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Your Girl Wishes You Would Do This More Often in Bed

Make your woman happy in bed
Read Carefully

Making Your Woman Happier in the Bedroom 

As a man, having your girl love what you do in bed is going to increase your quality of life in more than just sensual ways. Of course, it will increase her attraction for you too. That means you both have a better chance at a longer, more fulfilling relationship. Most men don't take the time to think about what their women want them to do in the bedroom. If you use these following tips, she'll be thanking you later:

Use Your Words

One of the things that men need to get better at is using their words. As men, we tend to let our emotions go on without mentioning them. We don't express what we want or how we feel. This is the opposite of what women want.

Your girl wants you to express yourself. Be vulnerable for her. That way she can find ways to listen to you. She wants to feed into how you are feeling so you can be on the same page. If you are able to do that, you'll be set.

Understand Her Needs

Women have a lot of needs. Of course, if you don't meet them, then it could be a recipe for a bad time in bed. When you are with your girl, try to understand what she wants. This might seem hard, but you don't have to read minds.

Get into the habit of asking her a lot of questions. Ask her how she is feeling and what she wants. Soon, she will begin to reveal things to you. You will find out what she really wants in bed. This is when things start to get really fun. Can't get her in the mood? Recommend trying Provestra. The best libido boosting daily female supplement. For men look here: Does Semenax work?

Kiss Her in More Places

You don't just need to kiss your girl on the lips. While this is fine, you want to expand your kissing to different zones. start with neck. This is a very erotic zone. From here, you can move to her arms, legs, stomach, and other areas that seem right in the moment.

The key is to have fun. Don't take it too seriously. But also, don't make her feel like you only want her for her body. Make it clear that you enjoy her for all of her quirks.

Take Control

A woman wants a man who will take control. That means you are the more masculine energy in the relationship. She wants you to have a sense of where the interaction is headed.

Of course, this does not mean that you do anything to make her uncomfortable. The key is to understand what she is wanting in each moment and only doing things that she is okay with. Then, you have nothing to worry about.

Put Her Pleasure First

A lot of guys are selfish in the bedroom. They end up only caring about their own pleasure. However, if you put hers first, you are going to find that you are lucky in the ways that she will repay you. It will come back to you in much greater amounts than you gave. As a pro tip look into trying a male enhancement to create a bigger excitement in the bed! If size is an issue check out one of the top rated penis pumps on the market.

Set the Stage

The entire time leading up to the bedroom, you want to be dropping hints. Build up the anticipation. She should be very ready to go once you are in bed. That way, the rest will happen naturally. Remember, women are not like men. They do not get turned on as easily.

Build Up to the Big Moment

Once you are in the bedroom after you have been flirting, the real game begins. Put some lights on, such as candles. Make some nice drinks or have some music playing. Build up to the moment where you are both ready. This will make it all the more pleasurable.

You want to take the right actions in and out of the bedroom to keep your woman happy. If you don't, she may start to show signs that she is not having a good time in your relationship. So don't let your bedroom romance falter. Instead, apply the tips above. That way, you and her will be able to have plenty of fun and excitement now and into the future.

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