, or ExtenZe if you feel jelqing is not working for you. Understand that several supplements are designed to improve one's sexual health. These supplements help to develop strong, long-lasting erections making your sex life more bearable.

Jelqing is one of the many ways men use to enhance the length and girth of their penis. Understanding how it works is essential. We recommend that you do thorough research before choosing to do jelqing. If it doesn't work, consider the other alternatives.

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